Can You Lose Weight by Eating Sugar-free and Fat-Free Food?

Can You Lose Weight by Eating Sugar-free and Fat-Free Food

In today’s age, we all have the pressure of having the perfect zero-figure body, and for that, you need to give up a lot of your favorite foods. Sugar and fat being the two types that affect your desired figure the most.

Fasting is an event during different celebrations in Indian culture where individuals fasting feel that they will shed pounds. However, that isn’t valid for every case. When fasting for quite a while, the body goes into starvation mode and converts the food into fats. Some individuals transform into weight gain instead of weight reduction. We as a whole might suspect that eating without sugar or sans fat items will help us in weight reduction, yet every such food has its advantages and disadvantages. Shivani Bavalekar, Sr. Leader Nutritionist, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Navi Mumbai (Vashi), helps us understand. 

The truth about sugar-free foods 

When we try to eat without sugar, it implies barring sugar from the eating regimen, which is not possible. People wind up having sugar with counterfeit sugar or saccharine. But it ought to be remembered that over-burning-through sans sugar items is practically comparable to eating sugar-filled food and not better. Many without sugar items contain counterfeit sugar alongside stowed away sugar, which gives you a similar measure of calories as ordinary sugar. Likewise, sometimes the food has different added substances to upgrade flavours. 

The correct way of shedding pounds and stay sound is to have a good eating routine that comprises lean protein, fibre-rich sugars, solid fats, and regular exercise. Consequently, it is prescribed to supplant your white sugar with jaggery, date syrup, and so on. However, to eat with some restraint, for example, only four to five tsp each day, contingent upon your weight and provided that you don’t have any comorbid condition) as this will give you more medical advantages when contrasted with white sugar. 


Cutting down sugar is only chopping down void calories. Henceforth, doing this will help you in weight reduction, however, you additionally need to notice segment sizes of general suppers and food varieties that you are devouring. 


It is hard to accomplish weight reduction with this. At a certain point, we ache for sugar, and afterward, there is a possibility you wind up eating a ton of sweet food. Now and again, it will be hard for you to distinguish the contrast between added sugar and fake sugar, as numerous items have stowed away sugars with various names. 

Fat-Free Products or Diet Foods 

There are many without fat items accessible on the lookout. However, these sorts of foods are stacked with starches, additional sodium, and added sugar, which won’t assist you with getting more fit. With regards to health, center around the kind of fat and the amount of fat you are devouring. For instance, on the off chance that you are eating a whole bundle of heated potato chips, it may prompt weight gain as these items are stacked with sugar, starches, and salt to supplant the missing kinds of fats. 


If you put forth an attempt to diminish fat admission, you may get thinner. However, this will incorporate limiting carbs as well. Notwithstanding, the answer for keeping this load off is to restrict the utilization of noticeable fat in your eating routine. Take a stab at adding sound fats like pecan, flaxseed, and safflower seeds, many things considered. 


Sans fat weight control plans, for the most part, dispose of fats radically, and this meddles with the ingestion of fat-dissolvable nutrients like A, D, E, K in the body and may influence our bone wellbeing, eyes, and skin wellbeing. 

Thus, fats are similarly significant as any remaining supplements. The prescribed sum is around four to five teaspoons each day if your BMI (weight file) and different components are ordinary. Consequently, regardless of whether it’s without sugar or sans fat items, what makes a difference more is segment size, the healthy worth of the specific food sources, and the kind of food you devour. 

Sugar-free, calorie-free: Artificial sugars may not assist with weight reduction 

Promoted as ‘sugar-free’ or diet choice counterfeit sugars – usually found in an assortment of food and refreshments, including sodas, biting gum, jams – give an individual a similar delight as sugar yet lessen the calories. 

On the off chance that you feel counterfeit sugars are an ideal substitute to sugar, you should reconsider. Promoted as ‘sugar-free’ or ‘diet choice’ counterfeit sugars – usually found in an assortment of food and refreshments, including sodas, biting gum, jams – give an individual a similar delight as sugar yet lessen the calories. 

Be that as it may, are these prevalently promoted sugars the best decision? 

“Individuals who are weight conscious or experiencing diabetes or cardiovascular issues incline toward counterfeit sugars over table sugar as they are without calorie. Many would not realize that these are produced using synthetic compounds, and delayed utilization of these sugars obliterates your taste buds. Subsequently making your fundamental food sources like nourishing products of the soil unpalatable,” said Mohamad Yusuf N Shaikh of Kudrati Ayurved Health Center. 

“Additionally, they increment wanting for desserts and make individuals more leaned towards them. Afterwards, precautionary measure transforms into the dependence on desserts, which prompts expanded hunger and weight. In this way, if you take these sugars, burn through them cautiously,” he forewarned. 

Further, Dr. Pooja Chaudhary, wellbeing expert, Healthians, said the symptoms of unreasonable utilization of fake sugars incorporate headaches, stoutness, among others. Most fake sugars accompany a harsh lingering flavour. The top risks of fake sugars are headaches, stoutness, dull taste buds, change in vision, sickness, and heaving. Accompanied with hormonal unevenness, a sleeping disorder/rest issues, expanded appetite/gorging, stomach and joint torments, unfavorably susceptible response, and type 2 diabetes. Said Chaudhary. 

She added that an individual eating a lot of sans sugar food sources put on weight if the food item contains different fixings that are calorie stacked. For example, diet pop or diet coke, sugar substitute can bring down one’s danger of tooth rot. However, the corrosive in diet soft drinks could add to dental disintegration. 

Things being what they are, would you say you are presently searching for some better choices for sugar? 

As indicated by Dr. Manjari Chandra, senior nutritionist, India Virtual Hospital, things, for example, raw sweetener, palm sugar, jaggery, nectar are better choices to sugar. 

“Examination proposes that engineered sugars like Aspartame, Sucralose, Saccharin, Acesulfame Potassium, and even Stevia probably won’t be an extraordinary choice to sugar. They could negatively affect gut microorganisms and in this way lead to a higher danger of diabetes cause kidney injury, malignancy, and endocrine issues,” she closed.  

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