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This Year Winter Blossoms with Seasonal Flowering

Winter Blossoms

No winter is delightful witnessing a wide range of beautiful flowers that are such a delight to lay our eyes on. Flowers are vivid, aromatic and include a lot of joy. This year we all have already been thrilled by the chilling environment of the winter. Winter season flowers are usually very flashy and look the most stunning under the dingy winter sky. There are thousands of plants and flowers that we see but with the perfect weather this year, we have witnessed many flowers grown in parks or in flower exhibitions or in the backyard. Even this year the flower nursery had a hugely profitable business also. Usually, in December and January, we witness seasonal flowering plants that hibernate and start blossoming in the first phase of spring. Having the advantage of a wonderful variety of colour and different forms these nurseries has a huge demand for various flower saplings during winter only. 

Apart from usual flowers nowadays we find many beautiful flowers that give a new texture to the outlook of gardens and parks. Let’s have a look at plants that comes during a dry spell of winters. 


Referred as a flower of love and passion, admiration, and obligation, it has a special kind of expressing emotions. Available in different types of colours whether in red, yellow, white, or pink, roses can bring a lively cheer to the garden. Planting a bare rooted rose is a must for every rose lover. “There are more than 20000 varieties of roses which also include hybrids. Roses are the most preferred plant purchased in winter. In other times these roses are sailed for less than half of the price. And every year we have a huge demand for roses” says Rashmi Nayak, owner of Maa Tarini Nursery, Cuttack. 


Lilies, the most perennial flower adds a salient elegance to the yard and garden. These have six plain or greatly marked petals and come in many beautiful colours, which include pink, gold, red, orange, and white. These large and long lance-shaped leaves are not that easy to maintenance. “There are a few important steps to be kept in mind while planting lilies as they don’t bloom in usual soil. A few weeks before the winter, is the perfect time for plantation. Enriching the soil with leaf mould or well-rotted organic matter is very important” Mr Rashmi Nayak further said. 


With a little effort on this breed, Dahlias is an ebullient variety of flowers that gives an enthralling look to the garden. These kinds of flowers have different sizes with more colours and unexpected shapes. More than 20,000 species are available worldwide but here we find a few species. Dahlias do need some warm temperature to grow and due to the straight posture of the plant, strong winds should be majorly avoided. One of the best things about Dahlias is it blooms for a very long period. 


The most popular garden flower comes in every colour but mostly in blue with a mound in borders gives that perfect alluring look in the garden. These are annual flowering plants that have a wide trumpet-shaped flower on the top. It blooms in both single and double but mostly of non-fragrance. “People usually buy hybrids as it gives more texture. Petunia is excellent for hanging baskets and as they are low growing so this needed to be planted in a large grouping.” shares Mr Laxmi Das, owner of Laxmi nursery, Cuttack. 


Bougainvillaea or commonly known as the “climber plant” is a tropical vine and blooms throughout the year. The most special thing about this flower is it can be planted both indoor and outdoor. This non-fragrance flower can grow in a pod or in a plant container. This flower blooms in a huge amount that we barely notice the leaves. There is a lot of variety of colours but here we mostly see white and pink. This hardy plant doesn’t need much treatment but watering and soiling is the utmost requirement for the plantation. Trimming at a regular interval of time is necessary as it grows quite fast and the sharp thrones can be painful. 


Antirrhinums, also known as “Snapdragon” are herbaceous perennial plants. These come in yellow or in white and are very much popular with the gardeners. There is an ancient reason for calling it Snapdragon because of their mouths which are exactly like a dragon’s mouth when snapped at the throat.  

Shiv Shankar, a local says “We often see this flower in parks at this wintertime and it’s so fascinating to see that structure. These flowers are so delicate that we had to take utmost care for their plantation.”  


Dianthus which is also known as “pink” belongs to the same family plants of Carnations. These flowers usually radiate a very sweet and exotic scent which is mostly to the fragrance of cloves and cinnamon provides garden and balconies with a unique freshness. We often find these in pink, salmon, Red and in white colour. “Dianthus is quite popular among the customer as they are perennial and don’t need much care. We sell different varieties of Dianthus which have different scents from tenuous to powerful” Says Mr Laxmi Das.    


This star-shaped flower has been derived from the Greek word “Aster” which means “star”. This long-stemmed flower makes for excellent cut flowers and is actually a relative of the sunflower. These flowers come in a rainbow of colours like white, red, purple, pink, lavender, mauve and lilac. It doesn’t matter what the colour is, the centre part will always be yellow.        

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