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The Best MBA Specializations in India After Graduation


Management entrance exams such as finance, marketing, human resources or sales is known as MBA specialised course which can be pursued after graduation. An MBA or master of business administration is a two-year program that aims at making students proficient in management subjects besides making them a specialist in a particular management stream. Career objectives need every student to decide upon their specialization course as per interest. Although choosing a particular stream in an MBA program can be a bit difficult, you must make a wise choice to ensure professional development. If you are planning to complete your MBA studies in India, read below-mentioned MBA specializations that are offered by various business management universities in India. 

MBA in Marketing

MBA in marketing is one of the most preferred MBA specialization courses in which students are taught about marketers’ key responsibilities and how companies can offer a better solution to market needs. An MBA in marketing program usually revolves around marketing principles like the 4Ps and consumer behaviour study. This MBA specialization is usually a two-year program and teach students about various elements such as analytical thinking, entrepreneurial skills, strategy building and how to use resources at their best. Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad and Kolkata are the two best universities besides the Institute of Public Enterprise in Hyderabad for an MBA in marketing.

MBA in Digital Marketing

Apart from traditional marketing courses, you can also choose to learn digital marketing which is in high demand these days. This can be due to the ever-growing technological innovation which requires digital marketing managers. Many institutes in India have started teaching Digital Marketing which is an extension of traditional marketing skills. With a digital marketing program, you will learn content management, SEO, SMM, website building, email marketing and other related managerial skills.

MBA in Finance

This is one of the oldest MBA specializations that makes a student professional in management-related matters like budgeting, costing, asset management and so on. After completing MBA in finance, you will be able to work with reputed banks, financial institutions or any organization under the finance team. But consider MBA in finance only if you are good at mathematics and data metrics since both of these are highly considered in finance-related subjects. To pursue MBA in finance, you can choose from a few colleges like SP Jain Institute of Management & Research (Mumbai), IBMR Business School (Gurgaon) or Jain University (Bangalore).

MBA in Human Resources

If you have good leadership and people management skill, you must pursue MBA in human resource management. This two-year program will teach you about various subjects like emerging economies, labour market trend, leadership styles etc. Other things considered in human resource management includes skill and personality development, crises management and coordination skills. To complete MBA in human resource management, you can choose from Xavier Labour Relations Institute (Jamshedpur), Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai), or Management Development Institute (Delhi) which stands among the top MBA institutes in India.

MBA in Business Management

Well, this MBA is mostly chosen by those graduates who seek to start their own venture or set up a global firm after becoming a business expert. An MBA in business management will teach you all the necessary skills to become a good business person like marketing, operation, HR, finance and so on. This means, MBA in business management will make you an all-rounder to help you start and manage a business in future. Many good institutes in India offer MBAs in business management such as the Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow), and the Symbiosis Centre for Management.

MBA in Rural Management

This management course is comparatively new and mostly liked by young learners who seek to develop rural areas under the socio-economic policy contexts run by the government. An MBA in rural management will teach you about planning and controlling techniques in agriculture, waterways, sanitization and other fields. This course may also require students to learn practical knowledge by taking them for fieldwork in villages during the internship program. Hence, you must be fluent in the local language and have good communication and problem-solving skills. To pursue MBA in rural management, you can consider the Indian Institute of Rural Management (Jaipur), Welingkar Institute of Management (Mumbai), or Amity School of Rural Management (Noida).

MBA in Information Technology

If technology and innovation are your forte, you must choose to become an MBA in information technology. This is the most wanted job field, especially with the emergence of new start-ups each year that highly depends on information technology-related work. An MBA in IT will teach you about contexts that can make you a proficient IT manager dedicated to managing and implementing IT-related business solutions. To pursue a career as an IT manager, you can opt for Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (Mumbai), Chandigarh University (Chandigarh) and BIMS (Calcutta).

MBA in Event Management

Event management is slowly picking up the pace and is considered a good career option these days. Becoming a specialist in event management means you will be a skilled person at managing big events. In fact, many contemporary organizations are hiring event managers to promote events, make an estimated budget for the event, arrange for logistics or manage the event successfully. You will be taught how to use team management skills, networking, planning and crises management during MBA in event management course among other things. Some of the top institutes offering MBA in event management course includes the National Institute of Event Management (Mumbai), and SAGE University (Madhya Pradesh).

MBA in Healthcare Management

Healthcare management is comparatively a new course and deals mainly with hospital management skills. An MBA in healthcare management can be chosen by those who take interest in the pharmaceutical industry or insurance organizations. This course prepares students to manage a hospital’s healthcare system and how to tackle healthcare crises during emergencies apart from cost management, medical knowledge, ethical judgement and others. Some of the best institutes in India offering an MBA in healthcare management are the Manipal School of Management (Manipal), Symbiosis Institute of Health Science (Pune), and Indus University (Ahmedabad).

MBA in Operations Management

An MBA in operations management is related to the production and distribution of products and services in a company. Some of the key responsibilities of operations managers like distribution, transportation, product costs and environmental management skills are taught under this program. This program also ensures that the students gain theoretical and practical knowledge to carry out successful operations in the real world. To become an MBA in operations management, you can choose from Narayana Business School (Ahmedabad), or DY Patil School University of Management (Mumbai).

MBA in Logistics Management

Although many people often get confused with logistics and operations management, they are very different. While operations management deals with the internal operations of a firm, logistics management deals with the supply chain and product distribution. This MBA program will teach you how to plan and implement effective strategies so that logistics are managed efficiently besides making them cost-effective. Top institutes offering MBA in logistics management include Amity Business School (Noida), VELS (Chennai) and Presidency University (Bangalore).

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