Kashid Beach: White Sand, Hammocks, Surfing and Forts Await!

Kashid Beach welcomes you to a quiet, soothing scenic, perfect getaway from the busy city life. In the beach town of Kashid, at a distance of 32 km from Alibaug, 20 km from Murud – Janjira Fort, and 133 km from Mumbai, lies the Kashid Beach. The beach is nestled between two hillocks and is known for its clear waters, white sand and casuarina groves that line the shore. On the shores of the Arabian Sea, this beach has become one of the popular beaches in Maharashtra and also a popular weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune.

The 3 km long white sand beach lures many tourists to the Konkan region. Kashid is not super commercially popular like Goa and yet it still has similar small shopping markets and huts for food and refreshments. This makes it a perfectly quiet pitstop for people en route Alibag or Murud. It’s especially wonderful for both family activities and adrenaline junkies.

Your Quick Guide To Kashid Beach

Location: Between Alibaug & Murud-Janjira Fort

State: Maharashtra, India

Currency: Rupees

Language: Hindi and Marathi

Distance (From Alibaug Bus Stand): 32 Kms

Budget: The budget really comes down to your style. According to your will to spend on things, you can spend anywhere between Rs 100 to Rs 500 per day. 

How To Reach:

This lesser-known paradise, which is situated about 125 km away from Mumbai, is an easy place to travel to, for some relaxation. If you’re travelling either from Pune or Mumbai, then the roadways tend to be ideal to reach, as the roads are very well constructed with scenic views that will capture your heart. 

How To Reach Kashid Beach from Mumbai:

To reach Kashid from Mumbai it would take you approximately 4- 4.5 hours.  Alibaug is close to Mandwa which can be an advantageous journey for people travelling coming from Mumbai. 

By Air: The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai is the closest to Kashid Beach. The distance between the airport to Kashid Beach is about 135-136 km, and this airport is connected to almost all the major cities in the country and also worldwide.

By Rail: Located at a distance of about 50 km from Kashid Beach, the Roha Railway Station is the closest to the destination. This railway station is particularly well connected with the Konkan line, which is connected to almost all the cities in the country.

By Road: Road trips to Kashid are just as much fun as they are beautiful. This scenic route from the cities to Kashid is a literal feast for eyes. There are both hill and coastal routes from various cities that will help you reach Kashid. You can either opt for cars or buses to reach the place. 

By Bus: Catch a bus from Gateway of India in Mumbai till Mandwa. From there, the bus will drop you at Chondi which is 3 Km from Mandwa, and it takes about 40 to 45 mins more to reach Alibaug. As you are taking a bus, it is suggested for you to find another one after reaching Alibaug. You can hire either a taxi or an auto to reach the charming Kashid Beach.


The state of Pune is relatively closer to Kashid Beach than Mumbai. From Pune, it will take you approximately 4 hours to reach. 

Best Time To Visit Kashid Beach:

A lot of people want to travel to the crystal clear blue waters of the Kashid Beach and treat their eyes to the coast but that plan can totally be ruined if you go at the wrong time. Sure, Kashid Beach can be visited all year round, but as you’re here to learn, this is the best time to visit: November to February. 

This is the ideal time to visit the beach, with the weather being pleasant, you can escape a busy city and enjoy the beauty of the coast in a single frame. One interesting thing about winter in Kashid Beach is that the weather has sunny days where the humidity is manageable. The cooler nights are fun for those who want to explore during the chilly hours.

During winter you can also enjoy the pleasant weather allowing you to indulge in several activities on the beach like banana boat rides, swimming, and many other fun activities. There are hotels nearby and you can avail accommodation at cottages set up by locals.

The beach is very crowded on weekends but on weekdays it has an almost deserted look. 

Things To Do: 

Kashid is a popular destination for families to do many water based activities but it’s also perfect for adrenaline junkies and water enthusiasts: 

  • Kashid Beach is one of the best for surfing with waves rising as high as six feet almost throughout the year. 
  • There are lots of shacks with hammocks offering snacks, cold drinks, and coconut water. One can just kick back to relax and enjoy the beauty of the beach.
  • Enjoy horse riding for the adrenaline junkies.
  • Watch the sunset in the area between Alibaug and Murud.
  • The gorgeous landscapes of Kashid are adorned with a stunning shoreline alongside charming white sand, making it a perfect place to go on peaceful evening walks. 
  • Bored of being at the beach? There are a number of Buddhist caves and some rocky peaks that are the jewels of the Konkan stretch to explore. 
  • You can take advantage of the frothy clear waters of the Arabian Sea by jet skiing your way through these waters.
  • Hop onto a calm banana boat ride with your family on the same clear waters, witnessing the best sunset to hold onto for a memorable trip.
  • Explore parasailing to get a bird’s eye view of the beach, or you can also opt for a hot air balloon ride for the same.
  • Want to do something very few people do? Go overnight camping and enjoy activities such as fishing, beach volleyball, snorkelling and cricket, but nothing beats the spectacle of the beautiful night sky. You can camp with the Let’s Camp Out and Get Set Camp.

Places Nearby To Visit: 

1. Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary

Spread over a large area of about 6979 hectares of land, the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is just  12-13 km approximately from Kashid beach. The Sanctuary, although referred to as a bird sanctuary, the Phansad Bird Sanctuary actually houses many amphibians, insects and mammals. This destination isn’t typically flocked with people and hence is a quiet and calm place to visit. 

If you’re passionate or at least interested in the preservation of the coastal woodland, this is a perfect getaway for all the wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts, with four major trails that exhibit varied wildlife.

The lush greenery and diverse fauna are rejuvenating after doing all the water activities in Kashid Beach. It’s a different scene with a walk through the park, inhaling the fragrance of the clean and rich foliage and hearing the sounds of nature make sure that the experience is one of a kind, don’t forget to bring your cameras! 

2. Korlai Fort: 

The Korlai Fort is the best place to get a scenic view of the surrounding village and the beautiful coastline. On your way to the Revdanda Creek lies such a historical wonder built by the Portuguese, in fact, it consists of 11 gates in total and each of these gates are named after saints of Portugal. This fort is located 14-15 km approximately from Kashid beach forming an extensive military fortification primarily occupied by the Portuguese during the 1520’s. Currently, even in its ruins, the mighty fort stands strong overlooking the vast blue of the Arabian Sea, which is truly a sight for sore eyes. Constructed on an extension of land (basically an island) shielding the Revdanda creek inlet, the island was once called Morro De Chaul, in which ‘Morro’ translates to a small hill, and ‘Chaul’ means a nearby Portuguese-Creole (a dialect called Kristi) speaking village. 

During its reign, this fort was a stunner and huge. It is said that in its heyday, the enclosure could fit more than 7,000 horses and as many men! The strategic significance of the fort was revealed during invasions, as it is located on the slopes of a hill, housing a towering lighthouse and eleven large gates, making it hard to infiltrate. Expanding over a length of 2828 feet and breadth of 89 feet, the massive fort overlooks a small fishing community and provides a perfect view of the creek.

The picturesque fort offering an enchanting atmosphere is the perfect destination for photographers and nature lovers, and evenings are the best time to visit if you wish to enjoy the colourful sunset. The expanse of the fort area is quite vast, making walking fun especially if you can take a trip to the lighthouse nearby. A charming and endearing destination, this place is a must visit for all!

TIP: If you’re coming in from Alibaug, take the first right after crossing Kundalika River. After reaching the village, feel free to ask any local for the directions and you will be guided to Korlai Fort. The road to the fort is bumpy and uneven at places because  it is poorly constructed. In fact the way is very narrow and only one car can cross at a time. However, the view is spectacular and makes up for the bad roads.

Today this fort stands in ruins but is a fabulous piece of history nonetheless. The beauty of the surrounding hill slopes and the sight of sea waves crashing onto the rock faces from the fort top are more incentives to visit this destination.

3. Murud Janjira Fort: 

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Enter the Murud Janjira Fort located at a distance of 19 to 20 km from Kashid for a slice of history! The unconquered Murud Janjira fort was formidable over the years as the Maratha, the Portuguese and even the mighty British tried and failed to breach the walls of this sea fort. The Siddi overlords who held onto the fort, became so powerful here that they withstood every attack to establish a Sultanate of Janjira.

On the coast of the Murud Village, the Murud Janjira Fort sits as a strong structure that can be reached only through boats. Tourists can reach the Janjira Fort by availing row boat service. Tickets cost around Rs 60 per head. This marine fort is surrounded by 26 rounded bastions, each of which is still strong and intact!. Towering up from a massive rock amidst the stretching azure of the Arabian Sea, this fort has stood the test of time as well as the test of resilience in the past. 

Dating back to the 15th century AD (much like the other forts from Kashid), built under the rule of Emperor Malik Amber, the ruler of Ahmednagar, the fort sports an enchanting entrance to the fort depicting a carving of a tiger trapped by six elephants. The structure is known for the canons here. 

Did you know? This fort was built in order to protect it from the pirates of the sea as this fort is surrounded by the blue colored waters of the Arabian Sea. About 21 km from Kashid Beach,

most parts of the Janjira fort have been adversely affected by the salty water of the sea, but it still holds its glory and grandeur together, making it a popular tourist attraction. Don’t forget to try the coconuts sold near the fort.


The history of Murud Janjira fort goes way back to the 15th century when some local fishermen of Rajapuri built a small wooden fort called Medhekot on a massive rock out in the sea to save themselves and their families from the attack of pirates. However, the Nizam Shahi Sultan of Ahmednagar wanted it to make one of his strongholds, firstly because of the vast area and secondly because of its strategic positions. 

As per the Sultan’s wish, a general called Piram Khan captured the fort and Malik Ambar – the Abyssinian regent of Siddi origin and administrative spokesman of him ordered the construction of a solid rock fortress in place of the wooden garrison. After massive scale renovations to create an impregnable structure by Piram Khan’s successor Burhan Khan, the fort was named Jazeere Mahroob Jazeera. The name Janjira is a broken down derivation of the Arabic word Jazeera which means island – which means a reference to its offshore location. Murud is a Konkani word, probably referring to the Shahi of Ahmednagar. 

Structure of Murud Janjira Fort:

The fort, last revamped at the end of the 17th century, still has most of its significant fortifications standing intact except a few ruins inside. The main attractions of the magnificent fort are the three colossal canons called Kalal Bangadi, Chavri and Landa Kasam. Once it stood firm and robust in defence with 572 roaring canons, but now only these three can be witnessed. Made of a mixture of five metals, the canons could shoot as much as 12 kilometres into the sea, as word of mouth goes. 

The Murud Janjira Fort has two significant doorways. The main entrance faces the jetty from where boats ferry people to and fro. This sizable arched gate is flanked with motifs of mighty animals. On one side there were six elephants trapped by one tiger in its claws, and on the other side, two giant elephants were locking tusks as two lions stood at the side. The entranceway takes you to court or Durbar Hall which used to be a three-story structure, now a ruin. The other doorway to the west is called the ‘Darya Darwaza’, which opens into the sea and was probably used as an emergency escape back in the days.


1. It is better to visit the fort during the more pleasant months, from October to March.

2. Usually, the boatman will accompany you on a guided tour if you pay him for it. However, if you are going to save the money for the tour guide inside, you can simply ask the boat man questions on the ride. You might get to know some good stories about the place, if you get a friendly boatman. 

2. If you are travelling in a big group, a little bargaining will get you better prices and also the entire boat for your family.

3. Carry water and light snacks with you because there is no shop once you leave the mainland.

4. Carry a camera or a fully charged phone for photos with you to document your adventure even if you are not a photography enthusiast. The architecture, the view and the memories are going to be irresistible! 

4. Revdanda Beach and Fort

The ruins of the Portuguese fort are hidden in wild plantations. Today, what stands out more are the cannon holes in the fortification walls that border the sea. Even though the fort is now in ruins, the pure historic charm combined with nature’s exotic beauty – the Ravdanda beach – make this fort, a must visit!

5. Kashid Market

Looking for a souvenir from an authentic Maharashtrian shopping experience? Kashid is perfect for this because this town has an abundant variety of goods that you never knew you needed, this charming destination is an endearing place to shop away to your heart’s content.

For example, indulge in some jewelry shopping from local shops to take as souvenirs back home. The handicrafts, made with leather, delightful shells from the beach, and wooden items here are quite beautiful and unique in their design. You can also buy a wide range of coconut based products here which are pure and of very high organic quality.


At Kashid, you can find a number of food outlets including various restaurants such as: Neel Garden Restaurant, Kasar Khanaval, Sarve Huts and Surya Kiran Hotel. They provide a cosy environment and delicious meals.

Do not skip these other recommended dishes:

  • Before you head to Kashid beach, drop by at their local markets which is approx 8-9kms before the beach to get beer, vodka, rum and whisky.
  • Enjoy breakfast items such as poha, misal pav, vada sambar, idli. 
  • A  number of shacks serve made to order food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.
  • Like any beach lover, the smell of the ocean invites the ideas of eating seafood. Anyone craving for fish thalis or any seafood in general, can head to a restaurant near the cliffs where you can have fish thalis on Kashid beach, itself. 

Travel Guide: 

  • This beach allows the visitors to have free parking of their vehicles.
  • Crowded on weekends, go on weekdays.
  • Venturing into the sea gets dangerous during the monsoon on account of high waves and hence, should be avoided. 
  • Don’t trash the beach with plastic or glass bottles, Kashid should be a spotless and neat beach. 
  • Avoid drinking and water sports for safety issues. 


“ This is an awesome beach if you love quiet and clean beaches. Very few commercial activities here. Also, the sea is not so rough (but strong waves are there) here so it’s relatively safe. Good place to watch the sunset and spend time in the evenings and early mornings. Daytime it would be very hot.” 

“While returning from the Murud Janjira Fort we decided to stop at Kashid, we had heard a lot about Kashid and were not disappointed at all, this is a white sand beach which is clean and spotless, water sports activities are available and so is horse ride as well, there are shops with shade and hammocks available and from where you can buy water and soft drinks, one of the best beaches in and around Alibaug, definitely worth a visit.”

Kashid Beach is now a famous attraction alluring visitors owing to its water sports, relaxing hammocks, fish thalis and sizzling sunsets. Besides, the surroundings offer historic ruins and tranquil vistas, which will make your holiday a lot more culturally rich. 

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