An Ultimate Guide to Renting a Flat in Bahrain

An Ultimate Guide to Renting a Flat in Bahrain

There are various options for foreigners to stay in Bahrain, including inside and outside gated compounds. The cost of renting flats in Bahrain varies according to location and type of property i.e., old or new ones or villas having modern amenities like a garden, pool and balcony. You can find villas and flats for rent in Bahrain which are semi-furnished and sometimes furnished. But you must choose unfurnished if your budget is less. Find some of the important factors to consider before you rent a flat in Bahrain.

Advantages of renting a flat in Bahrain

In Bahrain, you get add-ons for housing, tax-free wages, and travelling concessions besides incentives for skilled professionals to work in the country. Moreover, two-thirds of the population reports having good earning opportunities along with additional allowances in their salary as a benefit. When Bahrani Dinar is pegged to the US Dollar, it stands stronger which means, wages feel higher. All these make Bahrain a better place to stay in and thus, you must rent a flat in Bahrain and start earning decently.

Many international and national companies offer flats to their staff. Though, you may have to find a flat to stay on your own if you are not employed in any such company. You may choose a real estate agent who has a good knowledge of the country and can provide you with the best options. Many compounds have sales offices too where you can visit all by yourself and ask a representative to show you whatever is available to rent. Although it might look a little daunting for you in the beginning, you will soon find that Bahrain has a welcoming environment while the country offers a wide range of flats for rent that suits every budget, taste and lifestyle.

Things to consider before renting a flat in Bahrain

Although Bahrain has many places to choose from, you must look for a location where you can rent a flat within your budget and is close to your work area. Manama is the capital city and is highly preferred by international renters. However, there are other places such as Al Juffair, Saar, and Adliya which offer excellent housing options and are popular with both nationals and ex-pats.

Choose an apartment that is close to your child’s school as traffic in the Kingdom can be a real fuss at times. You can search for properties at Busaiteen, Riffa and Amwaj Islands that offers luxurious and affordable houses to choose from. Besides, you also need to consider whether you want a furnished or semi-furnished flat. Villas are usually semi-furnished and include a few amenities like air conditions, curtains, freezer and dryers. Apartments are usually unfurnished and budget-friendly. However, you may find furnished flats too for rent but the agent might ask for a higher price.

Tax and Utilities

While renting a furnished flat in Bahrain, the rent usually covers the electricity, municipality tax, water, internet, and satellite television. In the case of an apartment, many offer weekly housekeeping as well. When you rent a semi-furnished flat, the rent is generally exclusive of municipality tax that is ten per cent of the rent and utility bill.

Rent agreement

As a renter, you will lease agreements in Bahrain which are based on a one-year terminal having an option to renew. You can insist to include ‘Diplomatic Clause’ in the lease if you seek to leave the island soon. If this is the case, you will have to give a one-month notice in advance along with other required documents.

The lease usually starts after three to four weeks of signing a rent agreement and you need to pay a 3 months rent in advance. Rest, you can pay your rent in advance each month. Some landlords ask for a minimum-security deposit that is refundable at the end of the tenancy period.

Agency fees and Lease laws

In Bahrain, the landlord usually pays the agent’s fees. Many agents do not ask for personal fees from the tenant unless it is mentioned in the rent agreement. When all your agreements are duly signed, you can move in while the services like internet and satellite may take up to 2-10 working days.

The Lease Law also states that the landlord cannot increase the rent unless you have been living in a property for more than 2 years. The level of increase is set at 5% for residential property and 7% for the other leases. A landlord cannot increase the rent for more than 5 times during the term of the lease and have to give you an advanced notice if he/she is going to increase the rent.

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