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Know How to Get Rid of Lizards and Keep Your Home Pest-free

How to Get Rid of Lizards

Who does not want to keep the home pest-free or get rid of lizards? It is one of the most important ways to ensure a hygienic and healthy life. Opening your drawers and finding lizards is one of those sights which makes our day unpleasant and we wonder how they can be removed as soon as possible. Mexican Beaded lizard, Gila monster and Komodo are venomous and can kill humans from their saliva. However, an average home lizard may not be that venomous but gives us an unsettling and squirmy feel. Getting a reliable method is all we need and thus we have collected simple methods list to educate readers on how to get rid of lizards to keep their home pest-free. 

How to get rid of lizards’ tip no. 1:  Seal every crack on walls

Most of the lizards live on cracks or window and door crevices. Such cracks and crevices though do not pose as an issue itself but can serve as a good dwelling place and entry points for lizards. They can easily hide in these cracks and lay eggs. All you need to do is seal the cracks using urethane or silicone. Doors and window crevices can be tackled with weather stripping. This method will prevent the entrance of other insects as well and keep your home pest-free.

How to get rid of lizards’ tip no. 2: Keep cats

Cats are undoubtedly the cutest domestic animals worldwide. You will be amazed to know that they are great hunters too by instinct! This feature of the cat can indeed help you in keeping lizards at bay and reduce them remarkably. Though, you must also note that eating lizard may develop liver flukes in your cats as lizards carry harmful parasites. Therefore, we will advise you to see that your cat is used for chasing purpose only and stop them while they start eating them up. Instead, you can use the more natural methods mentioned below.

How to get rid of lizards’ tip no. 3: Pepper Spray

Pepper mixed in water is one of the safest tricks to get rid of lizards. You can easily mix powdered pepper in some water and spray the mix where you see lizards the most. Pepper irritates lizards and due to its allergic feeling, lizards like to stay away from places where they find pepper.

How to get rid of lizards’ tip no.4: lizard repellent spray

If you do not want to spoil the house atmosphere with the smell of pepper, you can use a nice lizard repellent like citronella spray. This spray comes with aromatic lemongrass and smells incredible. The strong citronella spray smell chases lizards away from the house.

How to get rid of lizards’ tip no.5: Lemongrass

If you do not find citronella spray, you can use lemongrass stalks instead. Research states that lemongrass is a good mosquito repellent and since lizards love to eat mosquitoes, by reducing mosquitoes they may find it difficult to breed in your house. Just place a few lemongrass stalks or shred them around your house. Alternatively, they can be mixed with essential oil for an aromatic result.

How to get rid of lizards’ tip no. 6: Coffee and tobacco

If all the above tips fail, try coffee balls mixed with tobacco to get rid of lizards from your house. The balls can be safely kept in those places where lizards breed in the house and you will find that either your target has gone or have died eating it. Since tobacco is poisonous to lizards, they die after eating it.

How to get rid of lizards’ tip no. 7: Rat glue

Although this tip is quite messy, it works. Take few boxes and apply rat glue in it liberally. Put these boxes where you know lizards roam about. The traps can also be placed or hung on walls. Dispose of the box once any lizard is captured to prevent the dead lizard smell from permeating your house.

How to get rid of lizards’ tip no. 8: Onion or Garlic

Just like lizards hate the smell of lemongrass and pepper, they do not like garlic and onion either. This deters lizards from residing in corners or return to their territory. You can cut a couple of onions or place a few garlic cloves in the corners of your house. With time, the pungent smell will drive lizards away. To further get rid of the pungent smell of garlic and onion, use a nice repellent.

How to get rid of lizards’ tip no. 9: Air out cabinets frequently

Lizards love to stay in damp and moist places which is the reason your kitchen cabinet suits them the most. If you have a leaky pipe, fix it as soon as possible since it acts as watering for lizard and helps in making the area damp. Clean your cabinets regularly and ensure that they remain dry if you want to keep lizards away from your house.

How to get rid of lizards’ tip no. 10: Naphthalene Balls

If you do not have any pets or children at home, you can use mothballs or naphthalene balls to get rid of lizards. The pungent smell of the balls is intolerable for lizards just like cockroaches. Keep them in kitchen drawers’, shelves, under the sink and every hideout places. Ensure that they are kept away from burners and food.

How to get rid of lizards’ tip no. 11: Empty Eggshells

The next time you make an omelette or any egg dish, do not throw away the eggshells as they might help you in solving issues related to lizards. Lizards hate eggshells smell and thus you must place them in every corner of your house. Once they are reduced, you can wipe away the eggshells or wash the area if it smells nasty.

How to get rid of lizards’ tip no. 12: Dispose of leftover food

This is one of the tips that must be considered by all even if they do not have lizards at home. Removing leftovers and scraps attracts most of the pests. So, make a routine to clean your kitchen platform, sink and cabinet along with waste bins to keep your home pest-free.

How to get rid of lizards’ tip no. 13: Lower your room temperature

Lizards are mammals that like to stay in warm temperature. They cannot regulate their body temperature and hence, lizards are rarely found in cold areas. Use your air conditions to keep away lizards from your home. At a minimum, a 22-degree temperature is required to make lizards feel uncomfortable.

How to get rid of lizards’ tip no. 14: peacock feathers

One of the natural predators of lizards is peacocks. Although the peacock feathers are not lizard repellent, placing them at your home can scare lizards away. Even with the slightest smell of peacock feathers, lizards become anxious and find it intimidating. Needless to say, it is one of the safest and harmless method to get rid of lizards and make your home pest-free.

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