Top 12 Women Travel Groups in India for Women Travelers Only

Women Travel Groups in India for Women Travelers Only

While solitary vacations have their own allure, going out with a group of girls adds a whole new dimension to the experience; and you may still do so by simply joining up a reliable travel club. Therefore, we have made a list of the top 12 Woman travel groups in India that are ideal for women who prefer to travel with their moms, sisters, girlfriends, and/or other female companions rather than alone. An ideal vacation should be safe and enjoyable, and the below-mentioned groups are dedicated to achieving that goal. You can choose between luxury retreats and weekend trips; domestic or international travel with like-minded women.

1. Wow

Women on Wanderlust (WOW) was formed by Sumitra, a seasoned traveller and writer who seek to encourage the “woman traveller phenomenon.” This woman travel group in India takes women travellers who have problems finding travel companions beyond the hassle of venturing out alone, reducing expenses through cost-sharing, and most significantly, helping to develop a community of female travellers. WOW created the all-women travel concept in 2005 in India and now organizes over a hundred tours per year to 50 different sites in India and abroad.

2. Women Travelling Together

Debra Asberry, a 40-year-old woman who wished to travel but not alone, launched Women Traveling Together in 1997. For the next seven months, she recruited women who had a strong desire to travel in order to form an organization that would cater to the needs of female travellers. WTT has developed a successful tour concept for female travellers that is distinct from tours for couples and other travel groups throughout the years.

3. Jugni

Nitesh Chauhan and Rohit Khattar, the founders of a woman travel group in India named Jugni, saw how crucial it was for women to be able to travel freely and independently. With Jugni, you can travel in a group of up to 14 people or go solo if that’s your preference! Incredibly, you have complete control over your vacation experience and can embark on an adventure you’ve always wanted to do!

4. Soul Purpose

Vidya Deshpande founded Soul Purpose to allow women to go to places that are less-known. All of the tours include a variety of activities such as river rafting, wildlife tourism, trekking, boating, kayaking, and so on. Apart from high-octane activities, this woman travel group in India offer cultural trails, picture walks, culinary experiences, and other things that allow you to learn more about the local culture and customs. The tours provide much more than just visiting a site; you may take your time and enjoy the scenery.

5. Appooppanthaadi

Appooppanthaadi is a women travel group in India situated in Thiruvananthapuram. The club, which was founded by women who loved travelling, is dedicated to discovering the country’s hidden jewels. They’ve taken numerous groups on exciting tours across Karnataka, such as coffee trails. One thing is certain: if you want to visit the southern half of the nation, you must contact this organization.

6. Diva Odysseys

Diva Odysseys is a small-group trip company that thinks that every lady deserves to travel in elegance and luxury. The specifically crafted trips by the woman travel group provide unmatched experiences for the divas, allowing them to explore stunning landscapes, learn about local culture, and sample unique cuisine. This travel agency pampers women and allows them to experience life in a ‘Queen’-size manner. Each journey is accompanied by either Founder Neena or a diplomat. Diva Odysseys urge you to celebrate life, whether you are single, married, a homemaker, or a professional.

7. Women On Clouds Club

WOC or Women on Clouds Club is one of the women travel groups in India that have been touring areas of India, Turkey and Bhutan. Each tour group returns with more fascinating experiences than the last. WOC caters to small women’s groups with well-designed itineraries and flawless food, lodging, and transport arrangements for women from all walks of life who join these groups.

8. F5Escapes

Yet another woman travel group in India F5Escapes is an experiential travel company founded by Malini Gowrishankar. This Bangalore based firm designs women travelling in a way that goes beyond travellers’ expectations. Malini Gowrishankar F5Escapes specializes in creating and delivering all-women travel experiences. They provide all-women scheduled departure excursions as well as tailor-made itineraries for women’s groups and families. It aims to create a strong community of women travellers and non-travellers alike, in addition to providing an exceptional travel experience. By integrating local communities and promoting community projects, they want to add a social aspect to tourism. While routes are painstakingly planned, safety procedures and inspections are also in place.

9. Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company

This is a Ladakhi women-owned company that runs a woman travel group in India. They specialize in organizing homestay treks and supplying hikers with female guides and porters and had been founded by Thinlas Chorol, Ladakh’s most experienced female guide. The goal is to inspire Ladakh’s women, particularly in rural districts, to display their qualities and capabilities. They provide the ladies in the communities the opportunity to meet new people and learn about other cultures through homestays.

10. Wovoyage

While Wovoyage is not exactly a travel organization, this business deserves particular attention since it strives to make women’s travel safer. They not only plan vacations for Indian women, but also for ladies who are visiting our nation. They take care of everything, from lodging to transportation to guides and interpreters. If you’re travelling alone, you may also request a travel companion to accompany you on your journey. All of their trips are customized for each party. The greatest thing is that they also create themed excursions, so bachelorette plans are taken care of!

11. Wonderful World

Join Wonderful World, one of the best women travel groups in India if you wish to visit off-the-beaten-path destinations like Myanmar, Cambodia, and Andretta or learn about their cultures, and sample the local food. This organization will lead you on a path of self-discovery, enjoyment, and liberation. They make the journey safer by selecting the best lodging options. Small group vacations are organized by Wonderful World so that you can completely enjoy some alone time. They do provide personalized trips based on individual tastes.

12. The Wander Girls

With The Wander Girls (TWG), you can travel the world with like-minded women. This woman travel group in India carefully design itineraries that include sightseeing, archaeology, culture, gastronomy, and shopping – those are the magic words! To cater to a wide range of interests, they offer a variety of trips, such as exploring unique tourist attractions, epic journeys, backpacking, roommate weekends away, rural encounter, retail explorations, meditation and health and wellbeing sessions, mother-daughter outings, weekend stops, chillaxing jacuzzi getaways, and reciting leisure. They also offer special events in various locations that allow people to meet and form social bonds.

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