40 Most Disliked Videos on YouTube!

Most Disliked Videos on YouTube!

Have you been thinking why Sadak 2 trailer has been popping up on YouTube in spite of so many dislikes? Well, it is definitely because of the large number of dislikes. YouTube is the only platform where you can make a video popular even by bagging some hate. There are several videos that has received millions of dislikes. Let’s explore the top 40 videos that were most disliked on YouTube.

40 Most Disliked Videos on YouTube!

YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone controls rewind

YouTube prepares a rewind video every year with the top,new and popular content creators on their platform. This was just another such video released in 2018, with a bunch of famous YouTubers such as Bhuban Bam, Technical Guruji, Superwoman Lily and many more. But unfortunately, it has bagged 19 million dislikes which is till now the highest number of dislikes on any YouTube video.

Sadak 2 Trailer – Fox Star Studio

The trailer of this movie was released at most unfavorable moment in 2020. Everyone was going gaga against Nepotism in Bollywood at that very moment. Sadak 2 has Alia Bhat as the leading female actor and people precepted her as a product of nepotism. No wonder it received some real hate with 13 millions dislike on YouTube.

Baby- Justin Bieber

When this song was released 11 years ago, it had become popular in very few days. It is definitely one of the best songs by Justin Bieber. So what went wrong? Baby bagged 12 millions dislikes on YouTube. Can you guess the reason? My wild guess would surely be the controversy involving Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez break up.

Baby Shark Dance – Pink Fong

You must have surely heard the tune in Baby Shark videos. It is just a kids song where two kids are dancing and singing about their escape from sharks. Well, it is not really a bad video to receive 12 millions dislikes on YouTube. However, Baby Shark dance has bagged 28 millions likes on the same video. It is a fun watch for kids. Show your little one this video to know their opinion on this video.

YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record

Another rewind video produced by YouTube that has received remarkable number of dislikes on their own platform. However, it seems the dislike for rewind video have shown a decrease in comparison to the last year 2018. But 9.4 millions is still a high number and definitely ranks really high on most disliked video on YouTube.

Learning colors: Colorful eggs on a farm

This video has the motive of teaching kids colors by filling eggs with different colors. It is a Russian video and color names are said in Russian. Even if you do know Russian language, you won’t feel like watching this video after 5 seconds. It has rightfully bagged 7.6 millions dislikes on their YouTube video.

Bath song: Cocomelon

CoComelon is a kids channel on YouTube. It creates simple animated videos for kids teaching them activities and habits in a fun way. This YouTube channel has a great following. However, you can find a good number of their video in our list. This video teaches kids about keeping themselves clean. Unfortunately, Bath song video has 7.3 millions dislikes on YouTube.

Vitão, Luísa Sonza – Flores

It is a Portugese song video. Since I do not know Portugese, I cannot help you to understand the lyrics or reason for such dislike on their YouTube video.  This music video has bagged 5.5 millions dislikes on YouTube.

 Can this video get 1 million dislikes?- PewDiePie

PewDiePie is one of the most popular content creators on YouTube. This channel has 110 millions subscribers. As you can see on the title, PewDiePie asks his views for dislikes. It is a great satire to YouTube tendency to boost the visibility of videos based on dislikes. You can surely laugh out if you understand the sarcasm in this video. While PewDiePie had asked only for 1 million dislikes, his followers have flooded him with 5.4 millions dislikes.

Humpty the train on a fruits ride

This kids song video by KiddiesTv Hindi is an educational content for kids. A train named Humpty picks up fruits one by one on a ride. Yes, that’s all about the video. It has bagged 5.4 millions dislikes on YouTube. Can you guess the reason why kids songs are getting so much dislike?

Jake Paul – It’s Everyday Bro (Song) feat. Team 10 (Official Music Video)

It is a pop song by Jake Paul released on YouTube in 2017. This music video has 3 millions likes and 5.3 millions dislikes. It seems the video has more haters than lovers. You may yourself check out this video and judge for yourself if it’s a good or a bad video.

Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee

Who doesn’t know this song? This popular Spanish video became immensely famous even among those who do not know a single Spanish word. You must have come across this song in diverse forms. But may be its popularity had also attracted some haters. The original Despacito video has 5 million dislikes on YouTube. Yes, you read it right. You will be glad to know that this video has 44 million likes as well.

Black Sheep – Cocomelon

Do you remember ‘ba ba black sheep’ rhyme from your childhood days. CoComelon has created the animation of that rhyme and bagged 4.6 million dislike on YouTube. It has several other nursery rhymes and songs for kids. The animation videos are good too. But still, it has become one of the most disliked YouTube videos.

Chal chal Gurram|Telegu Rhyme for Children|infobells

Infobells is another popular kids channel on YouTube. This Telegu rhyme has great animation, sound and presentation. Unfortunately, this kids song video also come into our list of most disliked YouTube videos with 4.5 millions dislikes.

El Chombo – Dame Tu Cosita feat. Cutty Ranks (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

Did you try to copy the moves of that frog? Well, most people have danced on this song copying the dance moves of the creature. You must have come across Facebook  videos, Instagram reels and Tiktok videos made inspired by this very YouTube video. Along with 13 million likes, this popular YouTube video has 4.4 million dislikes.

Mash and the bear: a recipe for disaster -Get Movies

Would you like to watch a bear playing checkers? If yes, you can watch that in this video. This video has a little girl who has overestimated food for both of them. The little girl tries to feed everyone with the food and ultimately there’s a burst of food in their room. This video is Episode 17 of the series and has bagged 4.1 million dislikes on YouTube.

Official Call of duty: Infinite War Reveal Trailer -3.9M

Call of Duty is a popular game and you must have at least one friend playing call of duty religiously. The reveal video of Infinite Warfare version of Call of duty has a dislike number of 3.9 million. In spite of the popularity of the game, this video has got some haters.

Rebecca Black – Friday

This is an English music video. Rebecca Black sings in the video talking about Friday. This YouTube video is just a teenager song. Unfortunately, Friday by Rebecca Black has received 3.9 million YouTube dislikes.

Yes Yes vegetable-Cocomelon

Another CoComelon video pops up in our list. It seems there are equal fan and haters of this kids channel. Yes Yes vegetable song shows a kid eating different vegetables. It is basically an educational content to teach kids names of vegetables. This video has bagged 3.8 million dislikes on YouTube.

Exploring Shillong | Shoot Dairies|Mr. Faisu

Recognize the name? Mr. Faisu became famous after Carry Minati Roasted him. He now has created his Own YouTube channel. It is not a surprise that one of his videos is listed on top most disliked videos on YouTube with 3.7 million dislikes.

This is the way-Super Simple Songs

This YouTube Video content is educational content for kids. It teaches morning habits through a puppet. It shows how we should brush, comb our hair, get dressed and go to school. Unfortunately, this video has bagged 3.3 million dislikes.

LA VACA LOLA canciones infantiles

It is a Spanish nursery rhyme. You can watch it if you want to see cow, duck, mouse and other animals dancing around. It is also another kids educational content video. This kids song video has 3.2 million dislikes on YouTube.

Bibi H -How it is (Wap bap …) [Official video] 3.2M

It is a music video created by a channel named Bibisbeautypalace.  The chorus of the song is all about wap bap wab bap wap bap….. This music video has received 3.2 millions dislikes and 599K likes. Check the video to know whether you like it or not.

Baby Shark -CoComelon

Shark song became famous and it was not too late that CoComelon created the Indian adaptation. It is another kids song where you can see the whole family dancing with sharks. The animation is excellent. But still, this video has received 2.8 million dislikes making it to our list of most disliked videos on YouTube.

Beach Song + More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs – CoComelon

Yet another video from CoComelon. Most nursery rhymes and kids song became popular but has also received dislike. This video has bagged 2.8 million dislikes in spite of great animation and presentation.

PSY- Gangnam style

This Korean video had become viral once. Just like BTS, this music video and the dance moves were loved by audience from different parts of the world. It is not unlikely that you too had grooved with this music. This immensely popular music video has 21 million likes. What’s more surprising? 2.7 million dislikes.

Sesame Street: Song: Shake Shake The Mango Tree -2.7M

In this video, a kid teaches other kids a nursery rhyme with actions. The concept may be good but I could not find a good reason for releasing it on YouTube. You can skip this one if you do not want to waste your time. This video has bagged 2.7 million dislikes.

So Sorry. Logan Paul

Logan Paul is a well-known YouTuber. This video is an apology for showing a dead man hanging from tree in a Japanese forest known as a suicide spot. Most fans found the scenes distressing and has commented about it on that video. However, it is a good gesture to apologize for mistake. This video has 2.5 million dislikes on YouTube.

Yes Yes Playground song – Cocomelon 

It seems CoComelon has some consistent haters. It is another educational animation from CoComelon channel that has bagged 2.4 million dislikes on YouTube.

Aaja Beta Carry tujhko roast sikhaye -2.4M

Kunal Kamra is an Indian stand-up comedian. Carry Minata AKA Ajay Nagar is a famous YouTuber who creates roast videos. In this video, Kunal Kamra has thoroughly roasted Carry Minati for using slangs and roasting. As said, Carry Minati has a huge fan following on YouTube. It is not a surprise that this video has received 2.4 million dislikes from the Carry Minati fan base.

Jacob Sartorius – Sweatshirt (Official Music Video)

This YouTube video is a music video created by Jacob Sartorius. It is a song sung by a teenager about sweatshirt without a sweatshirt. This video has received 2.3 million dislikes on YouTube.

Cuties trailer -2.3M

I was quite amazed to find a Netflix show trailer while researching about most disliked videos. This video has 2.3 million dislikes on YouTube and there is enough reason for that. The trailer shows 11 years old kids fighting against conservatism at home. But isn’t 11 years too young? Most viewers had the complain that 11 years old are portrayed in more matured way than it should normally be.

YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017

Ah! Back to rewind again. It seems 2015 rewind video is the only video that received some love among the YouTube Rewind series. Just like all other rewind videos, YouTube Rewind 2017 video is a collaboration of multiple YouTube content creators. If you would like to watch your favorite YouTubers playing color splash, you can surely watch this video. This YouTube video has bagged 2.3 million dislikes.

Pokemon Go song !!! by Misha

Pokemon Go became popular among teen a few years ago. This little kid Misha created his own song on Pokemon Go. However, it seemed YouTube viewers have not liked the composition much. This YouTube video has 2.2 million dislikes.

6IX9INE – GOOBA (Official Music Video)

This is specifically a rap song video. It is all about twerking women in the video in rainbow colors. There is too much of color and beat in this video. It has received 1.8 million dislikes on YouTube.

Khali Peeli Teaser

Just like Sadak 2, this movie trailer was also a target for Bollywood Nepotism haters. This is a Hindi movie teaser starring Ishaan & Ananya Pandey. Both were perceived as product of Nepotism. This teaser was released on YouTube and bagged 1.8 million dislikes.

Lil Pump – Gucci Gang [Official Music Video]

This video is a rap song video by Lil Pump. The content of song revolves around addiction. It has 11 million likes. However, it still ranks on our list of top most disliked videos on YouTube with 1.7 million dislikes.

Nicki Minaj – Anaconda

Anaconda is a rap song video on YouTube created by Nicki Minaj. It was released 6 years ago in 2014. This YouTube video has 5.9 million likes. But it also has 1.7 million dislikes ranking this video on our list.

Nani Teri Morni ko Mor Le Gaye -Jingle Toons -1.6M

We all must have grown up listening to this nursery rhyme. This YouTube video is an animation video created by channel named Jingle Toons. Just like all other kids rhyme videos, this YouTube video too has received a huge number of dislikes. This nursery rhyme video has bagged 1.6 million dislikes.

Justin Bieber – Sorry (PURPOSE : The Movement) -1.6M

This YouTube video is another song by Justin Bieber. There are certainly huge fan following of Justin Bieber. However, it seems he has too many haters as well. This music video has received 1.6 millions dislikes on YouTube.

The Bottom Line

You can find a mixed bag of videos in our list of Top 40 most disliked videos on YouTube. We have created this list based on the number of dislikes irrespective of the likes count on YouTube. You surely can find some popular video existing on our list. Considering the YouTube algorithm of visibility, getting dislikes can actually enhance your visibility and make the video trending. Therefore, it does not matter if you are getting likes or dislikes, all that matters is the number of reactions on the YouTube video.

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