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7 Ways to Save on Shoe Shopping for Kids

7 Ways to Save on Shoe Shopping for Kids

If you’ve got growing kids, you know that their feet grow mighty fast! 

During the first few years of life, a toddler might need bigger shoes every 2 or 3 months and while the pace of their foot growth might slow down a bit after that, they still outgrow their shoes quite fast! 

The good news is that there are a few clever tips that you can follow to buy your children the shoes they need without blowing your budget. Follow these 7 actionable tips for saving on footwear for kids and enjoy your savings!

1. Shop with a discount code 

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to save on shoes for kids is to shop with a discount code? Many online coupons websites offer discount codes that you can use, completely free of charge. Just make sure that you choose a reputable coupons website that verifies all their coupons by hand. 

The trick to saving on all your footwear purchases is to find a retailer like Journeys that sells kids’ shoes while allowing you to redeem coupon codes for massive savings. Grab a discount code from Journeys like this one and use it to save on your next purchase!

2. Buy shoes you like in bulk

If you find a shoe brand that your kids love that’s on sale, make sure you stock up in a few sizes bigger than the ones your child currently wears. This way, as your kid quickly outgrows them, you’ll have a few back up pairs waiting just in case. If you worry your kids will get bored with wearing the same style, try shopping for different colors or similar styles from the same brand. 

3. Take advantage of rewards programs

If your kid loves a particular brand, make sure you sign up for the brand’s loyalty program. Joining a loyalty club or rewards program is a great way to save, especially during holiday sales. Be sure to regularly check your inbox since many of the most popular brands send coupon codes during the holidays, seasonal sales or even during your birthday

4. Skip the baby shoes 

Many experts agree – baby shoes are a waste of money. One of the easiest ways to save money is to simply avoid buying them. Your kids should learn to walk or stand barefoot or with socks on as it can help them learn to gain their balance quicker. The only reason you need baby shoes is if your baby will be moving around on hot or rough surfaces. 

5. You only need one pair 

You might feel pressured to buy several different pairs of shoes for different occasions, but most young kids really only need one pair. Many kid-friendly styles are versatile enough that they can be worn for a variety of occasions so save money by only buying 1 or 2 pairs. 

6. Shop the sales 

Since kids outgrow shoes so quickly, shop for options that are as cheap as possible. There’s no point of spending a lot of money on a pair of shoes your children will grow out of in only a few months. Shop clearance sales and sale racks, both online and in stores. Be sure to check department stores as well, especially during the holidays or seasonal sales. 

7. Resell your kids shoes

As long as they are in good shape, you can make back some of your money by reselling your kids gently-used shoes online. You can find a number of online websites for selling used kids’ products along with apps for selling clothing and toys in general. 

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