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15 Dog Breeds that Must be Avoided by First time Dog Owners

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A dog can be a good addition to your family particularly when you have kids in the home. There are many dog breeds which provide us with judgement-free love in return of the love we give them besides helping kids learn some skills while they turn into young adults. Some dogs love individuals’ unique personalities while others become your furry friend who connects with you like a family. Many breeds are becoming popular and are getting attention by the dog owners yet novice owners usually feel helpless while controlling them individually.

Here is a list of dog breeds you must think about, probably avoid unless you are an experienced dog owner.

1. Weimaraner

This bright-eyed dog breed is extremely beautiful but is not good with kids. Hunting is regarded as a game by Weimaraner breed. Although they may be liked by new dog owners and kids due to their size, the dog traits might not be suitable to keep them in the home. They will always be looking for ways to hunt which means playing with them must include hunting skills and a lot of attention. To train them or keep the breed at home, Weimaraner requires a specific set of routine and loads of time for play, run and walk. It can be difficult if you are a working person or have a small kid which means you must go for another easy-to-go breed of dogs.

2. Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas is a kind of dog breed that must be avoided by first-time dog owners. These dogs are smaller in size which might make people assume that they are a great fit for a small family with children. However, it is just the opposite of it. These little creatures rely on their mouth to protect themselves when they feel danger, react in barking and do bite sometimes. Many chihuahuas need their own personal space when any outside caregiver looks after them. This can certainly make chihuahuas aggressive at times which you will obviously not like at your home.

3. Akitas

Akitas is one of the dog breeds which can be incredibly loyal and sweet at times but are one of the breeds which are preferred to be guard dogs. The instincts of the dogs are in-born which can be difficult to warn off and might pose an issue when it comes to playdates or occasions where unfamiliar house members visit home. Akitas like to protect their family which means if other people visit your house and there is a certain sound or disturbances, the natural guard-dog instinct might perk up.

4. Pekingese

Pekingese is another small breed dog like chihuahuas which relies on methods to appear scary and big when they feel threatened. These include traits like yipping and biting also which may occur within no time. Pekingese is the dog breed which does not respond to any kind of unwanted physical attitudes such as poking, prodding and tail pulling but have a tendency to be possessive over their toys and food along with their family member or their caregivers. This means they might compete with other pets to gain your attention and they are not so happy if they lose. That might stress you a lot and perhaps is a good reason you must look for other breeds to bring them as a family member in your house.

5. Siberian huskies

Siberian huskies are a kind of a dog breed people usually avoid bringing at home. They are a very active breed with an affinity to indulge in a rough play. This means they can potentially harm you or your little ones at home. Siberian huskies are also very tough to be trained and since they like to be independent having a stubborn streak, they can be difficult to adjust with other family members. Siberian huskies have some wolf-like qualities like their appearance, having natural protectiveness and sharp attitude to react to any perceived threats. Better get prepared properly before bringing huskies to your home.

6. Alaskan Malamutes

Alaskan malamutes look much like Siberian huskies and behave similarly. Like many other dog breeds that must be avoided by first-time dog owners, Alaskan malamutes enjoys involving in a rough play and gets rougher when exercise is needed and aren’t met properly by the caregivers. Like huskies, they can be difficult to train and are incredibly stubborn. One important thing which makes malamutes less ideal for homes is that they are not great leash dogs and may like to jump, pull and push while walking in home.

7. Shih Tzus

Shih Tzus is one of the dog breeds which the seller will not sell if you have small kids in the home. This is due to this breed of dogs like to zip around and trip up with adults, get under your feet and jump ahead when you do not give close attention. This can harm both you and your dog. When you go out for paly with your Shih Tzus, you need to be very careful and experts recommend to play with them while sitting on the floors only.

8. Bullmastiff

Bullmastiff is one of the largest dog breeds although this would not have been any issues if the dog breed would not have been aggressive. Bullmastiff is affectionate and gentle when they are with their family members but lacks attitude when they see a stranger in the house or when their caregiver changes. These dogs are quite suspicious about outside people or a stranger. Although bullmastiff is family-oriented, they can be independent thinker which might make dog-training a challenging one. The dogs are less tolerant of family’s animal member than human members which requires caution if you are thinking to add a bullmastiff to your family.

9. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard is one of the dog breeds which are good-natured and gentle playful dogs. Although they are easy to train and well-behaved, they tend to hurt people just because of their larger size. One of the biggest drawbacks of this breed is that they tend to suffer from various genetic disorders and diseases which might require you to take them to a vet more often.

10. Australian Shephard

Australian Shepherds are a courageous and energetic breed of dogs which is the reason many people keep them as rescue and watchdogs. They have high energy levels and must be taken out for a walk regularly failing which the dogs can turn aggressive. One thing which might be taken care of if you plan to keep an Australian Shephard is dog food. These dogs require high-quality food and any inappropriate diet might make the dog obese. Some dogs are prone to overweight and gain excessive weight very early.

11. Affenpinscher

Affenpinscher dogs prove quite mischievous, unlike many other dog breeds. They have a playful nature but can be stubborn and inquisitive at times. Affenpinscher is good for indoors and does well without a personal yard. Though, these dogs are very sensitive to extreme weather as the overly warm temperature can damage their coat. In isolation, these dogs might not be a good option for kids but can be left only when they have been grown up with the kids giving them relaxed experienced with kids. Grooming is also troublesome with Affenpinscher which makes them avoidable for first-time pet owners. To keep the dog’s coat in a good shape, it needs to be groomed regularly by professional groomers.

12. Chow Chow

Chow Chow dogs look very cuddly and fluffy but do not fool yourself by thinking so. They are really not fond of being cuddled or hugged over rather love to be quiet, attentive and loyal to their family members. They might become jealous or clingy towards their caregivers which might lead problems when kids or other animals stay in the house. As an independent dog breed, they require consistency and patience while training the dogs. They can adapt well to apartment life but need lots of exercises and hate being left alone for long hours. Which means if you can train and provide the Chow Chow dog with lots of pf physical exercise, you can get a protective, and flurry friend as a family member.

13. French Bulldog

French bulldogs are quite playful but may not be the best choice for busy and young children parents. The breed is very demanding which makes them one of the dog breeds that must be avoided by first-time dog owners. They need an authoritative owner to keep the dogs well-behaved and without aggression. Like many other dog breeds, a French bulldog may not require a lot of exercises but might need a regular walk to maintain a healthy weight. Although they can be trained easily, this dog breed can be stubborn which requires you to be patient and firm. If you like cleanliness, the French bulldog is definitely not for you as they are prone to shedding, drooling and flatulence and can be troublesome in housetraining.

14. Cane Corso

The Cane Corso Mastiff is a dog which originally belongs to Italy. These breeds are famous for battle, hunting, sports and can be quite tough when kept as a pet. They can be an excellent choice when considered for guard or watchdogs but may not be a good choice when kept indoors and with family members or kids. Like most of the large dog breeds, Cane Corso is susceptible to hip dysplasia. They can bloat easily which requires caregivers to take good care of their meal throughout the day. Behaviourally, these dogs would bark and make the owners alert when an intruder is seen. They exhibit a protective nature, acts fearless towards aggressor and will do whatever necessary to protect their family. Thus, this breed can not be an ideal family member for peace lovers.

15. Wolfdog

As the name says, wolfdogs are a half wolf and half dog. This makes a sense that the dog breed has some wild instincts which can be hard to predict. They are probably not an ideal pet particularly if you have small kids at home. Wolf dog can be further classified according to the wolf-content in them: high, low or mid depending on the amount of wolf content passed on them. However, these tyle of dog breed must be avoided by first-time dog owners as they may be difficult to train and might prove harmful. The wolfdog has high daily needs and therefore, the dog owners must be prepared for extra responsibilities and tactics. It must be noted that keeping a wolfdog is restricted in many countries and if you acquire a part-wolf dog, you may have to visit animal control centre for further information regarding legalities.

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