Answers to All the How-to’s Related to the Most Fabulous Pastime: Carrom

Answers to All the How-to's Related to the Most Fabulous Pastime

The carrom game brings in so much nostalgia to every one of us. This is one of the most favorite pastimes of Indians, and all of us had played this game on carrom boards for hours when we were children.

Given the current situation, it is better to stay at home and enjoy online carrom. The best part is that most virtual gaming sites are safe and secure for playing the game and the rules and regulations are almost the same. To play the game effectively, you need to know about the carrom and how the striker works, pocket the carrom men effectively, etc.

You should know how to strike and how to score the right way. What is rolling and overlapping? What kind of penalties do you have to face? Do you know how much the queen is worth? These are a few things that you need to find answers to before you go ahead and challenge opponents on online carrom.

All you need to do is download the game, go through the instructions and start playing the free games at first. Would recommend you to do this before you start challenging in paid ones. Playing carrom can help you deal with mood swings, and given the current social distancing norms, it is better to stay at home and connect with your near and dear ones by inviting them on online carrom platforms.

Carrom also helps in improving analytical thinking and makes you focus better; it sharpens the mind and improves predictions. Since you have to think quickly, it is always suggested to indulge in this game. And yes, it is a straightforward game, and thus you can play it at any time and anywhere.

Got a break in between work? Go ahead and play a round of carrom. Want something entertaining at the end of the day? Opt for this simple game. It is effortless to understand, and the online carrom game is one of the fastest evolving games. We will talk about carrom a little more in detail in this blog.

This is a family game that has been played by Indians for years now. It involves strategies and angles. You can play it with two or four players. The origin of carrom is not confirmed, but it is a precursor to a Canadian game. It became popular after the First World War as it was delightful as soon as it was competitive. There are plenty of carrom enthusiasts across the nation who love playing the game on online platforms. Here is somehow related to the best pass time of all time. Download carrom game now to understand how addictive it is.

1. What are carrom men?

Carrom Men or coins are the things you have to play the game. The queen has more points than the black and white coins. It would help to strike the coins into the pockets to score points.

To keep yourself entertained during quarantine, carrom is the best game. This is because it is easy to learn.

2. What are the striking styles?

You need to know various striking techniques for an effective break shot. To pot carrom men, you can use a middle finger and thumb, index fingerstyle, index finger, and thumb, use the long fingerstyle, middle fingerstyle and thumb short, etc.

There are various striking styles that you can learn from various other blogs and articles. Different carrom men require additional strikes.

3. What is the most crucial strategy for success in this game?

To win rounds of carrom, you have to use the right amount of speed and force. It would be best to target plenty of carrom men to the pockets. If you fail to combine the right speed and force, the coins will not reach the pocket.

4. What are the other tricks I need to keep in mind?

As a beginner, try to place the striker on the right moon side or entirely to the right moon. You can also place the striker on the right moon side to the top left of the pocket or vice versa. There are various tricks and that you will come to know with time.

5. What do you need to get started?

Unlike the offline version, you need your phone or laptop and a stable Internet connection for online carrom. You can challenge your family members or random opponents across the nation. You can win real cash prizes by playing this game.

6. Can I win a real cash prize through online carrom?

Yes, you can if you follow the norms and challenge people out there! It makes it even more interesting, right?

So these are a few things that we wanted to share with you regarding this fantastic game. Undoubtedly, carrom is one of the most played games across the nation, and given the COVID-19 pandemic, you should stay at home and play rounds of carrom. It even allows you to invite your friends. We all have seen how the gaming industry has managed to gain a sweet spot amidst the pandemic. Carrom contributed its fair share by attracting an audience who wanted to play familiar games.

To know how people have increased their rate of playing online games since 2020, kindly read this Forbes article.

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