Top 10 Adventure Sports to Try in India if You’re Afraid of Water

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Are you jealous of the adrenaline-seeking scuba divers and parasailers? Is it because your phobia of water deters you from enjoying these experiences? Do not fret because various land adventure sports are waiting for you to try them out. There are numerous land adventure sports that give you the same and better experience of adventure and adrenaline. Additionally, they do not bother your fright towards water sports. Because of India’s tremendous geological variety, the nation offers a range of experiential exercises. With the expanding notoriety of adventure sports among the Indian population, numerous old and newfound experience sports are showing up. Covering practically all parts of nature, India has a list of insane adventure sports about exciting experiences.

Here, we have recorded the main ten adventure sports in India that should be on your list of must-dos:

1. Mountain Biking

Attempt mountain trekking if you are exhausted of the standard undertakings. With scopes of slopes and mountains from the nation over, mountain trekking is the new dependence for daredevils. Rough terrain riding bikes along harsh landscapes is very adrenaline-siphon.

 With its dry, rough courses height, and cold environment, Ladakh is one of the top mountain-trekking objections in the Indian Himalayas. Drawing in adventure addicts from one side of the planet to the other, the area profits many cycling courses testing even the fittest and experienced bikers. Riding bikes through these small and limited sections with the breeze in your hair close by beautiful scenes gains experiences that are only described as epic.

Best Season: Mid-June to September (Ladakh)

Approx. Cost: INR 30,000 – INR 40,000

2. Trekking 

Right from thorough expert trek areas to a simple ridge or fortress journey. India is an adventure center! With the overflow of nature and endless open terrains around it, it offers probably the best territories to adventurers.

Out of numerous well-known places for trekking, Himachal tops the rundown. With its ageless magnificence and entrancing valley sees, probably the best journey for novices is the Chandratal trip to Charang valley trek. This trip can be exhausting for summer and snow journeys, but Himachal will suit practically a wide range of travelers. With slight top-air, rough landscape, and eccentric breeze designs, Himachal Pradesh offers the most perilously invigorating trekking experience.

Best Season: March – June

Approx. Cost: INR 8500 – INR 30,000

3. Rock Climbing

With both regular and artificial locales, India offers a variety of rock climbing undertakings the nation over. For the people who are earnestly into rock climbing, we thoroughly suggest Sar Pass in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, where you would cross the Sar Pass while making a beeline for Biskeri Ridge from Tila Lotni. Situated at an elevation of 14000ft, Sar Pass is extraordinary for amateurs who need to attempt the Himalayan territories.

Best Season: May – October

Approx. Cost: INR 8500 – INR 12500

4. Paragliding

With self-directed Paragliding meetings accessible in many states the nation over, you can now conquer the skies without burning through heaps of money. Experience your dream of having the option to fly with all the safety and security at perhaps the best area for Paragliding.

Bir Billing, an excellent town inside the scenes of Dhauladhar Ranges of Himalayas, is otherwise called the Paragliding Capital of India. Offering short, medium, and long flights, Bir Billing is most certainly a list of must-dos strike-off.

Best Season: October and mid-June

Approx. Cost: INR 3500-INR 5500

5. Flying Fox/Zip Lining

Need to take a try at flying like Superman? Or, on the other hand, flying up high in super speed over the profound valley? Indeed, then, at that point, you should Zip Lining. Ziplining is also known as flying fox’s ubiquity has developed an unbelievable amount of fans for a couple of years and is one of the most famous adventure sports in India.

Munnar tops the rundown while searching for zip lining exercises. Here, you experience the adventure of drifting over the shocking tea nurseries of Munnar as you absorb the excellence of this green and peaceful slope station in Kerala.

Best Season: September to November, January – March

Approx. Cost: INR 200 – INR 500

5. Skydiving

Skydiving is a famous experience sport on most of the experience searcher’s list. This activity stuffed sport includes you tumbling from a large number of feet overhead and arriving with the assistance of a parachute.

Amby valley in Maharashtra is the top spot in India offers skydiving bundles consistently. The ethereal perspective on the locale is amazing. You would be prepared by proficient mentors and furnished with general wellbeing gears before dropping from around 10,000 feet.

Best Season: all year (except Monsoon season)

Approx. Cost: INR 25,000 – INR 30,000

6. Skiing

During winters, northern states like Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, and Himachal are under a thick blanket of snow which makes it the ideal climate for winter experience sports like Skiing. Auli in Uttarakhand is probably the best area for Skiing. Extraordinary for the two fledglings and gifted skiers, Auli offers elating opportunities for Skiing.

Best Season: late December and February

Approx. Cost: INR 7500 – INR 15000

7. Caving

Caving as an idiosyncratic experience has developed in India throughout recent years for those experience searchers who love investigating the dull and obscure ways of caverns. India has numerous unseen caverns even until the present time. With such countless spots to find, buckling goes about as the ideal method for investigating this huge district. The northeastern territory of Meghalaya is said to house the absolute longest and most unfathomable caverns in India, with the longest caverns being around 21 km.

Best Season: November to March

Approx. Cost: INR 5000

8. Dune Bashing

While Rajasthan is known for its hot food and beautiful sunsets, Dune Bashing is one of the most famous experience sports in this state. Jaisalmer is one of the top spots profiting ridge slamming exercises for travelers in the captivating city.

Best Season: November to March

Approx. Cost: INR 1500 – INR 3000

9. Zorbing

Zorbing is the most astounding and heart sore experience and can be appreciated with a lot of to-dos, superfluous to call attention to one of the wackiest that is as yet protected whenever endorsed out under great external strain regions. Zorbing offers you insight on moving down inside a sight-seeing balloon ball. Various circles have different incline supplies that can change on schedule and strength. They are silly and made of shock retentive material, safeguarding you while you partake in the close yet genuine unpleasant ride of your reality. The best spot to appreciate Zorbing is in New Zealand.

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