How Indians Can (Legally) Use Online Betting Sites

How Indians Can (Legally) Use Online Betting Sites

Due to the massive surge in internet connectivity and smartphone usage in India, online betting sites are becoming more common in the country than ever before.

Indians who enjoy watching cricket games or football or horse racing now have the ability to place bets on these events from the comfort of their home using nothing but a smartphone.

These days, it seems like everyone and their aunty has a smartphone on hand, which means that anyone can join an online betting site.

And with almost 1 billion Indians being connected to the internet by the year 2022, as you can probably imagine, there’s a sizable portion of people who are gonna be looking for a betting site to join.

This means that there are also more and more international betting sites setting their targets on the Indian audience and opening up their doors to Indian players.

But with betting being such a restricted activity in India, is it even possible for Indians to legally use online betting sites? That is the question we will examine in this article.

How Online Betting Sites Legally Accept Indian Players

India is a country of very strict gambling laws.

Despite our rich history of gambling during family gatherings and festivities, the Indian authorities do not look kindly on gambling-related activities.

However, most Indians love to gamble occasionally, and many of us are looking for an excuse or occasion to get the dice or the cards out and play a few hands of Teen Patti or bet on our favorite cricket team.

Fortunately, it is absolutely legal and possible to gamble or bet online without violating any laws. This is due to the fact that Indians can use online betting sites which are not based in India.

Let us be clear: online betting sites are not allowed to operate in India. But there are no laws against Indian players joining an online betting site based outside India.

So Indian players are left with no shortage of options when it comes to betting sites. In fact, the Indian betting comparison site MyBetting.in currently lists more than 24 different betting sites that Indians can join.

Is It Safe to Join an Online Betting Site in India?

Yes, it is generally very safe to use an online betting site in India, so long as you use a renowned and respected international betting site such as the ones recommended by MyBetting.

However, there are a couple of states in India, such as Telangana, where online betting sites have been directly prohibited by the local state government. 

If you live in one of these states, then we recommend that you abide by the local laws and refrain from using online betting sites.

Furthermore, as online betting is still a very unregulated subject and sometimes considered a taboo, we recommend that you do not join a betting site and then shout about it from the rooftops. Keep a low profile, and everything will be fine!

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