Dry Shampoo Substitutes and Hacks to Use Them Like a Pro

Dry Shampoo Substitutes and Hacks to Use Them Like a Pro

During tough times, dry shampoo can be a real blessing, especially when we have a date or meeting and don’t have time to wash our hair. Dry shampoo is no miracle but is usually made of the starch component to eliminate or absorb sebum, the natural oil in our scalp that makes our hair look greasy when not washed for a day or two. The starch absorbs the unwanted oils and gives hair a greasy-free look besides creating hair volume and body during hairstyling.

Basically, dry shampoo is a wonder, but only if you use them properly. Whether you use a baby powder, aerosol spray or foam dry shampoo, there are a few mistakes that usually end up making dandruff-like flakes, ashy roots and dry, dull hair. So, read the below hacks to know how to dry shampoo your hair correctly, if you really want to save time and money spent on hairstyling.

Dry Shampoo hacks and tips

Choosing the right colour

This is the first thing to consider when you buy yourself dry shampoo spray from the market. For example, if you have dark brown hair, and use a traditional dry shampoo, your hair may end up looking dull with a white cast over your hair. Similarly, blonde hair and dark shades too end up with discoloured roots. Always pick a tone that matches your hair colour.

Shake your dry shampoo well before application

Even if you are in a hurry, do not forget to shake your dry shampoo bottle properly. This helps in distributing the formula evenly. Many times, the starch in arsenal formulas settles down and when you shake the bottle, they are well-blended for good results.

Never spray close to your scalp

When your hair is dry, hold the spray bottle at least six inches away from the scalp and spray directly at the roots. You can spray from at least twelve inches distance from the roots allowing oil-zapping starch to exit properly and coat evenly on greasy roots. When you use powder-based shampoo, sprinkle them near the roots but never apply directly as it may make your hair look whitish and prove difficult to wash off later.

Spray dry shampoo on your hairbrush

This is one hack that is circulating all over social media and changed the game for ones who have earlier tried dry shampoo but ended up for worse. Instead of spraying the solution directly on the scalp, you can spray them on your hairbrush for distributing the formula evenly from roots to hair.

Keep moving your spray and brush

When applying dry shampoo, never spray continuously in one section. You will end up with a spot in the roots that will become difficult to remove at once. Move back and forward in swaying movement for better results and never overdo any specific area.

Use dry shampoo only if your hair is very greasy

Do not spray dry shampoo all over your head, but stick to those inches where it is greasiest the most. Maybe your hair bottom is not greasy at all, so applying a hair absorber in that portion can make your hair look stiff. Hair experts believe that although dry shampoo makes our hair look fresh within no time, we must not apply them often. Overusing dry shampoo can make our hair stiff, dry and gritty over time.

Let the shampoo sit before a massage

Once you spray the solution, do not brush it or shake it out. Give the product some time to work in your hair and absorb the oil at the roots before you start massaging or brushing the hair. Once the products get soaked into your hair, you can massage them with your hands or brush them or use a hair drier to remove excess solution once the job is done.

Dry shampoo substitutes

Baby Powder

We only had baby powder before dry shampoo became popular, and we still do. Now that you are aware, you can indeed use this as a dry shampoo as it is less expensive and effective. Simply sift the powder over your greasy scalp and massage it’s in. You are now free to arrange your hair in any way you choose.

Paper Towels

Blotting sheets and paper towels may do much more than merely soak oil from your skin. Additionally, it removes oil from your scalp and is effective. Simply divide your hair into several portions and run the blotting sheets down the roots of your hair. Take some paper towels from your workplace bathroom to blot the oil if you run out of blotting paper.


Yet another handy product and a good solution in case you want a dry shampoo. Perfume not only gives your hair a nice fragrance but also treats your hair oil problem well. The alcohol present in perfume breaks the oil in the scalp, making it look less sticky. Apply them from a distance of at least 5 inches away from the scalp or apply them with your hair brush. Just comb smoothly and let your dry hair shine all the way.

Cornstarch and Cocoa Powder

If you have brown hair and run out of dry shampoo solution, do not worry as we have a perfect solution for it. Mix cocoa powder with corn starch to make a dry shampoo substitute and apply them with a contour brush. Use more cocoa in case you have dark brown hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is considered good for regular shampooing as it is for dry shampoo. The best thing about apple cider vinegar is that they are great for every hair texture. To avoid its smell, just mix it with water in a spray bottle and spray them in the sections where your hair looks greasiest the most.

Hand Sanitizer

Surprised? This is a great product, and a handy one too. The alcohol in hand sanitiser soaks unnecessary oil from the scalp and makes your hair look dry. Just squeeze a bit in your hand and run your fingers through the locks for better results.

Salt and Cornmeal

Salt is excellent food and a bath therapy product. This versatile mineral can do wonders when applied properly to your hair as well. Take a salt pepper shaker or any shaker for the mixture. Add half a cup of cornmeal and a tablespoon of salt to form the mixture and sprinkle them on your hair. Brush off the excess and the ones that have absorbed oil from your hair.

Dry Clay or Multani Mitti

Dry clay or Multani mitti is an excellent substitute for dry shampoo. It not just gives the hair a bouncy feeling but also leaves a good fragrance. You can use dry clay available in the market or Multani mitti which is applied on the skin as a face pack. Mix milk powder with dry clay for better results and soft hair.


The primary intention behind dry shampoo is to make our hair look dry, bouncy and oil-free. Hence, arrowroot can prove effective as it is a natural oil absorbent. Massage them directly into the scalps or use your hair brush to apply them to the hair. You can make an arrowroot solution as well. Mix one cup of warm water with one-fourth cup of vodka and one-fourth cup of arrowroot solution.

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