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Why Are Trees in India Painted with Red and White Colour?

Why Are Trees in India Painted with Red and White Colour?

Passing under the shade of trees on a hot sunny day, you might have occasionally wondered why the base of these trees are painted in white and red. You must have frequently seen a row of trees on the side of the road or highway. Ever wondered why are they painted? What difference does it make to the tree? Actually, there is science behind it too. Know how this affects the trees?

The method of painting the base of tree trunks with thin covered white lime (calcium hydroxide) and red geru (sinopia or red ochre powder). The alternate white and red bands are roughly 30 cm to 40 cm wide. Lime (calcium hydroxide) is alkaline, whereas geru (red ochre powder or sinopia) is acidic in nature and rich in iron oxide. This combination helps to cover trees from fungal problems and potential pest attacks.

Scientifically there are several reasons for painting trees. Lime and geru are used to paint them. By painting, the tree does not get insects or termites and the age of the tree increases. This helps to protect the outer layer of the tree. Experts say, if lime is applied on the outer layer, its bark does not crack or indeed break especially during winters.

There are many trees that have been cut from over. Yet the whole tree is painted white. There is a scientific reason behind this too. The white colour used in panting protects the new follicles that are damaged by the direct shafts of the sun. Due to the white colour, the threat of damage to the new shoots decreases.

There is another reason for painting the trees white. These trees, painted in white colour on long distance roads, also act as a road sign when there is light on the road. In the dark when the light falls on them, it becomes clear how wide the path is. Especially in densely forested routes, this is surely done and the motorist gets help.

Oil paint should no way be used to paint trees. This can have a bad effect on the growth of trees. If lime and geru are used, then the volume of water should be increased, so that the trees are not harmed in any way.

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