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Do you wish to try your luck in sports betting by applying your sporting knowledge? Are you looking for the top Kenyan sites for sports betting? If so, then this post is for you. Here you can find a list of sports betting and live betting site in Kenya.

Sports Betting in Kenya

When it comes to sports like football, athletics, rugby, golf, motorsports, cricket, and other sporting events, Kenyans start falling head over heels. In Kenya, various kinds of sporting events keep happening throughout the year. Therefore, bookies, whether online or offline, are an excellent prospect for Kenya’s people who want to make a mark through gambling. The best part is, it is possible to go for a bet not only through a bookie but also from the comfort of your home using a computer or any mobile phone.

Kenya happens to be among the wealthiest countries in Africa. There are millions of sports fans. Starting from soccer to the Olympics, the country has produced some world-class fierce athletes over the years. Because of the immense popularity of sports in Kenya, there are many Kenyans and people from all over the world who look for opportunities to participate in sports betting in Kenya. Do not be surprised if you come to know that sports betting has been around in Kenya way back since 1966.

Is betting legal in Kenya?

Naturally, you may be thinking of questions like whether it is legal in Kenya to bet on sports or not, where the betting takes place, etc. Well, first of all, sports betting in Kenya is safe. Back in 1966, the government of Kenya had decided to legalize betting on sports. It was done through an Act of Parliament, Chapter 131, created by the Betting and Licensing Board. The act permitted selected gambling operations in the country. After that, all forms of gambling, including sports betting, got legalized in Kenya.

There are three distinct brick and mortar set-ups offering sports betting to Kenya’s citizens and tourists. There are only three places in Kenya for betting. As a result, online betting happens to be the most preferred since it is convenient for all. In 2011, the government made online betting legal, and it became possible for sports bettors to bet from any part of the country. Also, it allowed betting operators to accept bets from anyone interested. Online betters need to be associated with a retail casino in Kenya. Because of that, there are limited options for online sports betting in Kenya. However, due to online off-shore sportsbooks, there are a lot of sports betting options available now.

Legal Betting Sites

If you are interested in sports betting in Kenya, the best for you is to do it through online sportsbooks. The reason is, even though online betting is legal in Kenya, there are still a lot of legally correct options. These are all based outside Kenya and can accept bets from people all over Kenya and from around the world as well.


In Kenya, the most leading betting site happens to be Betway that allows people to gamble on their favourite sport. This site extends a wide range of international sports markets. It allows betters to make a deposit through SMS. Betway was registered in Kenya in 2015 through a license issued by the Betting Control and Licensing Board. Apart from this, there are also a range of other betting sites. All the betting sites are adequately encrypted to ensure sensitive information is protected at all times. The various sites are reputed enough to extend a safe betting experience to all.

22Bet Kenya

It is among the best football betting odds. 22Bet is among the fastest growing betting sites in Kenya. The users have increased quite rapidly in recent times. This site’s excellent features have made it a favourite among people who look forward to taking advantage of the facilities. This site is preferred explicitly for the various football betting options. The odds are also highly competitive.

Not just in football, 22Bet extends highly competitive odds across all domains of sports in Kenya. This site’s live betting system is quite impressive, along with the option to bet using a mobile device. The cash out option is equally good. The welcome bonus is fantastic and is no less than icing on a cake. There is no doubt that 22Bet is among the best live betting site in Kenya.

Melbet Kenya

It is a relatively new betting site in Kenya. However, it has fast become one of the best bookies. It offers betting bonuses that are simply amazing. Apart from that, some various offers and promotions extend more than enough reasons to sign up on this site. It is way more than just bonuses and freebies. The sportsbook of this site is of world standard. It is extremely easy to make a deposit or initiate a withdrawal activity. The betting features have been designed to compete with the very best. The first deposit welcome bonus of 200 percent is an excellent treat for any new better.

The best thing about is the high security standard that the site implements in every area of its operations. With the application of the latest protocols and program codes, integrity and safety is maintained at all times. The site is capable of hosting millions of betters simultaneously. Because of such advantages, is fast becoming a favourite, and people are excited to join for a good experience. Users are provided with more than 17 award winning brands for online sports betting. It has received distinctions like Best Casino Operator along with Best Digital Operator and is listed on LSE (London Stock Exchange).


It is ranked as one of the best bookmakers globally and is a favourite among Kenyans. It has been in service since 2000 and has completely taken over the gambling and online sports betting market ever since. The credit goes to the professionalism and thoroughness of the services extended by Betfair. Over the years, it has captured a good slice of the online betting market, and so many bettors prefer it over bookies. The site is easy to navigate, and there are several options to deposit and make withdrawals. Customer data is secured, and transactions are carried out through encrypted channels. Betfair is way above any average bookmaker. It is a real institution when it comes to online sports betting, particularly in Kenya.


It came into existence in 1997 with one single objective – to allow sports betting enthusiasts to make well-informed bets. The platform allows easy deposit, withdrawal and play. There is no limit for betters; whenever a person wants and as much as one wants.

The platform maintains friendly and knowledgeable client support. It offers the broadest sports betting options possible, including fixtures and niche sports. It is a system managed by players for other players.


Ever since it got its gaming license in 2016, this site has progressed from one pillar to another as a sports betting entity. The growth of active players on the site is indicative of its thriving and healthy business. Since it started operating, the platform has extended a high value experience to the players. The latest improvements related to security and registration protocols are proof that this platform is professionally managed.

Because of the coronavirus, the betting market of Kenya has not been doing so well. There has been a complete list of sporting events since the last one year. Recently, efforts have been made to restart sporting activities like cricket and golf along with betting in Kenya. It is expected that all the live betting sites in Kenya will gain momentum and witness huge influx in the coming months.

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