Ramneek Sidhu Shares His Views on Digital Marketing Future

Ramneek Sidhu

Looking upon the future of digital marketing and as a digital marketing consultant, Ramneek Sidhu shares his views on the digital marketing future during the times when digital marketing has become a significant part of businesses. In the turbulent times of pandemic, we have envisaged the power of creative marketing and the digital ecosystem that saved many companies from collapsing. This is the reason Ramneek Sidhu keeps on urging small and mid-sized companies to hire professionals who can meet the unprecedented demands of the market in future.

Sidhu has come up with several plans and ideas that can become the ultimate solution for contemporary firms. This 26-years old marketing strategist believes that every business requires a unique marketing approach to stand out against its competitors. His approach, on the other side, is centered on customer experience and responding to their needs when seeking to invest.

Who is Ramneek Sidhu?

Ramneek Sidhu, a business owner from Mohali, Punjab, is 26 years old. Digital Kings, founded by Sidhu, is a digital marketing and advertising agency that works with Bollywood and Hollywood actors, artists, and singers. Ramneek’s company seeks to assist its clients in brand improvement strategies and manage their social media presence, as well as build their YouTube and Twitter accounts. Digital King’s Instagram page states that the company offers site designing, branding and movie marketing among other things required for digital marketing.

Ramneek Sidhu’s Net Worth

Ramneek’s primary source of income is the one he gets from his company i.e., Digital Kings. His net worth as of 2022 stands around $3 million. His monthly income is around 32 lakhs.

What motivates Ramneek Sidhu to become a digital marketing consultant?

In one of the interviews, Ramneek Sidhu revealed that he is highly inspired by many successful entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. Although he was not sure about his approach, in the beginning, the entrepreneurial approach adopted by the successful entrepreneurs inspired and motivated him a lot. Now, he communicates with a lot of people each day, including Bollywood celebrities and rewrites the communication in the form of fruitful deals.

Ramneek’s journey as an entrepreneur

Ramneek Sidhu is the face of Digital Kings, a digital marketing firm that rose quickly in the digital marketing field. As an entrepreneur, Ramneek works with many expiring brands and people at a loss to help them sustain and return to top positions. Over the years, he had worked a lot with various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Even though his company is positioned well in the market, he keeps on learning new ways and gathering information that might help his clients grow.

Ramneek Sidhu as the founder of Digital Kings

When Ramneek Sidhu was 20 years old, he founded Digital King in 2015. He was a student studying BTech at Raiyat Bahra Institute of Engineering and Biotechnology in Punjab’s Mohali. Though, he found enough time to work on his passion and establish a digital marketing company of his own. One of his goals was to help people with falling businesses to return to the top using innovative ideas. With his vision and mission, Digital Kings grew quickly and became one of the leading digital marketing companies in the world. His firm is well-recognized for managing accounts of high-profile celebrities, including Bollywood and Hollywood stars.

Digital King’s offices are located in India and Dubai and plan to expand to Canada as well. But what made Ramneek Sidhu achieve success in such a short time? Here, we can give credit to his entrepreneurial and marketing skills which helps him foresee futuristic marketing trends. He is well-determined to use his skills and achieve his objectives. Thus, most of his time he is seen researching current trends, identifying potential threats and developing new strategies to serve his clients competently. This is one of the reasons many aspiring entrepreneurs consider Ramneek Sidhu as their role model.

Tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur by Ramneek Sidhu

  • To be successful, you must have exceptional skills, determination, patience and a strong desire to learn new things.
  • Failure can result due to a lack of any of the above-mentioned qualities. However, learning a new skill is the only possibility to stand up against all odds.
  • You must be self-assured to express your thought and take risks.
  • You must keep experimenting with your skills. Learn to have the patience to attain your goal since panic can make you give up most of the time.

Final words

Ramneek Sidhu is the role model for many people who aspire to become a successful entrepreneurs like him. At an age when most youngsters start thinking about the future, he became a source of motivation. However, he claims that his journey has just begun and he will use his extraordinary abilities to reach the top of the game. Even after gaining success, he still strives for gaining more. And this is the reason, we cannot help but admire his dedication to his work and futuristic goals.

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