Budget Travel- 15 Cheapest Countries to Visit From India

budget travel

The pandemic has turned our world upside down. Travelling is an enlightening experience. During the lockdown, travelling all around the world was as real as going to Hogwarts. The lockdown was indeed every hodophile’s worst nightmare.

Thinking of travelling post-COVID-19? Missing the good old days when Hello used to be Hola!? In today’s times, planning an international holiday is easy. However, planning a pocket-friendly international holiday is a Herculean task. A penny saved is a penny earned. The COVID-19 situation has corroborated this idiom big time.

No worries, people. We’ve got you covered. Here is an exciting list of countries that are economical yet enthralling:

1. Thailand

The country is one of the most captivating tourist destinations in the world. Thailand celebrates the beautiful white sand beaches and the mist-covered mountains whispering in the ears of the greenish palm trees. And guess what? It is also one of the most economical vacations ever imaginable. On average, the travel costs Rs. 40,000 per person. Summers are probably the best time to pack your bathing suits and enjoy the refreshing beachy-beach vibes!

2. Singapore

Singapore is another gorgeous country to visit when you want to save a little extra to shop for some super chic boots when you visit the country. Be it a shopaholic or an avid reader, Singapore brews the experience of glitz and glamour with the serenity of a beautiful evening. The average cost per person is roughly about Rs. 50,000. And if that’s too much, the evening mimosa cruises always help.

3. Sri Lanka

The little island nation is extremely rich in terms of culture and wholesomeness. Sri Lanka is a power nap for people who wish to reset their systems with culture and authenticity. It is a very economical trip that would cost around Rs. 35,000 per person. The Adam’s Peak will surely become an absolute favourite of adrenaline chasers. The Buddhist-inspired temples and handicrafts underline the Sri Lankan heritage and keep the spirit of unity alive. One will surely end up saying, ” Heaven, is here!”.

4. UAE

Get ready to read this twice to believe! UAE is an affordable and economical holiday option to choose from. The country continues to intimidate the world with its exquisite design and ultra-modern appearance. However, it costs about Rs.70,000 per person to experience the monstrosity standing at the top of Burj Khalifa. The city of Dubai is a perfect getaway to let the sand soothe you. The desert safari is to die for. The souk market takes you back to the simpler times.

5. Malaysia

Say goodbye to Photoshop! Malaysia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s like looking at a painting that fills you with sheer joy and gives you food for thought. The country encompasses incredible architectural finesse and cultural elevation at the same time. It costs about Rs. 60,000 per person to reach out to the picturesque tourist adventures.

6. Indonesia

Indonesia is another mesmerizing little country that is an economical getaway post-COVID. From the sandy beaches of Seminyak and Nusa Dua to the craft villages in Ubud, it’s marvellous. Indonesia enriches the blue-green seas and an antique charismatic atmosphere. It is the perfect holiday destination for beach bums and surfers who like to challenge the wandering waves of the ocean. The average cost per person to travel to Indonesia is Rs. 80,000. Bali is a mind-boggling city in Indonesia.

7. Nepal

This neighbouring country of India is a goodie bag that excites you with a delighting opportunity of a lifetime. Nepal is one of the UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites among all the capitals of the world. The country is brimmed with history and culture. It offers the most European-inspired ambience one can find. Its promising mountains and souvenirs remind you of everything the country stands for. Nepal is also the home to the Bodhnath Stupa which is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the world. Nepal is one of the cheapest international holidays, and it costs roughly Rs. 30,000 per person.

8. Vietnam

The breathtaking country of Vietnam is intoxicating and confines multiple unique cultures. Walk around the country eating the world-famous Vietnamese cashews, and that’s your chill pill. Vietnamese cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world that can honour your palate with food worth waiting for. From spicy to sweet, Vietnamese food is super delicious. It cost about Rs. 40,000 per person to have a memorable experience on the rocks of Vietnam and visit places like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Sapa, and many other enchanting places.

9. Hong Kong

Hongkong, known as the World’s Food Fair is one of the most world-class countries in the world. Its also known as the fashion capital of China. Wobbly wontons to Cajun shrimp, Hong Kong strives to dominate the world and offer a fun-filled atmosphere to experience a real-life fantasy. On average, it costs Rs. 50,000 per person to get their hands on the one-of-a-kind items in the Stanley market and happily hustle around the Happy Valley.

10. Maldives

Want sun-kissed skin? Say no more and slay like a pro. The Maldives is an archipelago situated in the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean. It is one of the most exotic spots in the world. The country is full of culture. It’s like entering a parallel universe. It is best to visit the Maldives between November and April. It costs roughly around Rs. 50,000 per person to visit the paradise on Earth.

11. Bhutan

Bhutan, also known as the Land of Thunder Dragon, is a beautiful tourist destination famous for its culture and wonders. Guess what? The best part about travelling to Bhutan is that Indian tourists can travel there without a passport. The monasteries and the dramatic appeal to nature give a “Life is a stage” vibe. It costs approximately Rs. 30,000 per person to explore Bhutan. It is also famous for wildlife spotting.

12. Egypt

When we talk about history, we think of Egypt. When we talk about pharaohs, we think of Egypt. They say history repeats itself. But certainly not in the case of Egypt. The Great Pyramid of Giza present in the Nile Valley is stunning. Egypt has a state-of-the-art richness when it comes to monumental depiction. It costs Rs. 50,000 per person to travel to Egypt.

13. Kenya

Stripe lovers? Kenya is the perfect destination for you. The exotic wildlife and the great Rift Valley complement the zebras walking all around the country. Kenya has an unexplainable warmth that attracts tourists to visit. The average cost is Rs. 60,000 per person.

14. Oman

Oman is filled with diverse landscapes and lush beaches that compete with Miami, the beach capital of the world. The country stands true to the medieval character of the culture. The Royal Opera House in Oman symbolizes modernity. There are a lot of activities one can enjoy like hiking, fishing, scuba diving, etc. It costs roughly Rs. 60,000 per person to visit Oman. Interestingly, Muscat, the capital of the country was once known to be the second-best tourist city in the world.

15. Cambodia

If nature is asking you to slow down, Cambodia is your calling! The country is famous for the ruins of Angkor Wat. Cambodian cuisine consists of exotic fruits and vegetables. Nom Penh is parent to the art deco, Central Market, and the magnificent Royal Palace with various archaeological exhibits. It cost about Rs. 20,000 to catch a flight to Cambodia.

We can go on a world tour and still miss out on the things that matter. Travel is not just about roaming from country to country. It is a revelation based on how we cherish every culture and diversity.

“It’s the journey. However, it’s about immersing ourselves to get to the destination.”

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