30 Web Series That Can Give You #FOMO!

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Netflix and Chill has become the trendiest catchy phrase nowadays. However, there are more than just Netflix on your radar when you say so. OTT platforms have flourished with excellent content in every genre, especially after the outbreak of the pandemic. TVF, Hotstar, Voot, SonyLive, Zee5, TVF, Dice Media are some of the popular content platforms that provide you entertaining web series. If you have started binge watching web series, you must not miss out on some really awesome series available on different platforms. Here’s a mixed bag of the best web series in every genre so that you can choose according to your mood.

30 Web Series That Can Give You #FOMO!

1. Gullak

Gullak is the perfect light mood family drama web series. It will surely bring laughter, tears, and memories of your family member as you watch. You cannot fail to relate your real-life family with the characters if you are born in a middle-class family. Gullak has two seasons and is available on TVF. From a middle-class family’s struggle, sacrifices to the fundamental value of sticking together, this web series in Hindi is a must-watch if you are staying away from your family. You are sure to realize how important your family is even when you take them for granted.

2. Out of Love

Out of Love, constructed on the concept of ‘Foster Doctor’ is one of the best Hotstar web series. This Hindi web series portrays a love-hate story between a husband and wife. It comes with an element of surprise and lots of twists as you watch every episode. It revolves around the life of a woman and how she handles a cheating husband. Surely, a perfect family can break down into pieces with just a mistake. This web series is a great binge watch choice owing to the gripping story. The best thing is that Hotstar has released season 2 of ‘Out of Love’ recently. So, no need of waiting to know the end game.

3. The Last hour

If you love watching supernatural drama, The Last Hour is definitely your pick. It is one of the latest web series releases in 2021 on Amazon Prime. This show has a twisted tale of a boy who has the capability of reliving the last hour of any dead person. The story revolves around this boy and the struggle of fighting evil to protect the power going into the wrong hands. It certainly has a love story aspect as well. However, if you are someone who loves watching supernatural power war without a horror touch, you will surely love this Hindi web series.

4. Tandav

Tandav is one of the most controversial Hindi web series of 2021. Released on Amazon Prime, this web series is a political drama with too much relevance to our Indian politics. It has portrayed how power can manipulate you emotionally. The representation of grass root level politics in Indian colleges is perfect. You will love binge watching this show even if you do not have the slightest interest in politics. The suspense and the twisted story keep your eyes glued till the last minute of the last episode. Unfortunately, season 2 is yet to be released but with several ban threats, it is far in the future.

5. Kota Factory

Remember the days before your 12th board? This TVF web series is sure to take you back to those days. Kota Factory revolves around the preparation for IIT entrance exams in Kota. It touches on some simple yet most relevant aspects of life during this phase of life. The most striking feature of this series is that it is completely black and white. It is definitely a clever trick to take the audience a few steps back in their own life. If you hated chemistry back those days, a great monologue awaits you in one of the episodes. Overall, the Kota factory will definitely touch your heart and remind you about that teacher who had guided you once.

6. Locke & Key

Love fantasy story? This Netflix web series is the ultimate binge watch for you. Locke & Key revolves around three kids who shifted to their ancestral house. This house is full of mysteries and awaits a fearful journey. This horror suspense drama is fun to watch as you come to know the magical power of the Keys. The gripping story will surely take you to a supernatural world that you will love. You can treat this English web series as an escape from reality. Season 2 is expected to release in mid-2021.

7. Bombay Begums

This controversial Netflix web series has presented different phases of a woman’s life through five female characters. It undoubtedly has a cinematic screenplay that may seem a bit off-beat from the realistic screenplay nowadays. However, this Hindi web series has touched on multiple aspects of ambitious women and also the journey of a girl’s transformation into a woman. Binge watching this show is a quick reality check of how far women empowerment actually exists in society. It has covered several ‘hush hush’ topics that led to several legal implications. However, Bombay Begums is worth your time if you do not possess a chauvinist mentality.  

8. Who Killed Sara?

It is a Spanish web series that you can watch the Hindi dubbed version on Netflix. ‘Who Killed Sara?’ is a thriller series revolving around the murder of Sarah and the wrongful conviction of her brother for the crime. It is all about avenging Sara’s death and unveiling the real killer. In the first season, there are several twists and arrow of crime keeps on shifting. The second season has been released recently but still, there are numerous unanswered questions about Sara’s murder. This web series is traveling in the shadows with the hope of reaching the light at the end of the tunnel.

9. Paatal Lok

It has been recognized as one of the most popular Amazon Prime web series. It has a compelling thriller story revolving around police and criminals. A mediocre Delhi cop is handed a high-profile case with the hope of not solving it. But surprisingly, this cop digs deeper than everyone expected. He gets his hands on four suspects who are linked to the underworld. The series has a gripping build-up to keep you on your toes till the last minute. It has touched several aspects of life such as dog love, corruption, casteism, etc. If you have a taste for a realistic thriller, this is the perfect binge watch for you.

10. Little Things

An immensely popular web series that started way back with dice media and then undertaken by Netflix. The USP of this Hindi web series is the relevance every individual finds while watching every single episode. You can say it’s a story of 21st century relationship that passes through several phases. While the first two seasons will make you emotional, the third will surely make you cry. There is a huge fan base of Little Things and they are waiting eagerly for the fourth season. If you want a light mood watch, Little Things is the perfect pick. If you are looking for some relationship gyan, this series can teach you the fundamentals of a successful relationship.

11. Maharani

Maharani is one of the latest releases from SonyLiv in 2021. It is a well-scripted political drama based in Bihar. It is the emergence of an uneducated village woman into a powerful political figure. The casteism has been exposed openly through this series. Maharani has shown the mirror of existing political and social scenarios with bitter truths being told bluntly. The realistic acting is impressive and can steal your heart. It is definitely one of the best political web series you can binge watch.

12. Money Heist

You must come across ‘Bella Ciao’ and ‘Professor’ on social media. With immense popularity and a huge fan base for Professor, how can we not include Money Heist in our list? The story involves plotting heists and executing them with a team of robbers. Every character has unique characteristics that will surely imprint an ever-lasting impression on your mind. There are already 4 seasons streaming on Netflix right now. The release of Season 5 has been announced on September 2021. If you have not watched this web series yet, you are missing out on a great web series.

13. Aspirants

UPSC is the toughest exam you may ever dream of cracking. This TVF web series has been released recently to portray the struggle during the preparation for UPSC exams. It shows the life before and after cracking UPSC parallelly. It has shown how aspirants deal with mental struggle every minute and they even leave out integral relationships behind running towards their goal. Sandeep Bhaiyya in this series has become popular for his subtle character. While the script has been tightly written, the acting of every actor is phenomenal. If you have not watched this series yet, you must watch it now.

14. Delhi Crime

It is one of the best Indian web series based on the Nirbhaya case. This series has shown a vivid picture of the police’s procedure to find and catch the rapists. The storytelling is breathtaking and narratives are sure to bring tears to your eyes. As it is based on a true incident, you may find it to be cruel at some point. Watch it only if you can take the reality in its raw form.

15. Tripling

This TVF web series is all about a road trip with siblings. Three siblings set out on an unplanned road trip. If you want to laugh out, lighten your mood or want a quick refreshment, this Indian web series can be your go-to. It is also available on SonyLiv now. There are two seasons and we bet you will love watching them.

16. Scam 1992

Stock market has always been a temptation for the common man to earn quick money. This Indian web series is based on the life story of Harshad Mehta. The story begins with the ambition of Harshad Mehta to become rich to end with a catastrophic downfall due to a financial scam expose in 1992. Even if you do not know s of stocks, you will enjoy watching this series. It is streaming on SonyLiv Catchy dialogues like ‘Risk hai to Ishq hai’ are a great USP of this series.

17. Wanda Vision

Wanda Vision is the perfect binge watch series for Marvel fans. It involves Wanda and her life with vision. The first two episodes will make you feel that you are watching a sitcom from the 1960s. As the series progress, you will reveal many more secrets that can baffle you for some minutes. This web series is a perfect blend of family drama with sci-fi.

18. Mirzapur

Mirzapur has taken OTT platforms by storm with its popularity. Even if you have not watched the series, you must have come across memes based on this series. This Amazon prime series provides you thriller and drama revolving around the mafia boss of Mirzapur. With subtle comedy and twisted plots, this show is sure to keep you on your toes. There is frequent use of slang and plenty of adult content. Make sure to wear your headphone if you do not want to be beaten up by your parents!

19. Kaafir

This Zee5 series can be stated as underrated web series that you must watch. It revolves around the life of a woman who was wrongfully detained by the Indian Government just because she was Pakistani. Vedant, an Indian lawyer and journalist help out this woman to get back to her country Pakistan. This series openly portrays the stressful relationship between India and Pakistan. You can binge watch this superb series if you want to watch a story about humanity above nationality.

20. Abhay

If you like to watch a raw crime thriller, this Zee5 web series brings you a collection of unique murder investigation stories. The story revolves around Abhay, leader of the Special task Force, and his investigation. Each episode brings forward unique psychopath murdering people while the whole season has a binding story running parallel. If you have the guts to witness raw murders, this series may seem addictive.

21. Panchayat

Panchayat is another light-minded binge watch series available on Amazon Prime. It revolves around a city guy who has been posted as a Panchayat secretary in a remote village. With humorous scenes making you laugh out, this show presents the simplicity of villagers and their open arms to accept anyone as of their own in no time. Indian village lifestyle has been portrayed beautifully. Binge watch this series if you want to refresh your mind.

22. Ghoul

Ghoul is a gripping horror tale presented with dark background throughout the series. This Netflix web series can give you goosebumps with the presentation of the Pre-Islamic Arabian monstrous humanoid, Ghoul. The first few minutes may seem confusing until you reveal the whole story at the end of the series. It also preaches the subtle message of how brainwashing people with a false notion of nationalism can destroy them. You are sure to binge watch all three episodes in one go. Warning: It may take away your night’s sleep for that day.

23. Breathe into the shadow

Breathe was a Hindi Tamil web series that debuted in 2018. Breathe into the shadows was supposedly the sequel Amazon prime series. However, these two series are completely unlinked and deal with two different stores. Breathe into the shadows is a mind-bending story of a psychologist. His daughter is kidnapped and the kidnapper wants him to kill some specific people. The unveiling of the kidnapper may leave you awestruck. No spoiler for you here, just go and watch!

24. Hostages

Hostages is an Indian web series streaming on Hotstar. The story revolves around Prithvi, a reputed retired police officer. He holds a doctor’s family as a hostage and forces the doctor to kill CM while operating him. The second season picks up the story where it ended in the previous season. This time Prithvi and his companions get trapped in such a situation that the police force thinks of them as hostages and makes efforts to release them. This web series has been designed well to make you keep guessing the next step every time.

25. Pitchers

Pitchers is another quality content from TVF. The realistic and relatable events patched with hilarious comedy will surely entertain you throughout the series. It has been designed well for the Indian audience who are still reluctant to leave their jobs to fulfill their dream of running a start-up. This series is mind-refreshing and motivating. Give it a go if you have a start-up dream at the corner of your mind.

26. Inside Edge

If you love cricket, you will surely love to binge watch this Amazon prime series. Inside Edge presents the money gamble related to cricket. This sports-drama web series puts forward match-fixing as its central theme. Fame, greed, and power has been portrayed as the driving force in the storyline. The script will instigate you to keep predicting at every unpredictable turns. The gripping story will surely entertain you.

27. Jamtara- Sabka Number Aayega

Have you received any call from your bank asking for your debit or credit card details? Well, you are being scammed. Jamtara is all about the story of the other side, i.e, the scammers. This Netflix original series exposes the story of these scammers and how they actually run a successful business of scamming people. Does it only involve illiterate poor people or does this game involve bigger players? If the concept interests you, do not wait till tomorrow to watch this web series.

28. Made in Heaven

This Amazon prime web series revolves around two wedding planners. They plan big fat Indian wedding and every episode brings out some social issues that are often related to Indian marriages. It has thrown light on dowry, virginity test, mangalik superstitions, and many such social issues that are often hidden behind the pomp and show of weddings. It shreds down the curtain of a sophisticated show-off in upper class families. The beautiful fabrication of such events will surely touch your heart.

29. Asur: Welcome to Your dark side

This Voot select Hindi web series deals with the underlying Hindu mythology of Asura. It is basically a crime thriller that has twists and turns in every episode. The fast-paced story does not neglect to show any details. It is the twisted story of a psychopath killer who kills people based on the philosophy of Asura. The story goes back and forth to present the link between past and present events. However, there are some puzzle pieces still left to produce the whole picture. If you want to watch a crime thriller, Asur is definitely one of the top web series choices.

30. The Family Man

The Family Man is one of the top-rated web series streaming on Amazon Prime. The story revolves around Srikant, a world-class spy who has hidden his real job role from his family. He juggles familial responsibility and his secret work life. Srikant fights against terrorists and is trying to save the country from a deadly gas attack planned by terrorists. Season 2 trailer of The Family Man has been released recently. Once you complete the first season, we bet you will be waiting for season 2 arrival eagerly.

The Bottom Line

Web series have become a great source of recreation nowadays. With good quality content on OTTs and a list of the best Indian web series, you can spend hours without stepping out of your home. It is indeed a great perk in this lockdown period. With the flood of content , it can be difficult to choose one web series out of thousands. No doubt that you hate it when the web series you pick is not worth your time. In order to help you out in the selection, we have assimilated the best of best web series of all flavors: romance, crime, thriller, horror, mystery, mythology and so much more. Hope this list will help you watch the shows that worth your time.

Happy Binge Watching!

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