Something for Every Generation: Top 10 Family Travel Destinations in India

Vacation is a way of relaxing and taking a break from the tediousness of everyday activities. They are a brilliant way to reconnect with both your family and friends. The massive Himalayas in the North, glistening coast of the Indian Ocean in the South, The Gulf of Kutch in the West and coasts of the Bay of Bengal in the east, India is the home to innumerable family attractions. 

A magnum of locations, inhabitants, culture, customs, colours and faith, India is a country that will impress you with its never-ending attractions. Whether it’s, experiencing the paths of the ancient past to encounter the solitude of the mountains or diving into the salty waters, India will thrill you in more forms than you can envision. 

While you are searching to spend quality time with those you love, this is just the article you require. Below we have assembled a selection of the top family holiday destinations in India. Read on to choose the ideal holiday spot for the next year.

Best Places to Visit in India with Family

1. God’s own country, Kerala

Kerala, the hub of coconut palms and backwaters, is the top family holiday destinations in India. This small stretch of land all along the Arabian Sea features native habitats, rich flora and fauna, beaches and backwaters and romantic scenes. Visiting Kerala will be a soothing and revitalizing experience for your families and students alike.

The best time to visit the place is from September to April. Add Ayurveda centres, Kovalam Beaches, Backwaters of Alleppey, Munnar, Thekkady and Wayanad to your list for breathtaking, natural experiences.

2. The Pink City, Jaipur

Jaipur is a town which once hosted royal aristocracies that ruled over the royal state of Rajasthan. One will be astounded by the epicurean culture and subtlety of the region. The town has an abundance of relics, temples, and palaces from lost eras. 

You can travel to places like Hawa Mahal, Jaigarh Fort and also Nahargarh Fort. Employ a local agent who will give everyone an in-depth city tour and its past for an intriguing and engaging family vacation. Start exploring the forts and palaces, appreciate the lakes, ride an elephant, appreciate the food of Rajasthan, go on a bike trip.

3. Paradise on earth, Kashmir

Kashmir is a slice of heaven that fell from the sky to the floor of India. The town is adjacent to the rocky Himalayas on one side, and the unspoilt nature and greenery on the other. 

Owing to its elegance, it is also referred to as India’s Switzerland. The sheer intensity of Kashmir makes it a perfect holiday destination for the entire family. 

Take a trip, stay the evening on a houseboat, discover the valleys of the Himalayas, take a heritage stroll from the around old town. One can take skiing classes at the Skii Institute. The best time to visit Kashmir is from April to June in Soring and winter from December to March. 

4. The hub for dreamily Adventurous, Himachal Pradesh

Planning to travel with your family and deciding to miss the state, you might miss out on a lot! Everything, from river rafting to hiking excursions in beautiful landscapes, Himachal is an ideal option for travelling with family. Soak yourselves in the warm sunshine and experience the fresh air of the Himalayas while your kids are paragliding, mountain climbing, jeep safari and much more.

Resist hiking trips for children under ten years of age and the elderly. The weather at the Rohtang Pass is typically chilly, so carry heavy woollen clothing. The ideal time to visit Himachal Pradesh is in Spring, April to June and winters from November to February.

5. Nature and wildlife in Nainital and Jim Corbett National Park

Tucked away in the seven lush valleys of Uttarakhand, Naini Lake is claimed to have been discovered by Tri-Rishi (the three-wise lake) and was found by the British. Situated about three hours from Nainital, Jim Corbett is a famous wildlife destination. About 70,000 visitors visit the national park throughout the year.

Treat yourselves to a stay in the jungle at the wildlife resorts inside the park’s grounds, and maybe you will get to see a tiger. The best time to visit Nainital is from March to June and  September to November, Jim Corbett National Park from November to June. 

6. Celestial Paradise, Tawang

Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh is the second ancient and probably the largest monastery in the world. Tawang Gompa is a tourist destination that gathers a foothold from all over the world. 

People claim that a trip to Gompa will revive your spirit and leave you with a sense of peace. Tawang is usually covered in snow, which would be fun to experience if you have not.

7. Valley of the Gods, Manali

A famous hiking place in Himachal Pradesh, Manali is skirted by deodar trees and the snowy peaks of the Himalayas. The incredibly clear river Bes flows around the outskirts. The scenery of Manali is the ideal image for a family vacation. Also, some temples are fascinating to visit in the several mountainous terrains of Manali.

Do visit the temples, ski, or jump on a hot air balloon, boat rafting in the Beas River.

8. Queen of hills, Ooty

Picturesque Emerald Lake

Among the most famous hill stations in the south, Ooty has also been alluded to as the Queen of Hill Stations for ages due to various her jaw-dropping kaleidoscopic visual treats and soul-shaking adventures. Lively green, well-maintained lawns, rare flora plants, peaceful atmosphere are among the highlights of this spectacular spot.

During winters, the temperatures may fall to 5 degrees or less and, as a result, woollens are advised. One must not forget to visit Botanical Garden, Lake Garden for the fibreglass dome and the high-altitude deer parks.

9. The Scotland of India, Coorg

Situated in the western ghats, Coorg is known locally as the Karnataka Kashmir. Of over three wildlife sanctuaries and one national park, beautiful sunset spots, waterfalls as well as plenty of coffee plantations, Coorg is a perfect family place to escape.

The temperatures will fall under 8 degrees in the winters. Visit Raja’s seat for an amazing sunset view. Abbey falls which are Coorg’s most popular waterfalls and Bylakuppe that is near Kushalanagar is among the largest Tibetan settlements in southern India.

10. Princess of Hill Stations, Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is in the state of Tamil Nadu and will keep you fascinated by its peaceful elegance. The area is ideal for becoming the place to go for several newlyweds. 

Early starts are a great time to take a walk with your family, as the mist settles down on the trees and flowers, and the place looks gorgeous. Kodaikanal is renowned for its ‘Kurinji’ flower, which only blossomed once in 12 years. The whole valley is painted purple whenever the flower grows.

You must not forget to visit the lake and take a trek. Hiking through the forest is an ideal choice and not to miss taking pictures is recommended for every tourist visiting the place.  

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