15 Most Haunted Places in India and Real Stories Behind it

Haunted Places in India

India is a land of legends, untold stories and mythological sagas which can be rooted in its cultural and spiritual history. Apart from the myriad spooky stories, India is a country where almost every city has some or the other ghostly incident to reveal. If you seek watching an eerie incident or learn about paranormal activities, explore palaces and ruined forts in the famous Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune and Hyderabad. Although I have not visited all the places personally, the ones which were visited made a lasting effect on my memories, strong enough to pen them down in my blog. Read this blog if you do not carry a fainted heart!

Most Haunted Places in India no. 1: Bhangarh Palace in Rajasthan

Located in Alwar District of Rajasthan, this is probably one of the spookiest places in India. The day in the palace may seem picturesque and serene but nights are spooky and haunted enough to make people come out of the palace out of terror. The reason behind the signage on the front side to not to remain in the palace after sunset is the paranormal activities reported by people residing nearby. One who does not abide by the rules has to face troubles and ghostly feeling. The real story behind Bhangarh Palace is the curse which fell upon the palace due to sinful magician who tried to win the princess. He mixed a potion in the drink and tried to make queen fall in love with him. When the queen learnt about his fishy activities, she threw the potion on a boulder which accidentally crushed the magician to death. The last few words uttered by him were that no one in this fort can lead a longer life. His curse made the palace and entire village ruined and people staying nearby suggests not to visit the palace after sunset when the spirits of the magician meander.   

Most Haunted Places in India no. 2: Shaniwarwada Fort in Pune 

Shaniwarwada, the architectural marvel witnesses many haunted events especially when the full moon is in its zenith. The real story behind this legendary palace is believed that since the time a handsome prince was murdered brutally in the palace, his spirits roam around the place. Every night, his spirits make chilling cries, asking for help. Many people would actually visit the place after listening to the cries as if someone in person is asking for help. The fort is visited by visitors during daylight but at night, it remains deserted except for a caretaker who sits near the palace gates. 

Most Haunted Places in India no. 3: Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie

Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie is a famous place which is often mentioned in stalwarts of Ruskin Bond and Agatha Christies besides one of the most haunted places in India. Have you ever wondered why would the great author like them mention this hotel name in their stories? Well, the Savoy hotel carries a classic tale which is believed by a few people only. In 1991, in one of the rooms of the hotel, a dead body was found of a lady named Frances Garnett-Orme. She was a British spiritualist and when she died, the room was locked from inside. After making several investigations, it was found that the lady was murdered due to acid attack and was found in her medicine bottle. The haunted incident does not stop here. A year later, the doctor who tended her was also murdered due to intake of poison named Strychnine. It is said that the doctor was murdered in the same and eerie manner as the lady was. The staff working in the hotel would often hear the cries of the lady asking for help.  

Most Haunted Places in India no. 4: Kuldhara Village in Rajasthan

This ghostly village was abandoned in the 18th century and since then, it is also known as the ghost village by Kuldhara community. It is believed that the village was cursed after few of the villagers left the village overnight. The village of Kuldhara was established in the year 1291 by Paliwal Brahmins. They were very popular and led a prosperous life due to agricultural knowledge. Story says that in 1825, people living in 83 villages nearby vanished in the dark without warning or saying anything. The reason behind their leaving the village was a brutal minister named Salim Singh who fell in love with the daughter of village chief and wanted to marry her. He said that if the villagers did not hand over the girl’s hand to him, he would impose increased taxes. This made the village chief along with people living in other adjoining areas leave the village and migrate someplace else so that girl’s honour could be secured. They vanished overnight and till date it is unknown to the world about where did they go or whether they committed suicide. This made Kuldhara village a haunted place as it was once cursed by the villagers who left to save the honour of their daughter. 

Most Haunted Places in India no. 5: Agrasen Ki Baoli in Delhi

Agrasen Ki Baoli is one of the most visited places in Delhi yet speaks an eerie incident since the 14th century. This 60 meters deep and 15 meters wide well is visited by many international tourists as well and proves to be a great sight for photo-clicking. However, if one digs deep history behind the Baoli, he/she will know that a world of ghosts lays behind the walls of well. Be aware that when you start walking deeper down the well, things may turn spooky particularly after 108 steps. You may feel the chilling breeze and supernatural vibrations in deeper parts of the well probably because the ghosts may not like their place being invaded by any third person. The locals say that people who step in the water of the well would often wish to jump out of the water as someone tries to take their lives.

Most Haunted Places in India no. 6: Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad

Although Ramoji Film City is one of the popular Bollywood sites in India, many supernatural activities have been reported taking place within the massive sets and hotels in this place. Many projects have been stalled due to controversies and eerie events such as camera-man falling from the top, light-men sitting up getting pushed by an unseen man several times and people having injuries due to no reason. People have also envisaged scratch marks on the mirrors and food are often spilled and scattered all over the room. Females are more targeted here than men and few have also been seen tearing their clothes apart out of terror. Some say that whenever they go to washrooms, a person keeps knocking the door repeatedly and creates havoc. Although many preventive measures have been taken by the Film City owners, all went in vain and the paranormal activity continues to spoil major projects and shooting sets.

Most Haunted Places in India no. 7: Delhi Cantonment in Delhi

Yet another spooky place in Delhi is the green and clean streets of Delhi Cantonment region which might seem serene and beautiful during the daytime. But, when the night falls, other world sprits approach and take over the place to turn it into an uncanny zone. People travelling the region often witness a woman wearing a white saree meandering over the street, chasing cars and buses moving in high speed.

Most Haunted Places in India no. 8: Mukesh Mills in Mumbai

This place may seem to be a replica of a famous movie named ‘Om Shanti Om’ but the story behind it is slightly odd. Established by East India Company in the year 1870, Mukesh Textile was shut in 1980 after a fire broke in its premises. This place is chosen by Bollywood movies to serve as a haunted location site but actors and directors refuse to go there as they have experienced paranormal activities taking place inside the abandoned factory gates.

Most Haunted Places in India no. 9: Malcha Mahal in Delhi

While Delhi has various haunted roads and corners, Malcha Mahal has the most peculiar eerie story to tell! Dated back to Tughlaq era, the palace is said to be a haunted lodge. When Princess Wilayat Mahal, the last descendant of the Awadh dynasty did not get her state back after independence, she swallowed ground diamonds and committed suicide. Since then anyone who tries to enter the Mahal without permission is murdered mysteriously!

Most Haunted Places in India no. 10: Dumas Beach in Surat

This is one place which is regarded as a paradise for apparitions and spirits. People are suggested to stay away from the beach during certain hours at night. If you still dare to go, a whispering sound can be heard along with cool breeze which is assumed to be the sound of souls who died in this beachside. This place was initially a burial ground of Hindus. It became a land of tortured souls gradually as many lives were lost due to attempted suicides. 

Most Haunted Places in India no. 11: Raj Kiran Hotel in Lonavala

This hotel has a record of many supernatural activities taking place inside the hotel rooms and kitchen. Residents living in the hotel have witnessed bedsheets being pulled by ghosts which would scare the hell out of them. Many have woken up during midnights after seeing a blue-ray light flashing on their feet. The corner room near the reception on the ground floor is said to be the most haunted area of the hotel where the guards avoid to go alone.

Most Haunted Places in India no. 12:  D’Souza Chawl in Mumbai

This place in Mumbai is considered as one of the most haunted places in India as it had once taken the life of a lady who tried to take water from the well. Many years ago, lady accidentally plunged into the well and died since the well had no boundaries or safety walls. It is said that the spirits of the lady still roam in D’Souza Chawl area, not to harm people but probably because of getting killed accidently. 

Most Haunted Places in India no. 13: Vas Villa in Bangalore

Vas Villa in St. Mark Road is a house which abodes haunted stories. A lawyer used to stay in this villa named Mr Vas and various mysterious murders have made this villa a deserted one. A recent story of 2001 says that Doice and Vera were stabbed several times in their own bedroom. This made the two sisters abandon the villa and make it count among most haunted places in Bangalore. Extortionists and ghost hunters have confirmed that the villa holds some negative vibes which might be the spirits of Doice Vas

Most Haunted Places in India no. 14: Writer’s Building in Kolkata

Although Kolkata has many spooky areas that attract ghost enthusiasts, Writer’s Building is one place which proves to be the spookiest of all. People working here often hear desperate cries coming out of the vacant rooms of the building. The real story behind the sound can be dated to the time when India was struggling for independence from British Raj. In the year 1930, three of the freedom fighters named Benoy Basu, Badal Gupta and Dinesh Gupta killed the brutal General, Colonel NS Simpson. Since then, the spirits of the Colonel roams in the building and BBD Bag streets which are named after the three above mentioned freedom fighters.

Most Haunted Places in India no. 15: Fern Hill Palace in Ooty

Amidst beautiful scenery and calm atmosphere who would believe that a place is haunted and holds a bone-chilling story? The real story behind this palace cum hotel can be dated back to the 18th century when it was forcibly closed after few of its guests reported being tortured by evil spirits residing in the hotel premises. If you have seen one of the horror movies Raaz filmed in the year 2002, you can have a clear picture how the hotel looks like as the film was shot in this very hotel to give it a horrifying look. Remarkably, many of the crew members including Saroj Khan, the choreographer has experienced paranormal activities inside the hotel room. She experienced chairs moving on the above floors and when she tried calling the reception, the line went dead. When asked about the moving chairs sound, it was found that there were no rooms above or the chairs in the entire hotel! Though some people called this incident as a publicity stunt, the hotel was closed a few years later when paranormal activities increased in its premises and guest complained about strange sounds and cries. 

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