Amazing Tree Houses in India For Nature Lovers and Honeymooners

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India is a country with natural beauty and majestic landscapes. This makes India a perfect destination to set accommodation amidst nature. If you are looking for a romantic or an adventurous getaway, reconnect with nature in the tree houses. Many amazing tree houses in India offers a comfortable stay and much more. So, plan your next holiday of any of the tree branches in India.

1. Vanya Tree House, Thekkadi

Stay in the massive trees far above from the lands at the plantations of Vanya Tree House. Far away from the city life and on the verge of the lush green forest of Periyar National park, Vanya Tree House offers its visitors nature-themed rooms along with every modern amenity. This treehouse is a gift to every nature lover and people who seek to spend some time in the outdoors. To reach this treehouse you will have to hire a jeep from the Greenwood resort to a traditional mud hut named Mannankudi. From here, you will have to take a half-a-mile trek between the forest canopy. Once you arrive, you will receive a welcome drink followed by coconut water and traditional snacks. An individual treehouse comes with a bed, a small balcony and a traditional recline chair. You can opt for vegetarian or non-veg food to have it under the beautiful light of a lantern in the treehouse.

2. The Machan, Atvan

In between the Western Ghats, the Machan treehouse is set around 30-45 feet above the forest land. It can be said that Machan treehouse is one of the most eco-friendly and magical places nestled between the scenic Jambulne, a biological hotspot in India. The treehouse not only provides a relaxing experience to its guests but also provides a majestic view while hiding in the individually designed nest. The treehouse has well-decorated rooms with artwork and colourful glass walls that are filled with modern amenities and a private wooden deck that can give you an overview of Western Ghats. The master bedroom in the treehouse is skillfully designed and is built around the growing trees which can be easily accessed through walkways in the woods. Apart from sitting and sleeping in the tree canopies, visitors can get involved in many activities such as trekking, yoga, birdwatching, stargazing and massage therapies. You can visit local historic sites for sightseeing at Lohagad Fort, Koraigad Fort and Karla and Bhaja caves.

3. Eagle Eye Holidays Resort, Chikmagalur

This is yet another beautiful treehouse in the Western Ghats. Placed 2,900 feet above sea level and in between Western Ghat forest, the Eagle Eye Resort has every element which a nature lover and honeymooners would admire. The bedroom in the treehouse comes with a portico and a small balcony from where you can have a complete view of the Kudremukh mountains. The treehouse is quite homely and comfortable where you can boost your mental and physical health in the laps of nature.

4. Tranquil Resort, Wayanad 

This tranquil resort in Kerala’s Wayanad is nestled between green coffee plantations. The treehouse resort has 13 walking trails and homes more than 100 bird’s species. Besides the resort, you can find various facilities such as an Ayurvedic massage parlour and a swimming pool. Additionally, a one hundred square feet foot tree villa is built besides small treehouses inside one resort. Once you visit Tranquil Resort, you will be served with freshly brewed coffee brought right from the estate.

5. Tree House Resort, Jaipur

This treehouse is located just 30 minutes drive away from the pink city of India. The Tree House Resort in Jaipur is built on the Kikar tree in which the tree trunk passes from the rooms of the nests. Visitors who love to stay amidst nature loves this place immensely as the resort is designed like a natural homestay yet having all modern amenities. The resort has luxury nests, deluxe nests and private suites that are named after bird species. All the nest comes with a personal minibar, television, tea-coffee makers and wi-fi connections besides other facilities. The nest also has a private garden area with large patios where guests can sit and relax while watching sunrise and sunset.

6. Wild Canopy Reserve, Sholur

In the Nilgiris mountains, Wild Canopy Reserve is a beautiful treehouse that gives visitors a fairytale-like experience. The place itself runs on eco-friendly systems. Every suite of the treehouse is built 40 feet above the ground. A family lodge is also built for large gatherings which consist of seven-level, two tree suites and a large penthouse. Every room in the resort comes with modern amenities, an outdoor Jacuzzi, antique furnishings and an alfresco dining area. When you stay in Wild Canopy Reserve, do not miss hiking and trekking offered by the local guides. You can see majestic waterfalls and many natural pools too. Putting succinctly, this place is a paradise for nature lovers and honeymooners.

7. Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh National Park

This amazing treehouse in India is nestled deep in the Bandhavgarh National Park jungle surrounded by wildlife. TreeHouse Hideaway is a five house stay surrounded by a traditional jungle. The treehouse comes with rooms designed in contemporary fashion, has a minibar, modern bathroom, a living area and a balcony with a lounge. Well, the list does not complete here. A separate dining room with a watchtower, fireplace and BBQ has been set up on the rooftop besides providing guests with amazing facilities such as an outdoor pool, library and spa service. While you stay there and relax, do not forget about the wildlife tours of the National Park where you can get a close look at wild animals and birds.  

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