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15 Useful Gifts for a Newly-wed Couple

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It’s the season to tie the knots! With the excitement for the celebrations and getting dressed up, picking a gift for the couple can be worrisome. Often, this decision is pushed towards the last moment, and we end up giving cash to the newly-weds, just like the other guests. Instead of writing a cheque for a newly-wed or gifting a shopping voucher, one should take on some extra effort to choose a gift. However, picking the right kind of present can be a challenge. You don’t want to end up giving them something they might never end up using. 

The responsibility of buying gifts for every couple during the wedding season can be too costly. But do not worry, we have 15 suggestions for wedding gifts that achieve the right balance of both being inexpensive and classy.

1. Fine Wine

Invest in a good bottle of wine that is compatible with the couple’s preferences. If you would like to keep stuff economical, you can also customise a more budget-friendly wine bottle without looking “cheap” by inserting a customised wine label with names or photographs of the partners on the bottle. You can do so with any alcohol and even add wine or shot glasses to make a complete set.

2. A Rejuvenation Kit

To tone down all the wedding stress, and relax, a wellness box is a great idea. You can order a skincare box from Kama Ayurveda, Mcaffeine or Juicy Chemistry; these brands have great unisex skincare products.

3. A Travel Gift Card

Companies like Air-BnB now enable you to purchase gift cards for travelling. For any couple that likes to fly, this is a perfect gift. Who is going to deny a free weekend getaway?

4. A Coffee Maker

Are mates of your coffee connoisseurs planning to get married? It is the direction to go, therefore! French press drips, espresso machines, you can pick from so many! Put in some good coffee to go along with it, find something they will enjoy, and yeah, perhaps they will call you over for a cup, too. However, if you feel generous, add in a few personalised mugs too.

5. Handmade gifts

Handmade products are extremely popular in countries like India, Thailand, and Singapore, as they have a special cultural appeal.

Handmade soaps, embossed bed linens, hand-crafted kitchen utensils, and unique hand-painted decorations that could be used as home decor are some unique things you could find. You can also create a photo book.

6. Honeymoon Photography session

The newly married couple will have a professional already scheduled to document their marriage day, but what about their honeymoon? Allow the newlyweds to be in pictures other than selfies by offering them a session on their vacation with a great photographer.

7. Customised Doormat

A customised doormat is a perfect way for us to commemorate a newly-joined last name. With a unique script font and a selection of two different sizes for the perfect match, this option is personalised. 

8. Home Décor

You can never go wrong with this! What’s better than a a classy home décor piece, especially if the couple is moving together into a new home. You can get one for as low as Rs 1,000 at Pepperfry, Westside or Hometown.

9. His & Her watch set

For the wedding couple, this is a very traditional present, and most would say a costly one, too. You could pick and mix, get the watches engraved or personalised. After all, not everything has to be Michael Kors or Gucci. 

10. Pretty Beaks Photo Frame

We know, yeah. Another Photo frame!? They cringe if people are looking at a picture frame given as a present. There had been a time when everybody at their marriages gave such glass framed picture frames to couples. We recommend, however, that if you intend to give a photo frame, then give one they would like to hold in their new home, anything like a colourful Chumbak item. Go street shopping to find one that looks classy and chic.

11. Plates of the Garden Roundabout

This decorative plate, another item of Chumbak, brings with a flower print adorned on it. One may choose to purchase a collection of four or six to send to the bride and groom and add something vibrant to their dinner wear collection.

12. Decorative Stand for Butterfly Lid

A butterfly cover and elegant stand, a piece of the display and a piece of use. Not only can one use it as a table decoration but also to keep food products quietly.

13. Different Sets of Bedding

Bedding sets are just another present to add to someone’s furniture. As we have said earlier, such types of beautiful presents would not be appreciated by newlyweds, as they are beneficial for them to begin a new life.

14. A Bedside Keepsake

Adding a special touch is the secret to donating a nice bedside memento. A tabletop frame with an illustration of the bride and groom is a classic they are guaranteed to love.

15. The Ultimate Cookbook

Is the newly married couple made up of all those who love cooking different recipes? So Tasty is certain to caress their taste buds with their Ultimate Cookbook! This recipe book, packed with hundreds of tips and recipes, is a present no one would ever let go of. Even so, via Tasty’s cooking videos on YouTube, many of us have prepared the best type of meal!

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