10 Best Podcasts in India You Must Not Miss

10 Best Podcasts in India You Must Not Miss

Despite the pandemic’s constraint on lifestyle, some of the podcasts in India provides an alternative screen-free way to receive articles and news as well as participate in debates and interviews. Though Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other OTT platforms provide excellent entertainment, there is also a vast and fascinating world of podcasts to explore. You become engaged not only by the narration or voiceover, but also by the insightful material. The number of podcasts accessible in diverse genres makes the Indian market more appealing. Here is a collection of the top-rated Indian podcasts that you should not miss if you enjoy fantastic engaging material.

TED Talks Daily

Find some time in your day to modify your thoughts, pique your passion, and gain more knowledge with TED Talks Daily. At TED Talks Business, some of the world’s best inventors, businesspeople, and industry academics share their tales and ideas from the stage at TED conferences. Hear some of the world’s best educators, and community leaders share their experiences and plans for the future onstage at the TED conference in the TED Talks Education podcast. Leaders, reporters, and experts share their thoughts from the TED conference, TEDx programs, and associate events throughout the world in the TED Talks News and Politics podcast.

On The Contrary

Mr Arun Maira, a senior head of the Planning Commission and former Chairman of the Boston Consulting Group, hosts On the Contrary by India Development Review. The podcast focuses on a variety of concerns affecting India’s future. Various experts are called to the show to discuss various topics such as caste, ecology, economics, farming, and more. The idea is to bring individuals who may be on opposing sides of an issue together to set up a new, common understanding. On the contrary, is a podcast in India about listening to those who are different from us.

Sadhguru Podcasts

Sadhguru, the founder of the Isha Foundation, is a renowned yogi, philosopher, and spiritual teacher. His achievements, an appealing mix of mysticism and realism, reinforce the idea that spiritual sciences are not ancient notions from a bygone era, but really scientific knowledge critically relevant to contemporary times. In his podcasts, Sadhguru discusses how to cure anxiety issues without the help of others.

Business Wars

New shows are released for free every Monday and Wednesday, with a one-week head start for Wondery+ subscribers. Business is War, Xbox vs. PlayStation, Marvel vs. DC, and Netflix vs. Blockbuster are some of the finest episodes to watch in this Podcast in India. Business Wars tells the uncensored, true narrative of what propels major corporations and their leaders, entrepreneurs, shareholders, and managers to unprecedented heights – or to catastrophe. David Brown, a veteran Marketplace anchor, host the show.

Gita for Daily Living

Gita for Daily Living is a biweekly podcast that summarizes the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita as well as conveys it in a practical and contemporary manner. The purpose of this podcast is to explore the attributes that one should possess to obtain knowledge that can be applied to eternal serenity through identification with the real self. It explains to us the technique for overcoming emotional connection, anxiety, and anger, which are the underlying causes of our pain and sorrow.

Woice with Warikoo Podcast

Woice is Ankur Warikoo’s official podcast, where he discusses innovation, startups, professions, and personal improvement. Warikoo believes that anything we do in our life has effects, no matter how great or little. This means that there will be repercussions for every action we do, and we must be ready for them. Some of us are prone to concentrating on first-order consequences and failing to plan forward. With this kind of viewpoint, Warikoo has been making media content for the past four years throughout all social media platforms and also has a 2 million fanbase.

Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Dr Chatterjee, the host of ‘Feel Better, Live More,’ is among the country’s most prominent GPs with almost 20 years of expertise. The face of BBC One’s Doctor in the House and writer of the international best-selling book “The 4 Pillar Plan” seeks to encourage, motivate, and reform the way we feel. This podcast in India features tales from prominent health professionals and intriguing celebrities that share simple health life hacks, professional advice, and disprove popular natural myths, offering you the skills to transform how you live, rest, workout, and unwind.

I Hear You

One of the thriller podcasts in India, narrated by Aahana Kumar and produced by MnM Talkies, immerses you in the world of Delhi Special Bureau’s ace investigator, Priyamvada Parmar. Her life is turned upside down following a car accident. She lost her spouse in the accident, but she also obtained the ability to hear otherworldly noises that nobody else can. The sounds assist her in uncovering some horrible acts as well as other real truths about her life. Despite the fact that she is receiving counselling with Manish, a childhood friend, she discovers she has her own issues to cope with.

The Tastes of India

The Tastes of India is a popular podcast in India that is available on a variety of platforms and has been running for several years. Every week, a new episode of the podcast is released. The multilingual culinary show focuses on simple and delicious Indian cuisine. This Podcast is targeted at learning and cooking on the move, with weekly bilingual cooking shows on quick and tasty Indian recipes, as well as basic cooking and healthy living tips for your entire family. Working ladies and others with limited time may obtain Fast and Easy Cook Recipes without logging into their computers. This is a podcast that takes you throughout India and unites the many cultures with a common thread – delicious food.

Darr Ka Raaz with Dr Phobia

Darr Ka Raaz with Dr Phobia was created by MnM Talkies, formed by Actor/RJ Mantra, who wears several titles with grace. He works as an actor, tv personality, radio jockey, model, and voiceover over composer. With over 2 decades of experience in the broadcasting industry, he has a strong interest in audio, and MnM is the outcome of that. In this psychological horror podcast, Rajesh Khera, who earlier played the Onida devil in the company’s renowned commercials, takes on the role of psychologist Dr Grewal. Darr Ka Raaz with Dr Phobia is a 26-episode podcast with two episodes released per week. The speaker discusses phobias, revealing buried truths, and treating patients using hypnotherapy and previous life reincarnation treatment.

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