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How to Become an Alpha Male and Stop being a Beta?

How to Become an Alpha Male and Stop being a Beta

In most cases, females can sense men’s body language and facial expressions long before you tell them. Experts believe that such skills are inborn since females have the nature to nurture. So, better luck for men who are trying to hide their feelings. For others, why not consider being alpha male and stop being a beta to grab their attention for good. Alpha males are commonly referred to as ‘real men’ as compared to beta males who are weak, and submissive. Here are some common traits found in alpha and beta males apart from revealing how to become alpha males and take the lead.

Common traits of beta males

They are the nice men

A typical beta man is a nice guy. The problem is that these guys are overly nice and pretend to be nice even when it is not necessary. Since life needs moderations at every phase, it does not matter if you are a passive or an aggressive thinker. There are times when we need a nice guy, but the problem is that beta males always behave nicely.

They lack confidence most of the times

Beta males have the tendency to question their abilities. As compared to alpha males, beta males lack confidence, which makes them constantly second guess themselves. They might also make excuses every now and then to do something new even though they are able to do it.

Prioritizing others over oneself

One of the most common traits of beta males is that they consider others need before their own. This means, if you cannot choose when you should take care of your needs above others, you cannot take good care of yourself. And if you cannot take care of yourself, how can your ladylove feel cared for or even get attracted.

What others may think matters the most

Beta males are constantly worried about people’s opinions even though they take the smallest of decisions. To be an alpha, you will have to let go of this trait in the first place.

 They are very secretive without many desires

This is a common trait found in beta males. They would rarely let others know their desire and are very secretive. Although they have career aspirations and dreams, they always keep them to themselves as they are too afraid of being judged by others.

Common Alpha Male Traits

They are courageous

Although alpha males may feel scared at times, they undertake risks. This is not like foolhardy or taking a brash rather, the alpha male takes a look at the potential layoffs, risks and negative aspects before making a decision. They would prefer staying than quitting when they know they are right.

They are confident

One of the most remarkable qualities of an alpha males is that they are confident even if they stand alone in any stance. They approach the scenario or any subject with confidence or may leave the situation to an expert when they are unsure. However, a stereotypical alpha may try to attempt under every scenario even though they have no idea regarding the same.

They like to take the lead

An alpha male likes to work for their goals while making sure that others around them are taken care of. Becoming alpha just does not mean looking at yourself or your own goals rather using your brains, seeking comfort and moving on a well-treaded path.

How to become an alpha male?

Make goals and be happy once accomplished

If you want to be an alpha male, you need to find your purpose in life and work to fulfil it with passion. Be it career, money, education or something new, make a goal and work for it. After all, what is the point to work if you do not have a specific goal or any person with whom you can share your feelings?

Volunteer community programs

Alpha male is not self-centred instead, they seek to do better for their society and nearby community. You can find a nearby homeless shelter or a breadline to find how you can help them. Sometimes donating a small amount can also make a notable change to others. Since time is finite to build a character, go out and start helping people form now.

Stop relying on others to rescue you

No one really gets to where they are in life by depending exclusively on their own abilities; all genuinely successful individuals have some type of assistance, and alpha men are no exception. This is not the same as relying on someone to give you happiness. You’ll always be a beta man if you’re continuously waiting for anyone else to help you pay with your hand out. It’s still relevant when it comes to patiently waiting to “be rewarded” with something like a raise or promotion at work. If you actually want to progress in your career, you must pursue it rather than wait for someone else to allow you to do it.

Be Confident

To achieve something great, you have to go out of the status quo most of the time. This will require getting rid of fear even though you have to face your boss, partner or your targeted audience. Since your life belongs to you, don’t let others lead it. Be confident about what you want even though it upsets others. Nonetheless, never be rude or boorish for the sake of your good every time.

Avoid Fighting which have no end

Whether you are in the middle of a quarrel with your partner or in a bar with a person trying to slam you, alpha men understand that fighting every time is not the solution. They understand that the other person might be displeased or is angry with you. This does not mean that you bow in front of them or their demand, but interact although it is difficult and try to figure out how things can be solved.

Consider taking Good Care of Yourself

Salads, meditation, cleanliness, and grooming are not enticing, yet we do them since they keep the body healthy. Taking care of yourself entails more than merely doing Gym several times per week; being an alpha also involves controlling your feelings of stress and wellbeing. Alpha guys maintain their cool and keep their wrath in check.

Stop being a nice guy

Although alpha men are careful and helpful to others as they care for them truly, it does not mean that they have to be nice all the time out of societal fears. Beta guys appear nice so that they can get something in return or because they fear society reactions more than their self-worth.

Self-sufficiency is the key

Alpha man would be self-assured in his abilities. Even when things are challenging, alphas find the inner fortitude to continue forward. Recognize that even if everything breaks apart, you can depend on your knowledge and willpower to improve your life. Don’t look to people to judge if you’re on the correct track; this is what beta men do; find it out for yourself.

Learn When to Use Your Voice

Everyone, notably on social media, tends to think that their viewpoint must be heard, even if it is incorrect. Although it’s simple to dispute online, sticking up for what’s good in reality is a very different thing altogether. Alphas acquire the ability to speak up in difficult situations, no matter where it occurs. Speak up for yourself and others around you and observe how your self-perception changes.

Fight for yourself but never seek them out

To defend yourself in a fight, you need to be confident and have reasonable consent to make a standing confrontation. It is not about fighting like a superhero but what if someone approaches you and ask you to take ground? Knowing that you can help someone by fighting with the one who intimidates you can further build a higher confidence level.

Taking a rest is good

Alpha male does not hesitate to take a rest once they feel exhausted or need a beer. It’s okay if you relax and watch old movies or simply go out for a drive with your friends. Massages are also a good choice, and you will also be able to take care of yourself. Why say no when you can have some fun after all?

The promise must never be broken

One of the most important things people recall about you will be whether or not you follow your commitments, particularly to your children. Nothing hurts more than getting betrayed or disappointed by a person you like and trust, so only make commitments you can fulfil all the time. Try all in your ability to keep your promise, and everyone you encounter will remember it.

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