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Best Indoor Plants Perfect For Your House

Best Indoor Plants Perfect For Your House

For a very long time, it’s been proved that indoor plants help to improve your immune system, your health, boost productivity, improve relationships and also provides a positive effect on your mental health. With this modern lifestyle having indoor plants have become a style statement for the home also. The popularity of having indoor plants has become a trend as you all can witness in the fed by Instagram’s greenery inspired interior designs, plant-based podcasts and also by online plant subscription services.

Nowadays there are plenty of low maintenance plants that people are keeping that could fit in their lifestyle. For both physical and mental peace plants do help to keep that stability in your life. With this fast forward world and work stress, it is very important to have that stability in your lifestyle. Not only at your home but adding plants to the workspace also helps to reduce stress.

Here are some of the indoor plants that you can keep at your home or workspace –

1. Snake Plant

One of the best and most common indoor plants in most households. The plant has a unique look and is considered the most oxygen producing indoor plant. This plant helps to purify the air very well and also helps to absorb toxins such as carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and benzene. In fact, In fact, as per some health experts, it was proved that the Snake plant is a stress buster. Keeping the plant will help to smooth your mood to a relaxed form and also help to relax your mind also.

This plant can survive in full sun or in full shade and even without water for a couple of weeks. So even if you are out, you need not have to worry about watering the plant.

2. English Ivy

English Ivy is one of the most rewarding plants to grow inside your house. This plant looks absolutely amazing and is also a fast-growing plant that looks great in a bedroom or living room. This plant prefers to have its soil a little drier than it does wet, which is perfect if you want a low maintenance plant.  It also prefers indirect sunlight.

 It is also termed as one of the best air-filtering houseplants and is also good for people who are sensitive to smoke or have asthma, COPD and bronchitis. As per reports it also helps in the healing process which includes anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiviral.

3. Peace Lilies

Peace lilies not only stand out for their low maintenance but for many health benefits also. This plant helps to remove formaldehyde, benzene and other chemicals emitted from harsh cleaning products. Also, it is one of the rare plants that can actually bloom indoors.

People who suffer from insomnia or poor sleep should definitely keep this plant in their bedroom. This plant provides an amazing benefit that promotes restful sleep as it filters the indoor air, increases the levels of humidity which helps you to breath better. You can place the plant in indirect sunlight and water when the soil is dry.

4. Pothos Ivy

Pothos Ivy or also known as Devil’s Ivy is the most common plant often found in the household. This plant is a blessing for those who live in a home with limited natural light and this plant is impossible to kill and also stays green even when kept in the dark. This is the easiest plant that can be watered once every couple of weeks. This beautiful hanging plant is wonderful for air purification as it helps to remove toxins in the air and also provides the right amount of oxygen we need.

5. Boston Ferns

Belongs to the species of fern is termed as the best air purifying houseplant. This evergreen plant not only helps to rid the home of harmful toxins it improves humidity by helping to restore moisture to the air naturally too. Even keeping this plant also helps not to keep your skin dry. Anyone suffering from irritably dry noses or throats can keep this plant at their house. Even the structure of the plant is quite stylish which will enhance the beauty of your house even more.

Just keep in mind that the soil should be we and never be soggy and it can survive in indirect sunlight.

6.  Aloe Vera Plant

Two chemicals are often found in household cleaning products – formaldehyde and benzene. Aloe vera helps to purify this air and also has an amazing healing property. The gel inside the Aloe Vera also helps sunburn and is a great treat for the skin. You can extract the gel from the plant and apply it to your face for pimples and oily skin. Even for dandruff applying that gel is a great relief.  The gel contains full of vitamins and naturally anti-bacterial effects.

You need to keep the plant in a sunny location and have to water the plant every three weeks. You can keep it in the kitchen where it can not only soak up the light but in case you get a burn or something it will heal immediately.

7. Spider Plant

For people who are new to keeping houseplants then Spider plants are an excellent choice. It is very easy to care for and will fight the pollutants. There is one type of spider plant known as the Chlorophytum Comosum which specifically absorb 90% of formaldehyde and carbon monoxide- these are the two chemicals found in cigarette smoke.

Even if you have pets this plant is ideal as it is non-toxic to animals. This plant enjoys sunlight but is not placed in direct sun. Also, remember not to overwater them, you can water them once a week.

8. ZZ Plant

This plant is one of the most classic and stylish plants that adds a stylish décor to your house. This plant helps in cleaning the indoor air by absorbing pollutants such as xylene, toluene, and carbon dioxide from the surrounding air. If you want a healthy home then this plant is perfect. This grows perfectly in low light and you only need to water once every two weeks.

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