Top 10 Feel-Good Movies to Watch for a Better Mood

Feel-Good Movies

From time to time, it is essential to let everyone know that there is still a reason for being happy. There is a seashore ahead, regardless of how tough it is to sail today. With just a smile, life is so much better, and it is even better when the smile is only a tap away. They range from cuddly romantic, tear-jerking to creepy horror, edgy thrillers and funny melodrama. Each incredible movie has its own appeal. Still, those that leave a lasting impression are the rare gems. Such films are classified as “feel-good” films because they are never boring, no matter how old they become. The plot, dialogue, and characters are brilliantly written. 

Keeping that in mind, to put you in a good mood, we have humbly curated a list of 10 feel-good movies. These are blithely optimistic images of the brain-dead. They are all great movies carrying an uplifting message that is won, reflective, and will surely leave you smiling as the film ends.

1. Pitch Perfect (2012) 

This sleeper hit is promoted by a fun comic cast, led by Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, set in the highly competitive environment of Capella singing competition. It has the anti-the-odds, little-guys-versus-the-big-baddies traits of a great sports movie, except instead of touchdowns and goals and that kind of stuff, it has cheesy pop hits. It is rated 7.1 out of 10 and also as PG- 13. It is a must-watch on a tiring day with some snacks and drinks.

2. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (2008) 

The movie started today and plays in a flashback. In Bollywood movies, this film fits into the chart of ‘iconic airport scenes.’ It is a romantic comedy depicting the relationship between Jai and Aditi, who don’t know that they are life-long soulmates. When envy and lack of warmth start ruining their relationship after they date other individuals, they realise their feelings for one another. IMDb rated it 7.5/10.

3. Matilda (1996) 

There is nothing subtle about the optimistic message from Matilda. The version of Roald Dahl’s children’s classic by Danny DeVito is a movie that embraces the kind, imaginative, and unreserved underdogs. The great characters have sweet names like Miss Honey and Lavender, while the bad guys have dissonant, cringe-y names like Trunchbull and Wormwood, each of them distinctly hideous except for their shared inhumanity, and it is 100% pure in celebrating the best of humanity through the tale. IMDb rated: 6.9/10.

4. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013) 

This 3-hour film is a full dose of enjoyment: friendships, romance, heartbreaks, job, wedding. This recounts the intriguing journey of four friends on a trip making life treasuring memories. The iconic “Life mein Kuch bhi karo bunny, Kuch na kuch reh hi jaata hai” dialogue which means that no matter how much you try, certain things are left unfinished in life. This not only taught us a lesson, but this also made us feel that we were mastering the art of stopping the moment’ instead of running and leaving a bubble of regrets hidden by happiness.

IMDb rated: 7.1/10

5. Tootsie (1982) 

The failing actor, Michael takes the bonkers choice to disguise himself as a woman to win the part of a lifetime when he was played by Dustin Hoffman and he could not find any work. Not only does this become even more fun, but also incredibly moving, by not playing any of it as broad as that seems. The way the world views you is about upending. The movie is raucously funny yet touching at the same time. 

IMDb rated: 7.4/10

6. 3 Idiots (2009) 

All Izz Well? And if it is not, watch the film, then. 3 Idiots recounts the lives of engineering students in India based on the book ‘Five Point Anyone’. It calls attention to different aspects, from the faulty education system to pushing parents to make their children’s decisions. It offers big friendship goals, aside from lessons in life, adorned with clever dialogues and stunning songs no one could get bored of. 

IMDb rated: 8.4/10

7. Crazy Rich Asians (2018) 

Crazy Rich Asians, offering a swoon-worthy duo in Constance Wu’s Rachel and Henry Golding’s Nick, laugh-out-loud jokes from Awkwafina, and a cinematic vibrancy that made the genre come to life again, arrived after years of rom-com wilderness. It will have you smiling at the Mandarin cover of Coldplay’sYellow’ with a bit of happy-crying. It is guaranteed to make you fall in love with romcoms if you are not a fan. 

IMDb rated: 6.9/10

8. Qareeb Qareeb Single (2017) 

Irrfan Khan is gone, but a smile will be put on someone’s face by his impactful performance and appealing personality. Qareeb Qareeb Single is one of the most overlooked movies and was released in 2017. Two single adults, Jaya and Yogi, revolve around the plot. The quest for a partner is the only string which keeps these two polar personalities united. Jaya continues to remain single after the loss of her husband, but she chooses to sign up for an online dating app after continuous family pressure, where she met Yogi, who is a poet and a ‘living the moment’ man, who encourages her to move on in life.

IMDb rated: 7.1/10

9. Sing Street (2016) 

It was just a modest launch success, but you can seek out the jaunty musical by John Carney. A boy with rancorous home life, no school mates and a keenness to please an older girl creates his band, influenced by the 80s’ biggest bands. Unforgettable songs, an unknown cast’s winning performances and strong confidence that things will finally okay make this an A+ mood-enhancer.

IMDb rated: 7.9/10.

10. Dear Zindagi (2016) 

The title has it all – Dear Zindagi is a cult classic which will instantly turn your mood to the happier mode. Outstanding performances, excellent dialogues, and catchy songs leave the viewers with a lasting impression. A new view of life (Zindagi) is given every time one watches it. This movie gives us a refreshing take on love and family, and for most parts, it sticks to its guns before succumbing to the perceived public demand. It will surely inspire you in unexpected ways.

IMDb rated: 7.6/10.

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