Feeling Sad in Winter? Snack on These Foods to Kick Away Depression


Do you ever wake up on a cold chilly morning and everything around you seem to be unpleasant? Well, seasonal depression can push you into a dark place. However, you can treat depression that comes along with the season, just like every other problem has a cure.

SAD also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder is a form of depression that is known to be caused as a result of a change in seasons. Symptoms, generally, worsen near the fall and peak around the cold months. Its symptoms are quite like other states of depression, that includedifficulty in concentrating, social withdrawal, a feeling of hopelessness and fatigue.

Treatments for seasonal depression may include talk therapies, exercise, medication and consuming a healthy diet. However, trying certain mood-boosting foods can also help you feel better. These small alterations in the diet will help you tackle SAD.

1. Dark chocolates

Chocolates are one of the tasty and easy ways to self-medicate in tough times. However, opting for just any chocolate bar or chocolate flavoured ice-cream is not really going to pull off the misery.Consuming dark chocolates can notably improve your mood. Dark chocolates contain polyphenols which are a type of potent antioxidant. Simply bite on a dark chocolate bar with the highest cocoa content when you are feeling low and notice the difference instantly.

2. Omega-3 fatty acids

These are healthy fats that have been applauded for their health benefits for centuries now. But did you know that omega-3 has the power to influence your mood too? That is true! Enjoy walnuts, salmon, andflaxseeds when you are feeling low. These are some of the best sources that can provide you with the highest levels of fatty acids.

3. Bananas

Ever thought why Minions are always merry? Bananas contain tryptophan and amino acidwhich is a great mood booster. Moreover, the carbs,natural sugar and potassium in bananas helps in fuelling the brain. Magnesium, another essential macronutrient found in bananasmight also help enhance sleep quality alongside reducing anxiety levels.

4. Limit your sugar intake

Sugar and spice are not everything nice! Sugar might be a happy boost for, but studies reveal that high intake of sugar can damage your brain functionally. Too much sugar is associated with slowing the brain down. It is always safe keep your sugar intake low especially when you are experiencing depression.Once you start noticing the food labels on your food products, you will witness different forms of sugar. These sometimes appear in thewords that end with ‘-ose.’ If you spot them, drop them!

5. Vitamin B12 rich foods

Low levels of cobalamin in blood often indicate towards depression. There are several ways to include vitamin B12 in your diet. Food sources include paneer, milk, curd, eggs as well as fortified food products like cereals. Include them in your diet for a quick mood booster.


Mental health issues largely remain as an unsung subject. If you are feeling the flow and ebb of depressive symptoms, speak to a friend or seek medical help.

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