Best Things to do in Bangalore, The Silicon Valley of India

things to do in bangalore

Bangalore might be known as ‘Garden City’ or ‘Silicon Valley of India’, there are many more things to explore in this Southern city of India. Other than IT and Tech, Bangalore is an attractive and charming city which offers more than any other city in India. You’ll find history and culture, food, drinks and nightlife, wildlife and nature, shopping and fashion, adventure and trips along with spa and wellness to keep yourself entertained and occupied for days. Here is the list of 23 best things to do in Bangalore before you start exploring the city next time. 

Best Things to do in Bangalore no. 1- Visit Historic and Cultural sites

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace is a to must-see destination for people who love spending time amidst beauty and architecture. The Majestic Palace preserves the aura of old regal opulence in spite of being in tech-city of India. The Palace was built in the year 1878 by ChamaRajendra Wadiyar’s British Guardians who purchased the property from Bangalore Central High School in 1873. Spread across the area not less than 45,000 square feet, Bangalore Palace can be considered as a place with a mix of both, Scottish Gothic and Tudor architecture. 

Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh is popular nationally as well as internationally due to the botanical artefacts, plant conservation and scientific importance. This is a place for nature lovers too and is spread in an area of around 240 acres. The Botanical Garden of the Lal Bagh has more than 1,854 plants species. The garden was established by Hyder Ali and completed by his son Tipu Sultan in the year 1760. Main attractions of the garden include Persian, French and Afghan origin plants which have made this place popularly known as Government Botanical Garden. 


Like various ISKCON Temples located in India, Bangalore ISKCON temple is also dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple is located in Rajajinagar and was built under the guidance of Madhu Pandit Dasa and Shankar Dayal Sharma inaugurated the temple in the year 1997. Besides religious shrine, the complex of ISKCON accommodates deities of Sri Krishna Balarama, Sri Radha Krishnachandra and Sri Srinivasa Govinda among many others. 

Devanahalli Fort

Located at a distance of 35 km from the main city, Devanahalli Fort is popular due to the historic and archaeological significance. This fort represents the massive battles fought between royal families. This fort once belonged to Tipu Sultan who was born here and lived for many years. Spread across an area of 20 acres, this fort is made of mortar and stone. Mallebyre Gowda was the one who built Devanhalli Fort in the year 1501 under Saluva dynasty which was later occupied by Nanjarajaiah in 1749. 

Things to do in Bangalore no. 2- Relish Food, Drink and Nightlife

Corner House-Death by Chocolate

Corner House is a paradise for ice-cream lovers. The place offers various kind of sundae, ice-creams, fruit salads and shakes. Do relish on ice-creams and chocolates and stop counting calories or weight loss programs! 

Jus’ Turfs

This place is built particularly for chocolate lovers as it has a diversified range of chocolate to match with every human taste bud. The dine-in place offers continental cuisines and if you seek to have something different than usual, do try Hazelnut Chocolate Pizza for some sinful cravings.

Wine Tours

Bangalore is an appropriate place for growing grapes because of fertile soil and good weather. This makes this place perfect for wine devotees too. Many wineries can be found around Bangalore among which the most popular are Heritage & Grover. You can hire tour agencies to explore wine yards and winemaking process before gulping a good one.

Hard Rock Café

One located in Delhi, Hard Rock Café is one place which has gained international recognition due to music-related merchandise and exclusive fashion displays. The Live performance attracts many musicians too who wants to boast some rock-centric music, gigs and songs. Visit Hard Rock Café on Thursday nights to see the crowded place filled with music and handcrafted drink enthusiastic.

Things to do in Bangalore no. 3- Explore Wildlife and Nature

Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park of Bangalore is spread across 300 acres of land is one of the major sightseeing of the city. The green foliage makes this place idle for nature lovers and for those who like calm environment. This park homes as many as 6,000 trees which act as a great support to the ecosystem. Addition to it, this park also has The Bangalore Aquarium which is the second-largest aquarium in the world.

Bannerghatta National Park

This park is located 22 km from the main city and homes a large variety of animals, flora and fauna. Established in the year 1971, the total area of the park is not less than 104.27 sq. km. The park has many establishments including first butterfly park of India. Other than this, Bannerghatta National Park has ten Reserve Forests of Anekal Range belonging to Bangalore Forest Division, Crocodile farm, Children’s park, aquarium, zoo, crocodile farm and pre-historic animal park. 

Ulsoor Lake

Ulsoor Lake is the largest lake in Bangalore and is spread in an area not less than 50 hectares. The lake was built by one of the former commissioners of Bangalore, Sir Lewin Bentham Bowring. Many islands can be found dotted nearby lake while greenery and natural beauty makes this destination magnificent for nature lovers. During Ganesh Chaturthi festival in August and September, this place is filled with devotees of Ganesh and pilgrims from all over the country.

Things to do in Bangalore no. 4- Shopping and Fashion

MG Road

MG Road is the busiest commercial spot in Bangalore. This is the prime hub of commercial and recreational activities due to which many people keep swarming the place throughout the day. MG Road is a one-stop destination for shoppers and bulk buyers. Items such as sarees, cutlery, handicrafts and bone china sets are few of the famous items sold here at affordable prices. If you get worn out due to excessive shopping, try cafes and restaurants located nearby which offers finger-licking food.

UB City Mall

This luxury mall is located at the CBD or Central Business District and is a must to visit place for every high-end need. Four towers standing straight invites people to experience overwhelming effects within 13 acres of land. For every exclusive need, you can rely on UB City Mall as this place has all you can think of-Rolex, Canali, Estee Lauder, Louis Vuitton. You can even get pampered in its Spa or exotic dines after a hectic day. 


This is the oldest commercial area of Bangalore and is world-famous for silk sarees sold here. The history behind Chickpet can be dated back to the 16th century and the market area promises to provide variety and quality saris along with dress materials and gowns. The market also has a separate section for gold and silver jewellery, Raja Market. 

Dubai Plaza

This massive market is located on the Rest House Road. It sells everything from cosmetics to accessories, clothes to footwear, etc. Dubai Plaza is a must to visit place for budget shoppers. The basement of the market has a Tibetan Plaza which flaunts electronic gadgets, quirky scarfs, wallets, belts, perfumes, women purse and many more.

Things to do in Bangalore no. 5- Indulge in Adventure and Trips

Nandi Hills 

Nandi hills are among those places of India where nature can be explored in every bit of earth. Located about 60 km away from the city, Nandi Hills is among top tourist spots which is visited by every tourist for years. For residents, this place proves to be a perfect spot for weekends. The hills are some 4851 feet above the sea level from where you can catch magnificent view of the sunrise in the morning.


Go-Karting is one of the adventurous activities which we rarely get to perform and see in televisions only. However, Bangalore has a very fine go-karting track for race enthusiasts. So, stimulate the thrills like a professional racer the next time you visit Bangalore. Though the activity is performed here at a smaller level, it can still make your heart pumped up and thrilled to the fullest. For go-karting, you can opt for motor-less cars as well. Many go-karting places offer other recreational activities also such as paintball and bowling. Famous Go Karting places in Bangalore includes Race-Race Go Karting, Grips Go Karting, Patel Karting and E-Zone Club. Do challenge your friends and family to battle in race tracks dominating them all!

Quad Biking

Quad Biking is one of the sports in which the rider rides a bike that has four wheels instead of two. The full form of squad bikes ATV is All Terrain vehicle and is loved by extreme sports enthusiasts. If you get bored of city traffic, hop in ATV and let your wildness come out in the road. In Bangalore, you will find several options from where you can choose to experience these giant monster bikes. Be wild on tracks and explore some off-track locations in Bangalore in the night time. Believe me, this will be an experience you will never forget your entire life. To experience such rides, you need to go to Nandi Hills or Kanakpura Road with the help of Dirt Mania company. The bikes can be rented from anywhere between 500 to 5000 INR depending upon the trail and track length. 

Things to do in Bangalore no. 6- Pamper Yourself with Spa and Wellness programs

Alliance Francaise

Alliance Francaise De Bangalore is an Indo-French Cultural Centre which adds richness to this cosmopolitan city. The place is nestled in the outskirts of the city and has an auditorium along with café, patio filled with a lush green garden and a TV viewing space. Many cultural events are performed here besides hosting events such as comedy shows, theatre festival, workshops and musical nights. To add to its charm, this place organises premieres of famous documentaries and foreign films in the TV viewing space. Art exhibitions are a must to see which the Alliance Francaise showcases at regular intervals of the year. 

Atta Galatta

Yet another versatile place of Bangalore is Atta Galatta which showcases many events every week along with having a mini café to grab a bite of exotic food. The main events, treats and book collection are worth every cent. Every age group can enjoy at this place. Be it a child, an adult or a grown-up, there are arts, music and theatre along with craft shops to participate in.


This is the place where people go for self-discovery. In short, Shoonya will provide you with space where you can spend time, sense and observe yourself from a fresh and new perspective. Many community classes are held here along with workshops and somatic practices which you can participate into. You can also enjoy performances, discussion forums and film screenings along with Reiki, Tai Chi and storytellings.  

The Ritz

The Ritz in Bangalore has 12 rooms dedicated to Spa and Wellness which follows treatment sessions along with one VIP Spa Suite. Starting from the marine green tea tree to thyme and body scrubs, the Ritz will make you feel in heaven. They also provide aromatherapies which include ocean salt, cypress, and grapefruit along with body massages, detoxes, rich facials and body cleaning that will leave you overwhelmed.

Angsana Spa

Angsana Spa is one place if you expect to have rich experience. This is a part of Angsana Oasis Spa and Resort located at Doddabalpur in Bangalore. As many as 23 rooms serve their happy clients throughout the day, offering them a good massage in well-maintained spacious rooms. They not only de-stress people muscles but take great care of face massages, foot and hand paraffin sessions. You can choose from regular massages to hot stone massage and conditioning once you visit Angsana Spa. Every relaxation session starts with a complimentary 30-minute relaxation time whereas wellness therapies like self-healing and mediation may take longer time if you seek health and wellness things to do in Bangalore. 

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