Airtel Balance Check: How To Check Call, SMS and 4G Balance?

Airtel Balance Check

As far as private telephone service providers go, Airtel and Reliance Jio are two of India’s best. Out of the 400 million Indians who have a smartphone, a majority have an airtel sim. Industry data has revealed that most Indians also use prepaid connections. So they need to be aware of the remaining balance on their phone. So it’s quite possible that you need to know all the ways an Airtel balance check can be done. 

Here are the different ways for Airtel balance check

Airtel Balance Check: Main Balance, SMS, Plan and Validity

Airtel Thanks app

The Airtel Thanks app, which was once known as the MyAirtel app is a great tool for checking data balance. However, since this is an app, it is only available for people who have smartphones, Android or iOS. The Airtel Thanks app can be downloaded from the Play Store and the App Store. You have to login to the app using your phone number. You can also track multiple numbers through the app.

The Airtel Thanks app displays the main Airtel balance, the Airtel data balance, and gives you quick access to the company’s customer care bots and help sections.

Airtel provides a variety of ways through which you can easily check multiple things like main balance, SMS balance, your Airtel recharge plan and validity. Users can use the Airtel Thanks App or USSD codes to acquire to check all those things. Here’s what you need to do in order to check for Airtel main balance, SMS, plan, and validity

Airtel Main Balance

Use the Airtel Thanks app to find your main balance. Just follow these steps:

  • Download and install the Airtel Thanks application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Login into the application using your Airtel number and OTP. Now to go to the home screen and you will see the Airtel main balance.

Alternatively, you can also utilize your USSD codes to know about your main Airtel balance. In order to do that, all you need to do is dial *123# and you will receive a pop-up that will display your Airtel main balance.

Airtel SMS Balance

Checking your SMS balance on Airtel is quite easy. This can also be done using the Airtel thanks App. You will be able to see your SMS balance on it. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can also use the USSD code for it. You just need to dial *121*7# to get your Airtel SMS balance.

Airtel Recharge Plan and Validity

Airtel customers can also glance through Airtel recharge plans and validity using the Airtel Thanks App and USSD codes. Just tap on the app and click on the main balance section on the home screen. There you can see which Airtel recharge plan you are currently using along with its validity. 

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can do the same using USSD codes. Dial *123# to check for the validity of your Airtel mobile number. Alternatively, you can also use *121*2# to know the details about your recharge plan and validity.

Airtel Balance Check: Data balance 

Airtel Thanks App

The Airtel Thanks app is definitely the simplest method to keep track of your Airtel data balance if you are using a Airtel prepaid connection on a smartphone.

USSD codes

USSD codes can be used for many things, but most commonly used to find out the data balance. If you have an airtel prepaid connection, you can easily use USSD codes to check your Airtel data balance very easily. You need to open your phone’s dialer, type up the following codes and press the call button. 

  • *123# – This is the code you use to check the validity of your Airtel mobile number. It tells you when your next recharge is due.
  • *121# – This code allows Airtel 3G and Airtel 4G customers to use to check how much data balance is available on their phone.

USSD codes are also a great way for people with feature phones to check data balance for their Airtel phone numbers.

These are the two main USSD codes you’ll find at most places, however, you can check your Airtel balance in some other ways also. You can extract more information on where your Airtel number’s balance, data balance and other things stand by using codes like *121*1#, *121*9# and *121*10#, *123*#, *123*11#, *121*8# and *123*197#.

This is also a great tool for you to recharge Airtel data balance on the go. You can buy new data packs, add top ups and many more things from the app.

Airtel self care services

Similar to the Airtel Thanks app, Airtel also offers a web based system known as “self care services”. This can be used to check your Airtel data balance as well. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Log in to Airtel’s website with your account (linked to your phone number). If you can’t find the self care website, just type “Airtel self care” on Google and it comes up as the top search.
  • The website utilizes OTP (one time password) login system and asks for your mobile number and needs an OTP to login. So you will need to keep your cellphone close.
  • The self care dashboard is right in front of you once you login. You can use it to check your Airtel data balance.

Airtel Balance Check: 4G dongle balance

If you are an Airtel 4G Dongle user, here’s what you need to do in order to check its balance:

  • Turn your Airtel dongle on and connect it to your laptop/desktop.
  • Start your browser and enter the IP address This is the IP address of the Wi-Fi dongle.
  • Once you reach the login screen, enter the default password of ‘admin’. Enter and click on login.
  • Now, you can see the UI of the Airtel 4G dongle. In the information section, click on data usage. Here you can check your remaining balance, validity and pack name.

How do I check Airtel 4G data speed?

You can download and install speed test apps on your phone or you can just search “internet speed test” on Google and test your airtel 4G data speed using the websites featured on the top of the results. Apps and websites such as Ookla Speed Test will help you find out the download and upload speed of your Airtel 4G connection. Remember, you can’t check your Airtel balance through this method, it is only for measuring speed.

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