Superfood Sunday: 11 Health Benefits of Sattu


Sattu, also known as the Poor man’s protein has started to gain popularity lately. This underrated food ingredient has gained the much recognition in the recent time as superfood, all thanks to BiharUttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and West Bengal. It is high in nutritional value and is also called the powerhouse of energy.

Though readily available in the market, one can also easily make it at home. All you need to do is to roast the gram (chana) in a wok. Allow it to cool down, then finely grind the roasted chana with the help of a grinder. Your homemade sattu is ready to use. You may not remove the husk.

Wondering how is Sattu good for health? Here’s the answer:

1. Ideal for weight loss

Low calorie and high fibre content make sattu an excellent choice for weight loss. It helps inburning off excessive fat if one consume ssattu on an empty stomach regularly. It helps in reducing bloating, which increases the metabolism and promotes weight loss in a healthy manner.

2. Keeps the body cool

When you feel low, tired,and low on energy because to the scorching heat, sattu sherbet is all you need to quench your thirst. It restoresyour energy due to its high nutritional levels of fibre, minerals, carbs etc.

3. Great for digestion

Sattu benefits the gut by scrubbing off the colon and relieving issues like swelling, clogging and acidity because of its insoluble fibre. Moreover, it relives the burning sensations and irritability in the stomach.

4. Good for Skin

Consumption of sattu daily, brings out the natural glow of your skin. It lifts your energy levels andkeeps you well hydrated. It also strengthens your hair follicles by providing them with the necessary nutrition.

5. Helps in building muscles

Want to gain muscles? Sattu helps in muscle gain and bulk development, and it can be consumed daily for the desired results.

6. Maintains blood pressure

Having a glass of sattu with water on regular basis (with a pinch of salt or not) helps to regulate the circulation in the body.Sattu has low sodium content.

7. Helps in Weight Gain

Yes! Sattuis ideal for both weight gain as well as weight loss. It helps you in achieving your desired weight. Sattu milkshakes help you gain weight by adding bulk and building muscle due to the presence of large amounts of natural good carbs and plant-based proteins.

8. Boon for Diabetes

Sattu is great for diabetic people as it is a natural option and has a low-glycaemic index and helps in regulation of blood sugar levels. This makes it a great option for people suffering from diabetes.

Sattu drink health benefits:

9. Improves bowel movement

Consumption ofsattu on an empty stomach helps proper functioning of the digestion and its tract. It reduces constipation by improving bowel movement.

10. Flushes out toxins

Sattu helps destroy toxic substances from the intestines and helps in boosting the immunity. It is a natural detoxifying agent.

11. Keeps one energetic

One feel energised throughout the day with the increase in oxygensupply in the body due to the increased red blood cells count that is stimulated by the iron present in sattu.

Preparation of sattu drink:

Sattu drink is easy to prepare. Simply add two tablespoons of sattu in a glass of water and mix well. Sattu drink is ready to consume. It is totally optional to add salt/black salt, jaggery and fresh coriander.

Side effects:

If consumed in excess, sattu may cause health issues. Let’s have a look into the side effects of sattu.

1. Gas issues

People who suffer from gastric issues shouldbe cautious. Excessive consumption of gram sattu can cause gas in the stomach.

2. Stone issues

People who have Kidney or gallbladder stones should keep a check on the amount of sattu consumption.

3. Climate

Consumption of sattu during the rainy season should be avoided because of its cooling properties.

4. Allergic reactions

People who cannot digest chana or have allergic reactions from chana should refrain from sattu intake.


Sattu is known for its excellent properties as well as being an energy booster. It aids both weight loss and weight gain. It also helps control blood pressure, blood sugar levelsand cholesterol. There are multiple health benefits of sattu. However, excessive consumption can cause potential side effects. If such issues occur, refrain from using sattu, and consult a doctor.



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