Home Remedies that Stop Hiccups and Gives Instant Relief

Although many remedies are available to stop hiccups naturally, if you are troubled with hiccups during the odd hours, we can suggest you some easy home remedies that stop hiccups and gives instant relief.

Why do hiccups occur?

Hiccups come and go on their own. They are usually unexpected, might be very uncomfortable when they last longer and happens quite often. Clinically, hiccups take place when a sudden contraction is felt by the diaphragm along with the intercostal muscles that are located between our ribs. The spasm collides with larynx which causes slight jerk and a hiccup sound.

Reasons behind hiccups

Though scientists have not provided us with any one reason behind hiccups, there are certain activities which have been identified and researched upon. The following reasons can be attributed to hiccups happening in you.

1. When we intake something carbonated.

2. When we drink too much alcohol.

3. Smoking can also be one of the reasons behind hiccups.

4. Inhaling more air than exhaling can result in hiccups. When we take too much air, it drops down our carbon dioxide level which disrupts our breathing pattern thereby causing hiccups.

5. Eating too quickly and in large quantity causes hiccups.

6. Drinking or eating something very cold or hot that might change our body temperature cause hiccups.

7. Being over-emotional and showing symptoms of anxiety, fear, excitement or stress can also cause hiccups.

8. One of the reasons behind hiccups is eating spicy food.

Breathing techniques to stop hiccups

1. Inhaling and exhaling stops hiccups. According to research, to stop hiccups we must increase the level of carbon dioxide in our body. Simultaneously, relaxing diaphragm and creation of a positive airway are also suggested. For the same, we need to take a long and deep breath. Hold it for 10 seconds and then take another small breath. This time-release it within 5 seconds. Repeat the breathing technique once more and then start exhaling slowly to get rid of hiccups.

2. Practise taking a measured breath. This means, disrupt your respiratory system with measured, and slow breathing. Breath in and count for five and thereafter breathe out and again count for five.

3. Take a large gulp of air while you hold your breath. Hold the technique for 10 to 20 seconds after which you need to breath out slowly. This technique must be repeated as long as your hiccups do not fade away. 

4. Another remedy is to breathe in a paper bag. You can place a paper bag on your mouth together with the nose. Breathe in and out slowly which will inflate and deflate your paper bag. This process will give you instant relief from hiccups. Do not use a plastic bag ever.

Physical movements to stop hiccups

1. To stop hiccups, you can sit down in a comfortable place and hug your knees. All you need to do is sit, bring your knees towards your chest and then hold it for a couple of minutes.

2. Another easy way is to compress your chest. This can be done by leaning or bending forward so that your chest is compressed. This will put some pressure on the diaphragm and stop hiccupping.

3. You can try Valsalva Manoeuvre. To do the manoeuvre, you need to exhale while pinching the nose. Keep your mouth closed while doing this manoeuvre.

4. One great way to get rid of hiccupping is bending down and drinking water. All you need to do is bend down from the waist and drink a cup of water that is kept on the floor. You can use a straw to drink it from below. This method eases the diaphragm and stops hiccups. However, this exercise must be performed carefully.

5. As long as no one is around you when you take hiccups, stick your tongue out. Most of the actors and singers do this rude-looking exercise as it stimulates the opening in between the vocal cords. This enables them to breathe smoothly and wade of the spasms that create hiccups.

6. One way is to cup your mouth and nose with the palm of your hands while breathing normally. This gives instant relief due to fulfilling the extra dose of carbon dioxide.

Pressure points to stop hiccups

1. Pressure points in our body are those areas which are sensitive to pressure. When we apply pressure to these areas with hand or fingers it relaxes diaphragm and stimulates phrenic nerves. Next time when you face trouble due to hiccups, pull out your tongue gently with your hand. Pulling the tongue out will stimulate the muscles and nerves in the throat. So, just grab the tongue tip and pull forward two to three times.

2. Apply pressure over the area where diaphragm lies. You can put pressure in the area between your lungs and abdomen with your hands to end hiccups.

3. One way is squeezing the nose closed when swallowing water.

4. You can squeeze your palms. This can be done by using the thumb and applying the pressure on the palm of your other hand.

5. Give a gentle massage to your carotid artery. More precisely, you can give a gentle massage to both sides of your neck where the carotid artery lies. Lie down and turn your head left while giving massage to the right side of the neck. The massage must be done for 5 to 10 minutes in a circular motion.

6. Stick your fingers in the ears and keep it that way for about 20 to 30 seconds. Alternatively, you can press the soft portion behind the earlobes below the base part of the skull. Pressing the area will relax the nerves that are connected to the diaphragm.

Eating and drinking remedies to stop hiccups

1. According to Ayurveda, drinking honey along with castor oil stops hiccups. You need to take a teaspoon of honey and another teaspoon of castor oil. Dip your finger in the mixture and lick it with your tongue. Keep repeating these 2 to 3 times until your normal composure is regained.

2. You can eat olives the next time you have hiccups. Scientifically, some food is quite useful in stopping hiccups and green olives is one of them. The food is sour, pungent and bitter that can stop hiccups within a couple of minutes.

3. Drink ice-cold water. Do not gulp in large quantity rather take smaller sips. The cold water will stimulate the nerves and help in stopping hiccups.

4. If you have a cold or do not want to drink cold water, try warm water instead. Slowly drink warm water but do not breathe while you drink it.

5. Another surprising remedy is drinking water through a paper or cloth towel. This can be done by covering your glass of cold water with paper or cloth towel and then taking a sip through it.

6. Next time you have hiccups, suck an ice cube for a couple of minutes. After sucking, just swallow it when it comes into a reasonable size.

7. You can also try gargling with ice water. Keep gargling for 30 seconds and repeat as required.

8. Eating peanut butter or a spoonful of honey can also save you from hiccups. Just dissolve any of them into your mouth and swallow it.

9. Put some granulated sugar in your mouth and let it sit on your tongue for a few seconds. Swallow it once it starts dissolving.

10. If sugar does not work, try something sour. Suck a piece of lemon. You can also add a little salt on the lemon slice. Wash your mouth after sucking the slice to protect your teeth from effects caused due to citric acid. You can use vinegar too.

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