15 Trendy Fashion Bloggers in India Who Loves Playing Wardrobe Game

Trendy Fashion Bloggers in India

Previously, fashion was all about wearing fancy clothes and accessories and was limited to celebrities or models. However, the recent boast in the fashion industry has changed the concept of fashion, and the credit can be given to fashion bloggers online. From normal sneakers to ethnic clothes, trendy fashion bloggers in India have changed people’s perceptions of fashion to a great extent. Not only do they inform us about the newest trends, but they also educate us about fashion and brands. Below is the list comprising a few trendy fashion bloggers in India who loves playing wardrobe game to get inspired. 

Elan Street

Elan Street is a multi-person agency where you may get celebrity style ideas, personalized customer guidance, bridal grooming, style guide, and so on. Elan Street is the place to follow if you want to know about new luxury products as well as customized and on-demand fashion tips. It is regarded as one of India’s greatest urban fashion blogs, having thousands of followers on social Twitter Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Vanity No Apologies

This blog was founded by Anshita Juneja, who is a Delhi-based blogger. The blog was launched in 2010, and in the following five years she has taken it from nothing to a star, with more than 25,000 followers on social media. You will acquire the most recent reviews on the clothing items you want to use, allowing you to save cash before purchasing apparel products. The blog has a reader query feature that can help you discover better solutions to all of your fashion-related queries. This also dissects all of the celeb items so you can use them to appear fashionable.


Gia Kashyap is a fashion and art enthusiast who runs the fashion blog “Giasaysthat.” She began her career as a graphic designer just at age of 15, whilst simultaneously beginning a T-shirt company at the age of 18, and at the age of 21, she gained a boost when she worked as a fashion writer for a fashion newspaper! Since then, she’s collaborated with a variety of businesses through her blog.

Pretty Little Things

Shaurya Sanadhya, together with her closest friend Akriti Rana, runs the YouTube channel “Pretty Little Things.” She is a fashion and beauty fanatic who also owns and operates a clothing business by the same name. She also runs a beauty channel with the same name.

Juhi Godambe

Juhi Godambe is one of India’s top fashion influencers. Aside from maintaining her blog, she is also the proprietor of a high-end clothing line called “Arabella.” She studied fashion at the London College of Fashion while her blog was published in The Peacock Magazine.


Purushu runs the blog which he started in 2009 to describe his experiences as a fashion design student at NIFT New Delhi. In addition to contributing to The Hindu, Purushu has also been mentioned by superstars such as Marc Jacobs. Purushu’s knowledge in fashion illustration, drapery, innovative pattern creation, clothing fabrication, costume and fashion history will encourage you to be trendier.

That Boho Girl 

Kritika Khurana, who runs the blog “That Boho Girl,” is another prominent fashion blogger in India. Her fashion blog focuses on all things boho, eccentric, and vibrant, and she also has a YouTube channel with the same name. Kritika Khurana, who has over 1.1 million Instagram followers, talks about wearable fashion with an Indian twist.

Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh made her debut while obtaining her master’s degree in fashion by starting a fashion blog called “Spill the Sass.” She later began working as a content developer for Idiva, which aided her climb to prominence. Simultaneously, her comedic material was being praised. She is now contributing to Netflix’s show “Behensplaining” and has also created a little web series with Swara Bhaskar.

Guilty Bytes

Devina Malhotra’s blog, which focuses on the most popular trends is a blog in the Indian fashion business, with over 60K Facebook followers. Whether you want a new hairdo to improve your competence or want to attempt the newest fashion trends to upgrade yourself on a budget, Devina’s blog will take you ahead with her fashion ideas, DIY instructions, and tutorials.

Beauty n Best

Shreya runs this blog, which concentrates on all of your fashion and style demands. Her blog is a top location for most individuals looking for beauty, lifestyle, and skincare tips. If you’re seeking make-up suggestions on a daily basis, this site is for you. In addition to covering fashion, design, and lifestyle, this site also features informative reviews of some leading beauty companies in addition to glowing customer reviews.

Cherry Jain

After graduating from Delhi University, Cherry Jain launched her blog, Soon after, she was allowed to be a part of PopXo on a regular basis with Komal Pandey and Shraddha Gurung. She is now launching a low-cost women’s clothing line called store Damera.

Let’s Expresso

Tanya Virmani is the creator of this blog, which was founded in 2011. This is one of the top fashion blogs in India, having collaborated with some of the major fashion companies such as Dove, Veet, Kaya, and others. If you desire female fashion ideas written in a humorous and trendy tone, you must certainly join her blog to obtain the newest information on Indian fashion trends.

The Snob Journal

This terrific blog is hosted by Aashna Shroff, a Mumbai-based female blogger. In her blog, she discusses it all from fashion to cosmetics and lifestyle recommendations. This is only for fashion and lifestyle aficionados seeking ideas and recommendations as well as lifestyle and fashionable style updates. She also publishes her travel journals, allowing you to refresh your memory and generate new travel ideas.

Sayeri Diary

Sayeri, a mother and fashion blogger in West Bengal, is the creator of this excellent Indian fashion blog, that focuses on style, fashion, bridal tips, movie reviews, and other topics. She provides tailored fashion and cosmetic advice to her followers. Sayeri enjoys writing product reviews for various beauty and fashion goods such as skincare and cosmetics.

New Love – Makeup

Bhumika Thakkar manages the incredible Indian blog New Love Makeup. She is a 29-year-old Chartered Accountant while her blog focuses on Makeup, Fashion, and Lifestyle for the past 7 years. Aside from her blog, Bhumika also has a YouTube channel wherein she primarily discusses fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. So, if you’re seeking the latest fashion trends, head to her blog.

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