Know How Indri-Trini, The Indian Single Malt Became an International Sensation

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Indri-Trini is one of the excellent single malt products delivered by the house of Piccadilly distillery. The Indian single malt is currently placed amongst the best-unmatched spirits worldwide. While the malt debuted this year in May, Indri-Trini already earned a remarkable reputation besides winning several accolades in the global market. In the 13th International Whiskey Competition, Indri-Trini won a Gold Medal in the best Indian Single Malt Category 2022.

Origins of Indri-Trini

Although the malt’s origins are still unclear, it is been marked as one of the finest beverages in India. The distillery is situated beside the Yamuna where water comes from Himalayan glaciers. The environment beside the production house permits the malt inside the barrel to develop naturally and quickly. The wood barrels further add sweet tropical flavours and a rich taste in Indri.

The name Indri-Trini of this Indian single malt has been kept after an Indian village which resembles the Sanskrit word ‘Indris’ meaning five senses responsible Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Sound. The word ‘Trini’ means three wooden barrels where the malt is been developed. Their names are bourbon, ex-French wine and PX sherry casks. The malt is distilled using Indian 6-row barley that is matured in wooden barrels and thereafter, blended carefully to pour into every wood without letting the original taste fade away. The delicate flavours and the warmth of the single malt tastes like hints of spices mixed with black tea, oak and caramelized pineapple which is loved immensely by spirits lovers.

Awards and accolades won by Indri-Trini

Once the single malt reached national and international markets in 2022, it received various prestigious awards. The malt also received international interest backed by the huge stock of around forty thousand barrels. The distillery can produce around 12,000 litres of single malt each day but requires to be developed for a significant time.

The malt has been launched by its makers as a part of the World Drinks Awards, and Indri-Trini has been awarded in the No Age Statement Category along with Best Single Malt from India. Many editors, consultants and spirit lovers have claimed this Indian single malt as the best Asian whiskey of the year.

Flavour of Indri-Trini

When you smell the single malt, you will feel some hints of black tea, caramelised pineapple and a whiff of oak. When the whiskey is poured, one can feel a vanilla flavour smell along with a hint of honey from the bourbon oak and a few traces of spiced tannins of European oak. Overall, it smells gentle and mellow on the nose while tastes elegant, smooth and rich which can keep the mouth warm for some time.

The wood and spice combination makes it more appealing and raisins, nutty and burnt pineapple flavours enrich its taste further. Looks wise, the single malt has a fine finish that is driven by dark chocolate and pepper besides ever-present yellow and orange fruits. The single malt with yummy notes of fruits, nuts, vanilla, wood and spices has definitely a lot to offer to every beverage lover!

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