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Sexuality and Indian Culture

Sexuality and Indian Culture 1

Sexuality plays a very important role for Indians. Not only in sex, but as a lifestyle, India is a country rich in history and culture that has also been known for being a pioneer in sexual education. 

India is a country full of contrasts, on the one hand it is extremely conservative and on the other hand it is full of eroticism and desires. There emerged expressions of sexuality that would be unthinkable in other cultures, such as The Kama Sutra, a manual of erotic practices, that was compiled in the 3rd century and speaks of even older practices.

In spite of the erotic bias, it is by no means pornography or vulgarity. Art and religion merge in this complex material linked to Hindu beliefs, in works that express pleasure and sensuality, in a country where sex is still taboo.

In this age of explicit pornography, Kamasutra is rather bland, even boring in its depiction of sexual activity. Although it touches on issues such as group sex or sodomy, the reader who delves into this work will discover that, despite its fame, sexual fantasies are less important than the cult of the body through a healthy lifestyle, respect for the feelings of the other or the need to get to know one’s partner well before making sex. Something which, by the way, can be considered unfeasible in a first encounter.

For over a thousand years, the book has offered advice on how to improve attractiveness through a healthy lifestyle and natural remedies, as well as warnings about the risks of adultery and how to deal with issues such as prostitutes.and call girls in India.

The transformation in India, from celebrating sex to turning it into a taboo, is not a simple process to explain, but superficially it can be said that it was an unfolding after the imposition of the British Crown, which permeated a concept of puritan morality in society.

Nowadays, for example, Tinder Culture – dating app – already exists, but although people like and accept it, they are afraid to talk about it in public, which leads to think that sex, sexuality and gender are still taboo subjects at different levels in Indian society. 

Although sexuality is part of Indian culture, it has come to be more appreciated in the private sphere. Where many think that they may even be a very sexually oriented being, but that they cannot show it publicly, leaving only to make these demonstrations to their partners, or even, with Skokka’s Bangalore escorts and adult companions or alone in their own intimate moments.

Therefore, those years in which it was the reference of desire and sexual freedom seem to be left behind in this society.

Colonialism did a lot of damage to freedom of thought. A part of Indian society, feeling failed and enslaved, began to re-examine its own culture and to imagine what changes should be made. Some, especially those educated by the British, came to the conclusion that the indulgent attitude towards sex was a bad thing, historians say.

Sex became to be looked down upon, it shouldn’t be lustful because lust is a sin and if premarital sex is lustful, then it is not allowed. Growing up within a heteronormative, patriarchal society may often be extremely distressing and confusing for some individuals. 

As an example, some people still don’t believe in the caste system, but culturally, they want to make sure that their kids get married into the same caste so that later they do not suffer judgment and prejudice from society.

Arranged marriages

Arranged marriages are still the norm in India, but there is a growing trend of some women choosing their own partners, or simply not getting married at all. In the country’s rural areas, people can’t be 30 and still single, it’s like the world is going to end, and therefore, there are some who end up preferring to leave the country and live abroad in order to minimise the impacts the culture can have on their life plans.

Technology is also helping to change traditional methods of arrangement. Instead of relying on family connections, many young Indians and their parents are turning to online marriage websites to find a partner. They set up meetings, between suitors and their families, analyse whether there is a connection and compatibility of the parties involved and if so, start planning for the ‘big day’.

While the scenario may be improving, many still reaffirm that the old eligibility points (like caste and skin colour) are discriminatory and need to be revoked.

The fact is that India, one of the most populous countries in the world, despite all its deep-rooted socio-cultural problems, is a magnificent destination that attracts visits from sexy Aussie escorts and tourists from all over the world who want to discover not only its historic monuments, but also understand more about its intriguing culture and religion. 

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