This Winter Explore the Best Scenic Spots in Odisha


Odisha, which is an ancient state with an intriguing history, has many places to visit whether going out to the beaches or to biosphere preserves areas. There are several places to visit in odisha like the temples; scenery places museums, and other attractive places. With the cold waves already hit many parts of odisha, this time is best for exploring the scenic area all around odisha. Let’s take a look at the best alluring spots to visit in odisha.


The sumptuous deomali mountain situated in koraput marvellous amalgamation of intrinsic beauty and ethnic structure treasures with breath-taking sense deeply interfused. Spread over rural tranquillity, deomali echoes nature’s own eternal harmony. The height of deomali is 1673 metres, and the peak is the highest peak in odisha as well as the tallest in the eastern ghats. It is not only a phenomenon for the tourists but also for the adventuresome sports lovers for hang gliding, mountaineering and trekking. The path to the peak gives some gorgeous views, and even the landscape from the top is panoramic. This tip looks fantastic in the winter season. With a spell of rain, it seems much more attractive. By reaching the place, you will find both places peace and happiness.

How to Reach

Deomali is situated near doodhari village which is nearly 35 kilometre from koraput. The distance between koraput and bhubaneswar is around 438 kilometre. The nearest railway station is at jeypore.

Where to Stay

Night-stay facilities and accommodation are accessible in both koraput and jeypore.


Daringibadi which we all know is popularly known as ‘kashmir of odisha’ is a gorgeous hill station situated in the kandhamal district of odisha. It is probably the only place in odisha to have experienced the snowfall during the winter season. This beautiful place is a tourist destination throughout the year. This hill station is located at the pinnacle of the edge of the eastern ghat and therefore with the natural attractiveness such as tropical pine jungles, coffee gardens and beautiful valleys. The journey from the plains to the hills of daringibadi is an adventure in itself. Tribal people and peaceful environment make it one of the notable places of tourist attractions. A drive to daringibadi on the ribbon-like roads through the abstruse and dense sal forests in a full moon night is a captivating experience by itself. The pine and coffee gardens augment the beauty of the place, and enduring peace is felt through its unpolluted environment.

How to Reach

Daringibadi is around 135 kilometre from phulbani, and the nearest railway station is berhampur which is approximately 130 kilometre from daringibadi. The distance between bhubaneswar and daringibadi is about 211 kilometre.

Where to Stay

Both government and private accommodations at available in and around daingibadi


Hukitola was the storm-proof godown of the flase point port which was constructed in the jamboo island of kendrapada district by the britishers. In the year 1924, the false point port was closed down. So, this building had remained unused till date, but it draws many tourists for its natural surroundings, prior reputation and constructions form and composition.

Hukitola is a breathtaking spectacle where the scene is an attractive eco-tourism spot; the waveless sea is another temptation of this area.

Fishing tours with the local fishermen in the sea also add extra thrills to the tourists. Local village tours and encountering cottage stay for traditionalists can also be planned and executed. Also, one can see the river meeting point in the sea and the beautiful tide thereon.

How to Reach

One can go from kendrapada to jamboo luck by road as it distances around 30 kilometre. Then one can ferry by a motor launch or boat direct to hukitola. The distance between bhubaneswar and kendrapada is about 80 kilometre.

Where to Stay

Accommodation facilities are available at kendrapada.

Rushikulya Mouth

An ecological site where the river rushikulya meets the bay of bengal near ganjam town which is known as the rushikulya muhana or mouth. This month is turning out to be a hot spot to watch blue wheels, dolphins and turtles. On the northern side of the river, a vast stretch of the beach is the famous nesting ground of olive ridley turtles. The olive ridleys mate in the offshores waters and come aground for yielding eggs. The nesting of these turtles here is an astronomical sight. Nature lovers wait the whole year for this display, and when it happens, they experience fully. Furthermore, irrawaddy dolphins are also sighted off the rushikulya coast. This is a popular spot for the picturesque view.

How to Reach

The easiest way to get here is from barkul and rambha. Several taxies and buses are available from both the places and is around 30 kilometre from berhampur.

Where to Stay

Accommodation facilities are available at ganjam town, berhampur and rambha.


Established on the convergence of the rivers sankha and koel, vedavyus is a place of natural beauty. It is also considered as a sacred place for the pilgrims. It is believed to be the birthplace of veda vyas, the author of the great epic ‘mahabharat’. A vedic ashram and a school on the lines of gurukul ashram are the appended attractions of the place. Vyas cave said to be the hermitage of vyas dev, is situated in an island of river sankha, and can be accessible only by boat. It is also a popular picnic spot.

How to Reach

Vedavyas is 9 kilometre from rourkela, and the distance from bhubaneswar is around 332 kilometre. The nearest railway station is rourkela.

Where to Stay

Suitable accommodation is available at rourkela with good servicing facilities.


Darjeeing has situated on the banks of river brahmani in sundergarh district. The river region and the natural surroundings of the river are exquisitely elegant, and it is a perfect picnic spot. The presence of the picturesque deodhar gorge about 2 kilometre from darjeeing is an added attraction.

How to Reach

Darjeeing is around 51 km from rourkela, the steel city of odisha.


Saptasajya is a place of spectacular beauty situated near dhenkanal. As per mythology, the pandavs spent some days their camouflaged living in these mountains. The sapatasajya and the temple of raghunath make this place more prominent. People gather here on ram navami to celebrate the birth of lord ram. A small spring flowering closeby is the major attraction of the area. One can enjoy the beauty of the spring in a serene atmosphere of luxuriant green vegetation on the seven staired hill block. Saptasajya is ideal for picnic and relaxation.

How to Reach

This place is situated at a distance of 11 km from dhenkanal, which is the district headquarters and also the nearest railhead. The distance between bhubaneswar and dhenkanal is around 80 km. Regular bus services re also available from bhubaneswar to dhenkanal.

Where to Stay

There are several budget class hotels in dhenkanal town. One can avail of comfortable accommodation in these hotels at an affordable coast.


The highest peak of kapilash range consecrates the temple of lord shiva chandrasekhar at the height of about 457 metres. A perpetual spring exudes out of the top, and therefore the place is recognised with ‘kailash’ the mythological residence of lord shiva. An ascent of 1351 steps and also a ghat road heads to the temple. The hill has several caves as well as ruins of a medieval fort which are regularly visited by tourists. The natural atmosphere of this place is quite charming. The deer park and science park are two attractions in the area.

How to Reach

Kapilash is 26 km from dhenkanal which is the district headquarters and also the nearest railhead. The distance between bhubaneswar and dhenkanal is 80km, and regular bus services are available from bhubaneswar to dhenkanal.

Where to Stay

There are a lot of budget class hotels in dhenkanal town.


Chnadikole in the overlap of thickly forested hills and by the side of an enduring spring is a remarkably ideal spot both for nature lovers as well as religious people. This long hill named barunei adjoining seven hills has a beautiful green cover, full of a perennial source of water with a spring inside it from the middle to lower part of the mountain. The hill looks like a sleeping elephant. On the first adjoining foothill base, there is the temple of goddess chandi near perennial spring called ‘golden spring’ with pucca swimming ponds for bathing. The ashram of baba is an added attraction of this place.

How to Reach

Chandikole is 40 km from cuttack, and 70 km from bhubaneswar on the nh-5 bus and taxi service are available to chandikhole from both the cities.

Where to Stay

Very limited number of private hotels is available at chandikhole.


In the second adjacent foothill of barunei, there is the famous temple of mahavinayk. This is a significant centre of pilgrimage and tourism and is named after ganapati or vinayak, the revered divinity here. Mahavinayak consecrates five godheads in one lingam. Like chandikole here is also a perpetual spring ‘golden spring’ with pucca swimming ponds for bathing. One can reach chandi temple through forest route from mahavinayak temple, its natural beauty attracts many tourists in winter and summer as well. The picturesque view of the seven hills, ‘barunei’ with the lush green natural forest is a must-see sight for every nature lover. The visit of the place leaves an unforgettable impression on the mindset of visitors.

How to Reach

The place is only 5km from chandikhole and most of the tourists who visit there make it appoint to see mahavinayak also.


Entrench in the flourishing environs of the nilagiri hills the five lingams of panchalingeswar are the esteemed venue for infinite devotees. The place has procured its name from the five lingams-the deities who according to mythology, is the creator and destroyer of the universe. Bathing in the sparkling water of a perennial stream flowing over the panchalingeswar is enjoyable. Because of the serenity and beauty of surrounding environs, this is a lovely and favourite place for nature lovers.

How to Reach

This place is 30 km from balasore, which is the district headquarters and nearest railhead.

Where to Stay

A panthanivas which is run by the odisha tourism development corporation is situated near the panchalingeswar. Apart from it, several hotels are available at balasore for proper accommodation.


As a scenic spot barunei lures thousands of visitors all round the year. The perennial spring termed as ‘swarga ganga’ and the temple of brunei the directing deity set on the top of the hill are significant attractions of this spot. Visitors come to this place for picnics as well as for paying their devotional deference to the deity. Visitors can also enjoy dark mangroves on the hill.

How to Reach

This place is situated at a distance of 32 km from the capital city of bhubaneswar. Regular bus service and taxis are available.

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