7 Stunning Fun Things To Do In India For Tourists

fun things to do in india

Summer is the best season of the year to plan a vacation. You probably want to visit somewhere new this summer, a place where you’ve not been yet…how does India sound to your ears? Is it enough “new” for you? If you have never been to India, you may want to take the opportunity to add this country to your list of “already visited” destinations. Beyond this, India is an enchanting place made of century-old history, stunning landscapes, intriguing culture, philosophy, and way of life. What else? We are pretty sure that visiting India is what you actually need to enjoy your summer vacation at your best!

What To Do and Include in Your Vacation Plan

Do you think you miss important information about India and what you can do once you are there? You are in the right place. We’ll look into the most stunning free and fun things that you can include in your vacation plan. Get ready to dive into the true Indian culture, just take note of these basic entertainment ideas and free-time activities for pumping up your vacation:

1. Enjoy free time at the hotel

Many tourists get back to the hotel when it’s late in the evening and there’s nothing to do left for them out there. But spending too much time outside when it’s dark may be dangerous for tourists in India – don’t forget pickpockets are common in some parts. We suggest you get back to the hotel before it’s dark and if you want to fill in your free time before you go to sleep, you may easily pick an Indian online casino and play their games. Check this playojo casino review and hurry up to catch their exclusive bonus offering. PlayOJO Casino is actually one of the most appreciated game boards in India as well as in the rest of the globe.

2. Walkthrough Delhi’s streets

India’s capital city is a colourful melting pot of several cultures. It’s the best starting point for every vacation. Also, you should take your time to walk through Delhi’s streets to taste the true flavours and smells of India. You’ll feel amazed by the lovely colours, sensations, human touch of Indian people. Make sure not to lose your way when you walk through the most hidden streets! Finally, make sure you visit some of the local bazaars. Delhi is a modern yet ancient city, expect to find both old and new coexisting in harmony.

3. Sailing on River Ganges

You know, the River Ganges is one of the most important corners of India. There are only a few things in India that can be as amazing as sailing this river, which is thought to be a direct way to the other world by Hindus. During your boat trip on River Ganges, you’ll see many people praying or doing rituals on the shores, especially at sunrise and sunset. You’ll feel that you are in a holy place somehow.

4. Visit the Palace of Winds

Probably, the worldwide glory of the Taj Mahal has been hiding another great wonder of India, which is the Palace of Winds. Make sure you can include a visit to it: the Palace of Winds is a unique sample of Rajput architecture in Hindi. The story of this Palace is also interesting: it was full of women’s rooms from where they could look at what happened outside without stopping their work.

5. Visit the ancient stepwells

In ancient times, getting enough water was a big problem for Indians, so they constructed superb monuments that consist of endless steps downwards to the bottom where there was plenty of water. Climbing and downing the steps is an unforgettable experience for everyone. If you decide to visit the ancient stepwells, make sure to have comfortable shoes… you shouldn’t miss this unique experience for anything in the world!

6. Go for a desert safari

Ever thought of taking a desert safari in India? Well, it may be your best occasion to do it. Safaris in the desert offer you the chance to climb on a camel and take a journey across the hot sands. Also, you can spend the night outside… sleeping under the stars like in a movie!

7. Take a ride on an elephant

Another amazing thing you can do in India is taking a ride on an elephant. The tour will bring you back to the ancient time when kings used to reach far places riding elephants. You may also think of joining a tour in the Himalayan Region, which should add extra fun and excitement to your vacation experience in India.

Of course, spend a day visiting the famous Taj Mahal. Keep in mind that every region in India is pleased with wonderful historical monuments and temples to visit for tourists.

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