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How to Beat the ‘October Heat’?

How to Beat the ‘October Heat’?

Autumn is here and dark cloudy monsoon days are long over, yet we are still sweating it out with the scorching and sweaty October heat. This is especially for those who live near the coastal regions of India. This heat is almost unbearable. While the increase in temperature is associated with a lot of inconvenience and health issues, it also impacts the quality of air by making it more prone to health issues like dehydration, infection, decreased stamina and exhaustion.

Drinking a good amount of water surely helps but according to health experts, but even after knowing the fact are we actually watching ourselves out? Water is important for all organs, tissues and cells. It helps in maintaining a body temperature and bodily functions by also eliminating waste and toxins. Therefore, health experts insist that we consume a minimum of 2-2.5 litres of water each day. To beat this October heat and stay fresh, we have a few tips for you.

1. Keep yourself hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated

The importance of drinking a good amount of water in a day cannot be doubted and more so during this scorching heating. You may want to invest in an insulated water bottle to keep you cool throughout the day. Mint, citrus and seasonal fruits are some of the great options. You could opt for coconut water and buttermilk too.

2. Take a cold shower bath

Take a cold shower bath

It is important that we opt for cold shower bath over hot ones and know the health benefits of the former. Cold showers have several health benefits like it keeps the energy at par, recovery after a workout is made faster and improves circulation. It also boosts metabolism, improves mood and reduces the level of stress.

3. Avoid tea and coffee

Avoid tea and coffee

Caffeine intake may increase body temperature. It constricts the blood vessels which therefore warms the blood and makes your feel warm and sweaty. For that matter, even excessive intake of alcohol should be restricted. Opt for options like coconut water, fresh fruit juice, buttermilk and lemon water.

4. Light coloured cotton clothes

 Light coloured cotton clothes

It is important to wear loose fitted light colour clothes made out of materials like cotton and linen to allow your skin to breathe. Light colour clothes help in the deflection of heat unlike the dark ones.

5. Swimming or breathing exercise

Swimming or breathing exercise

Swimming is a great exercise to beat this October heat. Nothing can beat a cold swim during a hot day. Also practice of pranayama will not only help in bringing down your body temperature but will help in alleviating anxiety and mood swings. Meditate to cool your mind and breathing exercises to aid relaxation.

6. Sun protection

Sun protection

It is utmost important to protect yourself from the scotching heat of sun. Use sunscreen of at least SPF 15 when you are outdoors. At least apply 20 minutes before going out to protect your skin from further damage. Also apply a lip balm with SPF 10 to protect them from sunburn. Carry an umbrella or a cap if required.   


While this heat comes right before the winters, you must take necessary steps to protect yourself.

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