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6 Biggest Skincare Treatment Trends of 2021 You Must Try

Skincare Treatment

After a hard-hitting year, I think now is the best time to say that we are eager for a skincare do-over. Even our beauty routines became bumpy and weren’t immune to the 2020 effects since salons were closed every where. As we mastered self-care, we all learned about self-grooming techniques and it came out stronger than ever before. 2021 is the year where beauty know-how is a must and signals the start of a new decade with new trends. We have gathered some forecaster and new trends of skincare treatments that might become a must for you to try.

Skin resurfacing carbon peel procedure

Skin imperfections like enlarged pores, skin texture and rough skin are quite common but are also treatable with lasers. Carbon peel procedure is one of the best skincare treatment trends which is non-invasive laser-based skin resurfacing formula that can effectively treat imperfections in your skin. The process applies a unique formulated carbon liquid in the face along with a versatile and powerful Alma Q-Switched laser. It unclogs, exfoliates the skin and tightens the pores besides reducing the production of oil and smoothens the uneven and rough skin texture. This will give your skin a clear and even tone.

Profhilo to remove anti-ageing

If you are facing worsened aging of ageing issues like sagging, dullness and wrinkled skin, a new approach to skin aging is available that will dimmish aging problems faced by you. Skin biomodelling with the help of Profhilo is one of the new skincare treatment trends which can give your skin a mature tone and a new lease of life. This hyaluronic acid-based process not just address issues related to aging symptoms but also addresses the root cause behind it.

Hydradermabrasion facials

If you are facing with pigmented, dull and blemished skin tone, you need an exfoliating process to eliminate dead skin cells from your skin which crowds in the top layer of the skin. As we age, our skin’s natural ability to develop new skin cells also reduces. Simultaneously, an unhealthy and stressful lifestyle adds to the issues behind age spots and skin dullness. Hydradermabrasion is a serum and non-invasive water-based resurfacing facial treatment that can potentially cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin resulting in a fresher and youthful skin tone. The Derma-Clear platform-based process cleans the skin pores, reduces pore size, removes fine lines appearance and improves skin tone and texture effectively.

Clear-Skin acne laser treatment

Acne is one of the common skin issues faced by many people. Some reports breakouts and worsening of acne majorly due to mask-wearing and the constant friction causes irritation to facial skin. If the acne is severe and stubborn that troubles you for a long time, a customised and effective skincare treatment is needed to get rid of them. Clear-Skin laser is one of the best skincare treatment trends which uses a combination of laser treatment, a unique vacuum mechanism and simultaneous contact cooling for a comfortable treatment which treats every kind of acne vulgaris. This is the first skincare technology that combines a non-ablative laser, vacuum technology along with simultaneous contact cooling. Overall, Clear-Skin acne laser treatment will give you a smoother complexion that lasts longer.

Laser hair removal

One of the age-old concerns for both men and women is excessive body hair. Laser hair removal will painlessly address this problem. While many restrictions were made in the past for visiting your nearby salons, shaving and waxing routines have been used by many people who faced disruptions last year. This has indeed made many people opt for a permanent solution that can remove excess hair from the body. Laser hair removal is one of the best skincare treatments which removes hair with lasers and is predicted to get continued this year.

Maskne products 

Covering the face is bound to become a normal trend even post lockdown making your skin prone to different kinds of irritation. From soothing sprays and face masks comprising zinc oxide to face packs made for removing symptoms of wearing face masks, you can use whatever suits your skin tone and texture.

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