Mumbai Travel Guide: Top Things to do in Mumbai

things to do in mumbai

Mumbai is among those cities in India which offers a wide range of activities: city exploration to mountain trekking, birdwatching to kayaking, and so on. In a few days visit, you can choose to boat a trip to Elephanta caves or explore the Bollywood film city, try historic Parsee café or visit Iranian restaurant. If you choose to indulge in real-time activity, go for cycling in the mornings or hiking in nearby hills. Putting succinctly, Mumbai is one of the most visited and wealthiest cities of India where 20 million people belonging to diversified culture live together like a family. Since it is located in a unique seaside place, the city is open to seven adjoining islands besides developing itself into a significant trade centre worldwide. Filled with authentic food, places of historic significance, festivals and entertainment, Mumbai is a place where travellers would love to go to.

Top Things to do in Mumbai: Visit Spectacular caves and Waterfalls

Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves is one of the significant historic sites in India located at Arabian Sea coast. The place is an architectural wonder and is spread in an area not less than 60,000 sq feet. The Elephanta Caves is one of the significant World Heritage Sites according to UNESCO as it has some amazing rock-cut caves. The structures in the cave depict Lord Shiva’s life: Maheshmurti is the three-headed form of Shiva, Ardhanarishiva and Nataraja are two other important Shiva sculptures that can be seen in Elephanta caves. The cave can be reached by ferries leaving from Gateway of India port. Besides admiring the beautifully carved cave, you can stroll in the beautiful island and involve in a trek towards Cannon Hills.  

Kanheri Caves

This cave is a mix of several Buddhist caves and nestled between a peaceful atmosphere of Sanjay Gandhi National park. If you visit Kanheri caves, you can learn about how Buddha evolved from 1st century BC to 11th Century AD. This is one of the best things to do in Mumbai particularly for people who loves visiting historic places. The caves also reveal some knowledgeable facts on cave excavations like a single mountain. If you are inside the cave, you will be able to see prayer hall, sculpted pillars and Buddha Stupas along with water channels that are carved out of stone.

Pandavkada Falls 

Pandavkada Falls is considered among enchanting waterfalls in Mumbai where water fall from a height of 107 metres. The water starts from the Western Ghats of Mumbai and flows towards dense rock formations. This is the best tourist attraction spots in Mumbai and many residents go there during weekends. 

Top Things to do in Mumbai: Have fun at Disneyland and Water Parks

Essel World

Ones visiting Mumbai for the first time make sure that they keep one day separately for Essel world, especially if the group has children. Essel World is one of the most thrilling amusing parks in India. Some of the thrilling rides available in huge entertainment area include Caterpillar, Crazycups, and Senior Telecombat which makes people chill, enjoy and become de-stressed. The Water Kingdom is one of the water-themed parks inside Essel World and is the biggest and oldest waterpark in India

Mumbai Filmcity 

The Filmcity of Mumbai is often called as the home of Bollywood. The place is spread in an area across 520 acres where more than 1000 film sets have been built simultaneously. It serves as an idle place for Bollywood and Television soaps and can be visited by outsiders. Do check with Bollywood tour agencies to envisage this paradise and learn how magical scenes are created in films.

Imagica Theme Park

Since Essel World remains overcrowded most of the times throughout the year, Imagica Theme Park has started gaining popularly recently. Just like Essel World, Imagica will offer you wonderful experience through entertainment, dining, shopping, relaxation and lodging with family and friends. This park has many theme-based parks such as the water park and snow park to brighten your day instantly.  

Amazing Escape Game Room

This is a place which offers some super-exciting and challenging activities. In this entertainment place, you can challenge your friends in a game where you will be locked in a room for 60 minutes. The game requires you to solve the puzzle and escape from the complex. Exciting, isn’t it?


This activity can be found in other major cities too like Bangalore and Havelock islands. Many clubs in Mumbai will provide you with kayaking lessons before you can jump into this super adventurous activity. Explore magnificent view of Amchi Mumbai while kayaking!

Kamala Nehru Park

This natural park is located at the Malabar Hilltop in Mumbai and named after the wife of Jawaharlal Nehru. This 4,000 sq. feet park is well-maintained and is very popular among kids due to fun-loving environment. You can see an old woman shoe in this park which depicts a famous kids poem about the woman who lived in a boot. 

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

This park is well-known due to its peace-loving and composed atmosphere amidst the hectic and ever-busy city. This park displays some amazing flora and fauna. Around 1,300 plant species are maintained by the park operators besides homing various animals like Bengal tigers, leopards, snakes, mammals and reptiles. Due to beauty and uniqueness in its atmosphere, Sanjay Gandhi National Park is visited by more than 2 million people every year.

Top Things to do in Mumbai: Dine and Shine

Juhu Chowpatty

If you seek to have culinary richness, visit Juhu Chowpatty of Mumbai located at the Juhu beach. Several food stalls are assembled from where the aroma of freshly cooked food make people crave for more food. This place can probably be one of the best places to eat in Mumbai as it sells some very interesting food combinations like missal pao, pani puri, batata vada, bhel puri and ragada patty. Some continental and Italian restaurants are also available beside Juhu beach such as Mangi Ferra and Little Italy which offers seafood platters. Before having great food, you can enjoy camel or horseback ride on the beach besides indulging into jogging or cycling in the beachside.

Parsi Cafes

Mumbai offers some very exotic Parsi and Irani food available in restaurants and cafes. Some of the famous restaurants and cafes include Britannia and Co. Dadar Parsi Youth Assembly’s Snack Centre and Café Military. 

 Chor Bazaar

This place is a paradise for shopaholics who love doing crazy shopping. Unlike Chor bazaar in Delhi, Chor bazaar in Mumbai offers vintage items like bronze statues, kettles, Bollywood posters, gramophone collection and antique lamps. Spend some time in this market before grabbing some of the best deals offered by shopkeepers. 

Bars and Pubs 

Mumbai does offer some of the best things to do at night particularly for youngsters and couples. Mumbai is one city which never sleeps and thus you can explore pubs and bars which become alive during night time. Some of the interesting places where nightlife enjoyers love to visit are Ghetto, The Irish House, 3 Wise Monkeys and Hoppipolla. 

Colaba Causeway

This is yet another shopper’s paradise present in the heart of the city. From beautiful clothes to accessories and home décor to bath essentials, you will find every item in Colaba Causeway. Many famous designers’ clothes can also be found in a few shops if you want to make some memorable shopping.

Crawford Market

Built during the British raj, Crawford market is popularly known as Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Market located in central Mumbai. This market is filled with daily essential items such as vegetables, cosmetics, packaged goods and spices. You can even buy yourself a pet from here such as dogs, cats and fish to take back home. 

Fashion Street

This is an open market area which sells some trendy and beautiful clothes. Fashion street is a favourite shopping spot for Mumbaikars as it offers the latest fashion clothes at an affordable price. Located near Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the place has more than 150 stalls which sell various kinds of clothes and accessories and thus is a paradise for shopaholics.

Top Things to do in Mumbai: Visit Religious Sites

 Haji Ali Dargah

This is a famous dargah and an important place for the Muslim community. The Haji Ali Dargah is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea and is designed in Indo-Islamic architectural style. The building was built by Sayyed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari in the year 1430 and is a spiritual hub of millions of people who visit this place to make a wish. 

Siddhivinayak Temple

The grand Siddhivinayak Temple is a must to visit place in Mumbai. The temple is dedicated to Vinayak or Ganesh and is famous among Mumbaikars by several names such as Navasala Pavanara Ganapati or Navasacha Ganapati. The structure of the temple shrine is made out of black stone. To visit this temple, you can use local state transport or taxi available from every part of the city. 

Hare Krishna Mandir – ISKCON temple

Similar to the ISKCON Temple located in Mayapur, the ISKCON Temple of Mumbai is dedicated to Hare Krishna. Located next to Juhu beach, this 4-acre complex is among major Hindu temples located in India. The entire building is made of marble and contains a large auditorium, a place for meditation and relaxation, restaurant, a guesthouse for visitors staying overnight.

Top Things to do in Mumbai: Visit Forts

Vasai Fort

Vasai Fort is a must to visit place in Mumbai. It is a place which was initially owned by Portuguese army who used to build ships here. Later it was taken by Marathas. The fort is surrounded by sea on its every side. Almost every corner of the building is ruined except rock pillars and three chapels. You can hike up to the terrace of the fort and view amazing site surrounding the fort.


This fort is considered among five best forts located at Sahyadri Mountain Range. Other famous forts found in this range include Chavand, Naneghat, Hadsar and Shivneri. Although this building has also been ruined, a well-built water tank can be identified in the top of the fort. 

Gateway of India

This is one of the most famous places in Mumbai and offers some breath-taking views of the sea. You can enjoy ferry rides on the Arabian Sea leaving from Gateway of India. Besides going to Elephanta Caves, many people hire ferry rides to enjoy sailing and voyaging experience during sunset. 

Top Things to do in Mumbai: Magnificent Beach locations 

Marine Drive 

Take a stroll beside the Arabian Sea in the Marine Drive area to experience some spectacular view. The seaside view with many ferries and boats sailing on it makes Marine Drive a photogenic place. You can refresh your mind and body by sitting on the seaside while viewing many couples holding hand in hand. Enjoy great food sold alongside while capturing amazing views of the sunset.

Bandra-Worli Sea Link

Popularly known as Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, the Bandra Worli Sea Link has become an iconic landmark of Mumbai. The cable bridge reveals a touch of elegance which runs smoothly and offering 8 by-lanes. As many as 37,500 cars travel in this bridge every day and tourists can enjoy the amazing view from the side of the link or by riding over it.  

Top Things to do in Mumbai: Best Trekking and Hiking sites


This place located in Thane district beside Mumbai and is a paradise for trekkers and hikers. A hill fort can be seen from a distant place. Another fort named Machindragad is called as the twin of Gorakhgad fort where people trek to envisage various caves and natural vegetation. 

Haji Malang Dargah and Trek

Located near Kalyan, Haji Malang Dargah is famous among 3 important Sufi shrines in the hills. The lowest plateau of the hill is Pir Machi where a famous Sufi shrine is located. The Sone Machi is the next in the line and remains in the lower part of the fort. Some water cisterns can also be found in this fort which has freshwater that is attached to copper cables for supplying water in lower areas.  

Mahuli Trek

Located in the Thane district beside Mumbai, the peak of Mahuli hill fort is 2700 feet from the sea level. In this hill, you may find many fortifications still present besides remaining of a guest house. Water tanks and cisterns can be seen while moving towards the fort. A small temple devoted to Shiva can be seen atop the citadel. The forest area around the fort has now turned into a sanctuary to protect the monument.  

Naneghat Trek

Naneghat mountain is 2,600 feet in height and passes through Sahyadri Mountain Range. It was once an important link through Ghatghar forest between inland towns and coastal regions. Now, it is a much-loved place containing lush green forest which acts as a treat to the human eye and adventure seekers. Many fortifications have been ruined however some of the inscriptions can be seen in the fort walls and caves. A temple of Ganesh can be seen in either side of the pass beside a massive rock-cut pot used for collecting coins in ancient times. 

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