20 Best Restaurants in Kolkata every Food Lovers must visit

best restaurants in kolkata

Kolkata or the city of joy is one place famous for universally framed Indian cuisine besides famous getaway places situated nearby. The culinary influence transforms the best places to visit in Kolkata into a paradise over the centuries. Since Kolkata is a coastal city, it is never short of seafood which has always been a staple here. However, the Mughals arrived with lots of spices and the taste of Kolkata food reached its pinnacle. The Britishers too made their position and showed their power for two consecutive centuries. It is during that time the taste of food diversified. Similarly, Chinese immigrants moved in and gifted Kolkata unique Chinese flavours beside gifting it to many other states. A city comprising romance, and history have long been viewed as one destination for all form of flavours and food. The national and international cuisine has evolved many popular restaurants in Kolkata which have now become a must to visit place for food lovers throughout the globe. Since the list is too big to be covered in a single reading, we have shortlisted 20 best restaurants in Kolkata. Let’s have a glance at it.

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.1, Flurys

This legendary café or a bakery house was opened in Kolkata in the year 1927. A food joint lasting for so long is sure to have a service and food beyond imagine. This is what locals feel about the restaurant which serves people from its restaurant situated at multiple locations. Ones who visit Kolkata for the first time make sure that they visit Flury’s outlet. Once visited, they will have many stories to tell about Flurys like famous ice-cream or sandwich which they have tried out. Best dishes which the menu holds include rum balls, chicken patties and strawberry cubes along with many others. The restaurant also serves famous Darjeeling tea to its customers.

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.2, Mocambo

This restaurant is a classic place in Kolkata’s Park Street which is known as an integral part of Kolkata’s food culture. Mocambo is proudly owned by a food-royal family, the Kothari’s who are among some oldest establishments in the city of joy. Since 1953, this restaurant has not changed its menu and this is the charm which attracts people from all over the world to visit this place once they are in the city of joy. The second and third generation waitstaff dressed in traditional uniforms with turbans moves here and there to take orders from their guests. Mocambo has been shortlisted in our list of best restaurants in Kolkata because of its famous Kolkata Continental food, deviled crabs and prawn cocktail, buttery chicken tetrazzini, chateaubriand steaks and baked Alaska. I believe that every seafood lovers will surely visit this place to satisfy their hunger for the best seafood in the town.  

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.3, The Palms

The Palms not only comes under the list of best restaurants in Kolkata, but under the list of best 5-star and luxurious restaurants too! The place offers some of the world-famous authentic delicacies which your taste buds will never forget. The restaurant food is full of spices collected from every part of the country and includes cuisines such as Awadhi, Mughlai and North Indian Continental. As there are many options from where you can select your food, we would advise you to select Thai and Chinese to gain some mouth-licking experience. Along with fresh deserts, they serve sizzling cocktails to make your food experience a memorable one. 

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.4, Aminia

Aminia offers good food garnished with simplicity. This chain of restaurants interiors is quite the same and remains minimalistic to charm its guests with composed outlooks. Besides having delicious food, this restaurant is preferred by those also who desire to have wonderful food without affecting their wallets. Chicken Cheese kebab and Mutton Reshmi Butter Masala are two must to order in Aminia. 

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.5, Fire and Ice Pizzeria 

This is the oldest place in the city of joy which serves hand-tossed pizza and pasta. Owned by a Neapolitan, Annamaria Forgione is the person who is very strict regarding food taste and quality. A pepperoni pizza, a glass of wine and Insalata mists are among the top picks this restaurant offered for a bunch of friends hanging out for spending some lavish time.

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.6, Fabbrica Della Pizza

This is yet another pizza serving restaurant for pizza lovers and is regarded as one of the best pizzas serving restaurant too! If you or your friends are Italian food lovers, this is one place you must try for sure. The elegance in the restaurant décor is something which will soothe your eyes instantly. The place offers pizza at very nominal rates in which you can add your favourite toppings. Along with customised pizza, Fabbrica Della Pizza offers must-try delicacies such as Quattro Formaggio Pizza and Nutella Pizza for pizza lovers. 

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.7, 6 Ballygunge Place

If you prefer going in for a buffet experience, try 6 Ballygunge Place. This place offers the best buffet experience in Kolkata and remains synonymous to Ilish Festival. Chef Sushanta Sengupta makes some unique menu particularly for the Ilish festival that is reported to be the best food of Bengali cuisine. Along with it, this restaurant serves every form of the dish including fish as the primary source to ensure serving good food to its guests throughout the year. Some of the crazy dishes that you can have anytime in the restaurant includes Ilish Jugalbandi, Kacha Aam Diye Ilish Macher Roll and Pur Bhora Morich Ilish. Putting succinctly, this place is a heaven for every fish lover living on earth!

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.8, Mrs Magpie

Sonini Basu or Mrs Magpie’s restaurant has made this place a small pack tucked wonderfully in Southern Avenue roadside. You can grab cupcakes available in various shapes, sizes and flavours. Do taste Darjeeling tea as well as sandwiches served in the restaurant. If I were to visit this place, I would order for a lemony white chocolate cupcake, scones and a petit sandwich for sure. 

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.9, Someplace Else – The Park

If you seek dining in a stylish and beautifully decorated place, visit Someplace Else of The Park. The classy theme of the restaurant along with multiple cuisines offered will make your evening a classic and memorable one. There are many options available from where you and your friends or a partner can choose from like continental cuisines, platters and barbeque. Do not forget to try freshly prepared cocktails if you visit this restaurant ever. 

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.10, Peter Cat

Although the name is international, Peter Cat is a royal place which serves every Indian with magic known as food. Flavours of Mughlai and China can be experienced in one place. The serving staff wrapped in trails and turban are happy to serve their never-ending queue of guests visiting one of the best places to visit in Kolkata, Park street. The food which is served belongs to another level as reported by local people. The recipes followed by restaurant chef are believed to be centuries-old which makes the guests travel back in old times particularly while having famous Chelo Kebab platter. Such kind of restaurants can be found in Delhi also however, they seem to have been fading with time, unlike Peter Cat which seems very much alive and kicking!  

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.11, Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick Sweets 

When we talk about Kolkata, how can we forget famous mishit doi (sweetened curd), a must to eat sweet for Bengali’s? This restaurant chain is governed by Sudip who follows 150 years old Mullick dynasty. Over the past many years, this place has remained a face of Bengali sweets. The owners ensure that the age-old recipes are updated at regular intervals besides including new and innovative recipes to serve their guests with unique sweets. If you ever visit this restaurant, do try nolengurer souffle, baked rosogulla, mango mishit doi besides other sweets in Sandesh section. 

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.12, Oh! Calcutta

Oh! Calcutta is better known as a Flagship of Bengali restaurant as it serves some very significant and traditional Bengali food. Most of the restaurant visitors will appreciate fish fry served in the restaurant and say that you’ll find best mochar, a banana flower chop among various Bengali food prepared in the kitchen of Oh! Calcutta. 

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.13, Zucca Lounge

Another mesmerising place which interiors adorns fancy curtains especially in the rooftop area. If you seek to have a rooftop or open place experience in Kolkata, this place is a must to visit. The ambience is serene and cosy which makes this restaurant an idle place for couples. Concerning menu, go for several ranges of Mojitos other than fruits to add an extra tinge to your taste buds.  

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.14, Zeeshan

The first feelings which you may have while visiting this restaurant are the aromatic combination of burning coals and cardamom. It can be said that this aromatic smell is one of the reasons, Zeeshan remains occupied most of the times every day. Other than this, this restaurant serves people all over the Kolkata as many chains of restaurants can be found in busiest streets of Kolkata like a crossing next to Park Circus area. No matter what, people who smell the aromatic scent released from the kitchen can never escape from visiting Zeeshan. They will try a mesmerizing meal for sure. The menu includes best dishes including Mutton and Tandoori chicken which is must to eat for non-vegetarians.

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.15, Kwepie’s Kitchen

Kewpie’s kitchen is owned by a women entrepreneur, Rakhi Purnima Dasgupta who believes in offering a royal culinary to every food lover visiting her restaurant. Minakshie Dasgupta is her mother and the author of the Bengali cookbook. She is famously known as Kewpie and her 20th reprint is in progress for now! Besides flaunting her meat dishes, the duo is proud to serve vegetarian food also in the restaurant. This makes many people opt for doi potol, pointed gourd dipped in a spicy masala, dhokar dalna, chorchori, a vegetable mixed in spicy gravy and jackfruit paturi that comes wrapped around a leaf. If you fall in love with the food served in the restaurant, you can bring home a recipe book too!

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.16, Oudh 1590

Oudh 1590 is one of the best restaurants in Kolkata if you seek dining at night time. The food and ambience of the restaurant will take you to the times of Mughal era. The restaurant has given an extra touch to its interiors along with its meal which is been served here in stylish cookery to provide kingly experience. If you visit this place, try Galouti kebab and kheer or Raan biryani for a memorable experience. 

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.17, Jai Hind Dhaba

Placed in the south part of Kolkata, this restaurant is among the favourite hotspots for people who throw party’s occasionally or are members of clubs. In the upstairs of the restaurant, you can try Calcutta Chinese or plates full of anda bhujri, kebab and tadka dal. This place is idle for people who like wandering late nights as it serves freshly cooked food, hot phulkas and kebabs in the middle of the night too.  

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.18, 8TH Day Cafe & Bakery

One who craves for banana bread, bagels, cinnamon rolls, good sandwiches, brownies or healthy salad will visit this place for sure. Try a quiche topped with caramelised onion or a cream-cheese bagel and Gruyere and mushroom for lunch if you do not believe us. An amazing meal is not complete without ice-cream and therefore, this restaurant serves ice-cream sandwiches which can be accompanied with signature pour-over tea or coffee brought from Glenburn Tea Estate in Darjeeling. The restaurant arranges monthly Arcadia Sessions for music lovers which provides musicians with a platform to perform in an idyllic place. While the food lovers get to listen to some soothing music, their craving for good food is also taken care of excellently.

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.19, Koshe Kosha

This restaurant is a paradise for mutton lovers as it offers kosha mangsho or famous mutton curry to serve locals and Bengalis. The fish kabiraji, mangsher shingara, egg batter fitter and mutton filled samosa are few among various other delicacies served in the restaurant. 

The best restaurant in Kolkata no.20, Santa’s Fantasea

This restaurant is popular for its tribal themed décor along with a chilling ambience that offers visitors a scenic view. You can choose your favourite dish from various options in the menu list like food speciality of Odisha, Mizoram, Sikkim or Meghalaya. If you are a seafood lover, you will be glad to know that this restaurant offers some best seafood dishes made from prawns, octopus, lobsters and fish. 

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