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Top Things to Do This Valentine’s Day to Make it Super Exciting


From arranging candlelight dinners to surprise gifts, we never forget to make our loved ones feel how much we love them and care about them on Valentine’s day. If you like to surprise your partner like me, start planning now to make this valentine’s day an exciting one in advance. Perhaps, if you are clueless about how to go about planning this valentine’s day, don’t worry as we got you covered this time. Below I have shared some super exciting and cute ideas that can make your and your partners’ valentines’ day a memorable one. 

1. Send your partner for a treasure hunt this valentine’s day

Who does not like treasure hunting if you have an assured surprise out there? Give your loved one a map where you have hidden a surprise and make him/her hunt like a scavenger hunt. You can include handwritten clues decorated with rose petals and hearts to lessen the burden of your partner’s quest.

2. Try making heart-shaped food

You can always find food that can be cooked or baked such as Pizza and a cake. Figure out new techniques that can make your food a perfect heart-shaped. You can share them on your Instagram page too.

3. Eat breakfast in bed this valentine’s day

Unlike other mornings, try having your breakfast in your bed this valentine’s day. Believe me, it will be more like a private lounging in bed and a nice change from everyday mornings.

4. Go for a long drive

If you have no plans till the last minute, no problem. You don’t need a perfect plan or a destination to hang around with your loved one, isn’t it? All you need this valentine’s day is a sense of adventure after a tiresome year. So, spread your wings and let go of all the worries. In fact, you must make your drive adventurous by exploring those places which you have never been to.

5. Take some time to make a relationship scrapbook

Many partners do not like to get involved in craft although it is always one of the most relaxing things to do. Gather some old photos, memorable receipts, or any old travel tickets to make a book of relationship. Believe me, this book will become both a craft and a treasure for you.

6. Play tourist or go for a hike this valentine’s day

You must have explored every hook and corner of your city. Figure out if there is any landmark or a special place that you have missed. Become a tourist and take tons of pictures to make yourself feel like in a tourist destination for a day. If you have enough time, you can plan a hike this valentine’s day to a nearby destination. There are many hikes which are of great fun. All you need is a good partner and good planning.

7. Enjoy a glass of wine and chocolate while having a movie marathon

Both chocolate and wine are delicious but are tastier when tasted together. To add more, grab popcorn and settle down for a movie marathon on your favourite couch this valentine.

8. Craft something with your partner

Consider trying something crafty this valentine’s day at home. You can opt for a project which can be placed in your house like a creative picture frame or a showpiece. Indulge your partner equally and create an exclusive piece to cherish it for the rest of the year.

9. Take a bath together this Valentine’s day

A bubble bath is like experiencing a honeymoon. Surround your bathtub with candles, sprinkle some rose petals in your bathtub and keep a tray of chocolate near you which you can have with a glass of champagne while resting in your partner’s arm. Once finished, get a bottle of oil to give your loved one a massage therapy for at least half an hour. Set the mood with soft music and candles to make your valentine’s day more memorable.

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