Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

After weeks of exhaustive preparations, pre-wedding ceremonies and rituals, it would be a great idea to spend some romantic time alone with your partner on a romantic getaway to some far-off island or a beach! 

Asia might not be the largest contingent on Earth, but it sure has some truly romantic honeymoon destinations. From budget-friendly packages at honeymoon locations to luxury ones, you can find almost everything in Asia. 

We would like to take the discomfort out of planning your wonderful honeymoon, so all you need to do is grab your spouse and passports, get on the flight and turn up at your dreamy honeymoon location, be ready to enjoy the moment, make some memories and enjoy some quality time as newly married couples together, so we have compiled a list of top 10 honeymoon destinations in Asia, below:

1. The Maldives 

The beauty of Maldives is synonymous to powdery white beaches, circling aquamarine waters and overwater cottages. This small coastal nation is the conjunction of nearly 1,200 islands, just about 200 of which are populated, scattered throughout 26 ring-shaped coral atolls in the beautiful blues and greens of the Indian Ocean.

Stay at a private island resort to cherish carefree days reading in oceanfront hammocks and ocean-set sundecks, then dip into the clear tides with world-class snorkelling and diving to experience the wide, varied aquatic life of the Maldives. Back on the ground, you can savour dreamy candlelight dinners under the sky, sparkling wine from your private wine cellar, luxurious in-room spas, individual butler service and, of course, abundant sunshine. 

2. Turkey 

Next on our list of exquisite honeymoon destinations in Asia is Turkey. It is in the middle of the west of Asia and the east of Europe. With a wide variety of blends from the Byzantine, Persian, Ottoman and Greek empires, Turkey can be the ideal cultural getaway for newlyweds. You can stay at the beautiful, exotic cave resorts of Cappadocia. Don’t miss out on the soothing and blissful couple spas and fragrant saunas here. To witness the natural hues of the country, take a hot-air-balloon ride. You can schedule a trip to Turkey for 7 days and 6 nights. 

3. Malaysia 

With a wide range of islands and beaches, Malaysia is among the leading honeymoon destinations in Asia. In warmer months, people tend to favour Langkawi, which has stunning beaches and tightly packed mangrove forests, providing some fun and excitement. Malaysia presents two extremely distinct encounters–Borneo, an archipelago shared with Indonesia and Brunei, and the Malaysian Peninsula, a unique combination of Malay, Indian and Chinese flavours. The Petronas Twin Towers, the highest twin tower throughout the globe is a must-visit Malaysian tourist attraction. 

4. Bali 

Bali offers delightful experiences of volcanoes and beautiful beaches. Here, the honeymooners can savour a romantic beachfront villa or any other budget-friendly escape surrounded by beautiful rainforests. Tour the Royal Medieval Bali Shrines with your partner, included in the honeymoon deals in South East Asia. A

rt enthusiasts can go to Ubud, known as the artistic capital of the island. It’s got heaps of exhibitions and art galleries to explore. Thrill fanatics can try a hiking trip to discover the famous volcanoes here—the enormous Mount Agung or the smouldering Mount Batur. Scuba diving is often a brilliant option for water sports enthusiasts. 

5. Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Thailand is not only about the seashores, and there is probably no other location in the country that rationalises it more than Chiang Mai. Tucked at the bottom of the magnificent mountains, this place is best known for its tribal territories, colourful festivals, welcoming national parks, night markets and shrines.

There is something for everyone- History enthusiasts can enjoy enlightening moments at Chiang Mai’s Foreign Cemetery, adventure fanatics can cherish mountain bike riding, and food lovers can relish the traditional Thai cuisine at Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. 

6. India 

With the abundance of great heritage, diverse cities, and attractive smells of spices in the atmosphere, India is a vivid and distinctive honeymoon destination in Asia. Outdoorsy couples will adore India’s glorious past, its mouth-watering cuisine, and the opportunity to enjoy several of the most romantic destinations in the world, including the ivory-coloured Taj Mahal.

Experience spectacular views of the Taj Mahal in the Oberoi Amarvillas of Agra, a breath-taking structure of pavilions, reflective pools, and terraced gardens. Premium accommodation takes on a different twist in India where boutique hotels are substituted by renovated villas, safari inns with treetop hideouts, and riverfront resorts become a floating boathouse of tranquilly. 

7. Japan

Japan, situated in the Pacific Ocean, is a beautiful, secluded island. Packed with royal palaces, wide array of monasteries and sacred places, high-rise cities, and never-ending nature reserves, Japan does have a great deal to offer to everyone. This destination must be a top goal in the travel list for every island enthusiast.

Consider taking a glamorous view from the magnificent Mt. Fuji. When you get weary by all the wandering about, spending time in conventional ryokans can be a relaxing experience. Ideally, the months of April and May, are considered the most appropriate time to visit the nation. During this period, Japan looks gorgeous because its cherry blossoms are in full bloom all over the region. 

8. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage, historical sights, vibrant rainforests, vast flora, and fauna, growing tea plantations and gorgeous beaches are just a handful of good contributing factors to its immense beauty. This country is becoming a widely known honeymoon destination in Asia. Witness wild elephants and leopards in the natural forests, gain knowledge about the old and colonial past of this intriguing island, climb the 700 steps to the highest point of the legendary Sigiriya (Lion Rock) and catch some waves on one of Sri Lanka’s pristine beaches. A vacation in Sri Lanka does indeed have it all. 

9. Vietnam

Vietnam, with its spectacular mountain sceneries, kaleidoscopic towns, peaceful karst-strewn sights, and lusciously fragrant cuisine has paved its way for being popularly known as a fantastic honeymoon destination. 

For an authentic, adventurous experience, start with Ha Noi, Da Nang and Sapa. If you want a city and luxurious experience, visit Ho Chi Minh.

Travel amidst the stunning landscapes of the north, lounge in the south’s riverside and beach resorts, explore the bustling cities of Vietnam or create a checklist that blends all these activities in one supreme honeymoon vacation. The gorgeous elegance of Halong Bay in Vietnam is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This bay is among the most inexpensive yet luxurious honeymoon destinations in the world. 

10. Singapore 

Among the most popular honeymoon spots in the world, Singapore is a unique holiday spot to visit with your soul mate. Through Night Safari, Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Flyer to Merlion Park and Universal Studios in Sentosa, the city-state has all that makes it a perfect bird-loving destination.

Singapore is a delight for the Asian continent. The speciality about Singapore is its multiple romantic sports equipped with new architecture and scenic wonders.

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