Cricket Bets You Have Never Heard of

cricket bets

Are you a cricket fan? And have you betted on cricket for many years? Sometimes it can get boring always betting on the same things. We all know about the match betting wager and tied match wager, and we have all betted on that wager multiple times. So why not look into trying some of the more interesting wagers. There are without a doubt a lot of less popular wagers out there that are also super fun to bet on. We have made a guide with the top three most interesting cricket wagers that you have probably never heard of. If you want to know more about betting on cricket, you can read much more about it on

Method of dismissal

This is the perfect wager for you if you are into live betting. With this bet you will bet on how a batsman in the creas will end up being dismissed. There are several outcomes you can bet on with this bet. You can bet on caught, bowled, run out, LBW, stumped, and sometimes even more outcomes. This is a super fun wager, however, it does require that you know something about cricket, since it is easiest if you know something about the players’ style when playing. Furthermore, it is also best suited to live betting, so you also have to be into live betting.  

Series score

This is another wager that is not hugely well known in the cricket betting community. With this wager you will bet on what the final overall score of the series will be. This is not the easiest wager, since it will have many options. The bookmaker will have several options where you have to choose how many matches you think each team will win during the season. This is another wager where you have to know something about cricket in order to place a good bet, since it will be hard to place a good bet if you do not know anything about which teams are good and bad. 

Win toss

This is the perfect wager, if you are not into cricket and know nothing about cricket. With the win toss wager you will bet on which of the two teams will win the win toss at the beginning of the match. So here it is up to pure chance, which makes it perfect for people who know nothing about cricket but still like to bet on cricket.  

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