Shahpura House Redefining Hospitality Through Royalty, Elegance and Exclusiveness

Shahpura House

Decorated in a royal traditional style, the Shahpura House hotels is an exclusive heritage hotel which offers its guest with perfect rooms that are attached to balconies, has colourful glass lamps, murals, and world-class furniture besides several other amenities that a luxurious hotel could provide. Shahpura House is discreet and exclusive, giving tribute to the marvellous history of Shekhawati reign. The heritage site is located 65 km away from the main city of Jaipur and is one of few places in Rajasthan that comprises ancient Shekhawati paintings with colourful hues and designs depicting the past era. 

About Shahpura House

Shahpura House is famous for its rare courtesy and redefined hospitality. The haveli of this heritage place comprises contemporary amenities along with various recreational excursions and activities that make this place one of the pleasing hotels for travellers. This place has been redesigned exclusively for those who seek to live amidst luxury and royalty. 

The Shahpura hotels were founded by Maharaj Surendra Singh in the royal state of Rajasthan. The hotels lead the hospitality industry through royalty and exclusives. Mr Digraj Singh and Mr Adhiraj Singh of Shahpura dynasty plan to ventures their chain of Shahpura hotels in several cities across India. The hotels are built under three categories including Residences, Palaces and Boutiques. The Shahpura sons consider in expansion strategy keeping in mind the brand exclusivity thereby giving each of their properties a touch of value-driven experience and royalty to drive loyalty among global consumers.

Brief historical background of Shahpura House

Founded by Maharaja Surendra Singh Shahpura and now operated by Prince Digraj Singh Shahpura, the Shahpura dynasty is grounded on traditional beliefs and royalty where culture and heritage matter strictly. The history behind Shahpura dynasty is a significant part of this royal empire. The chain of hotels maintains the history of their forts, palaces and Havelis which makes Shahpura hotels rare and exclusive. The ongoing success of the hotels can be attributed to the NGO started by Rani Ratna Kumari and her team that emphasises majorly on women empowerment and ways through which women can be provided with suitable employment opportunities. 

Architectural features of Shahpura House

The Shahpura House combines a mixture of both traditional Rajput architect and Indian-Mughal features comprising a façade of domes as well as frescos. Shahpura House has always been home for Royal families or the ruling ones and henec its rooms and living areas are extraordinarily big and airy. The hotel has large swimming pools, wellness centres and luxurious spa which accommodates free Wi-Fi for its guests. Shahpura rooms have some very attractive rooms that are furnished luxuriously. Bathrooms come with expensive faucets and bathtubs while every room is equipped with a minibar and flat TVs.  

Most of the Shahpura rooms are decorated with semi-precious stones and expensive marbles. The guests can enjoy a refreshing beverage at the Rang mahal restaurant or enjoy an authentic meal from the hotel kitchen. For international guests, the hotel has prepared an international menu to satisfy hunger and their quest for exclusive food away from home!

Ho to reach Shahpura House?

This four-star heritage hotel is around 65 km away from Jaipur and just 18 km away from the city airport. Railways station can be reached within 10 mins walk and is only 1 km away from Shahpura House. The best part of this palace is that you easily travel to other tourist attraction spots in lesser time. Some of the tourist’s destinations that are located at proximity include Hawa mahal, Jaigargh Fort and the City Palace. 

Conservation and Restoration at the Shahpura House

One of the main attractiveness of Shahpura House is that the owners do not emphasis on profiteering only but show dedication towards protecting, preserving and restoring their rich heritage culture which is very significant for their family and culture. the Shahpura’s aim at promoting and respecting local culture unlike most of the other luxurious hotels that focus on providing their guest with something out of the box. 

To ensure that their traditions and culture is recognised by the world and their guests, the hotels are decorated with artistic curtains, textiles, and filled with local music and songs performed by local communities. 

Operating RRKF or Rani Ratna Kumari Foundation in Shahpura House

The success of Shahpura House within the hospitality sector is known to all however, Rani Ratna Kumari has made an exceptional move to make Shahpura brand purposeful and famous by promoting women empowerment and employment. The RRKF not only supports women empowerment but provides them with employment in various manufacturing units such as home furnishing, garments and accessories. The foundations train women and take care of their training needs under the direct supervision of proficient workers and designers. 

The RRKF takes care of the historical temples and palaces such as old Jogeshwar Mahadev temple which is 50 years old and is situated in Manoharpur. Other places restored by Shahpura House includes Manoharpur tomb which is 400 years old and the Old Gate. Other than this, Shahpura’s RRKF organises free health check-ups and camps along with blood donation centres to serve humankind selflessly. 

Luxury and technology at the Shahpura House 

The Shahpura House history and development reveals how the royal family have preserved the classic elegance and royalty keeping their culture and tradition alive for years. They are committed to providing their guests with elegance mixed with contemporary world-class comforts besides empowering local communities. 

The technology-driven atmosphere and luxurious room environment will make you feel amidst historic palaces and pampered through friendly in-room environment techniques. 

The Shahpura House is regarded as one of the finest historic and heritage hotels worldwide. In 2018, Shahpura House was awarded as The Luxury Heritage Hotel by the World Luxury Hotel Awards and was included in the global list of Lifestyle Member of Preferred Hotels and Resorts. 

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