Top 15 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India to Encounter the Wild

Top 15 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India to Encounter the Wild

Visiting a wildlife sanctuary always brings us one step closer to nature. We enjoy the quiet and serene atmosphere of the park as well as love walking past big trees during forest trails and tours. Many wildlife safaris are available that guides and supports us so that we get to visit the best sightseeing and places of interest. So, if you seek planning a holiday in India which is full of thrill and exclusiveness, check our list of top 15 wildlife sanctuaries in India to encounter the wild. 

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary in Chikmagalur

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary in Chikmagalur

This wildlife sanctuary covers a massive area not less than 490 sq. Kilometres and is surrounded by the Western Ghats in Karnataka. The heaven touching peak of the mountain looks like a crown with a snow-covered ring of the Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary. The wildlife park is full of flora and fauna where visitors can enjoy tan brown leaves of the trees. The river flowing amidst the forest area seems like whistling as it passes through the woods and therefore, this wildlife sanctuary has been given the name of Bhadra. 

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad

Wayanad has the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala which has some engendered and rare species of flora and fauna. The forest region is surrounded by Mudumalai of Tamil Nadu and Bandipur and Nagarhole of Karnataka. This wildlife sanctuary acts as an integral part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve in India and was founded in the year 1973. Wayanad Wildlife sanctuary is divided into two parts: Tholpetty and Muthanga. While Muthanga lies to the southern part of Wayanad beside Bandipur Tiger Reserve of Karnataka, Tholpetty is located at the northern side beside Nagarhole Range of Karnataka. 

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in Munnar

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in Munnar

Situated in the Western Ghats, Chinnar wildlife sanctuary belongs to Idukki District and is spread in a huge area of around 90.44 sq. kilometres. Many indigenous plants and animals can be seen here that makes Chinnar wildlife sanctuary favourite among tourists. Medicinal plants along with start tortoise can also be discovered in the forest area. If you go for trekking, be aware that the forest abodes some wild creatures like grey langur, spotted deer, giant squirrel, crocodile and elephant among several others. Although the government has restricted entering in some of its parts, you can still enjoy flora and fauna of natural habitats within the protected lands. Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is among 12 protected wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala along with being recorded as a world heritage sites by UNESCO. Some of the important peaks in the sanctuary include Nanadala Malai, Viriyoottu Malai, Kumarikkal Mala and Vellaikal Malai peak. The park also has a beautiful waterfall named Thoovanam waterfall that lies on Pambar Riverbank.  

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary in Mussoorie

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Benog Wildlife Sanctuary in Mussoorie

Benog wildlife sanctuary is a part of Rajaji National park and is situated at a distance of 11 km from the Library End Road. Due to beautiful mountains and serene climate, this place is considered among the most visited place in the hill town. Many of the mountains in Benong Wildlife sanctuary is near extinction however, the sanctuary abodes many rare species like a red-billed blue magpie, leopards and birds. You can also go for a trail or a walk above pine-clad slopes that is surrounded by Himalayan range and visit an ideal bird-watching site or capture the excellent view of Bandarpunch and Chaukhamba peaks. Since this wildlife sanctuary in India has several medicinal plants, it is also known as Vinog Mountain Quail Sanctuary. 

National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary

National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary can be reached easily from Agra as it is just an hour away from the city. This is a perfect place for the wildlife enthusiasts because it homes some rare and endangered species of animals and plants. The most attractive feature of the forest includes Red-crowned turtle, Indian skimmers, Gharial and Gangetic dolphins besides a few others. The forest area is surrounded by the Chambal river which is one of the cleanest rivers in India. The wildlife sanctuary offers its visitors with a unique combination of unpolluted habitat, amazing landscape, abundant wildlife and medieval temples that have been ruined with time. Along with tourists many naga sadhus meditates in the forest and to stay away from city life. You can hire a motorboat to travel up and down of the river which flows amidst ravines, giving viewers a picturesque view. 

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary in Kumbhalgarh

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary in Kumbhalgarh

Situated in the Rajasmand district of Rajasthan, Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is spread across 578 sq. kilometres area and stretches up till Aravalli hills. It also touches few parts of Pali, Udaipur and Rajasmand and encompasses ancient Kumbhalgarh fort. For ones who consider Rajasthan a desert state will get surprised for sure while visiting this densely populated forest. You can travel through the green tracks which act as a line between two separate zones of Rajasthan named as Marwar and Mewar. The Kumbhalgarh Wildlife sanctuary was once an official place for royal hunting and got converted as protected lands in 1971. This wildlife sanctuary is famous due to having 40 strong wolf pack that can be rarely seen in other parts of the country. This place also abodes some rare and endangered animal species bedsides 200 kinds of birds. In Kumbhalgarh forest, you can enjoy horseback safari, jeep safari and trekking. Encounter the wild and beauty of this sanctuary along with exploring Bhil and Garasia tribes living in this region. 

Jaldapara National Park

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Jaldapara National Park

Jaldapara National Park is located in the Himalayas Eastern foothills and is famous for elephants, Bengal tigers, rhinoceros, spotted deer, wild pig, sambhar deer and bison. This place is also a home of several kind birds such as the fishing eagle and crested eagle, peafowl, Indian hornbill and Bengal florican besides many more. You can visit Gorumara National park situated nearby along with ruins of an ancient fort inside the Chilapata woods. If you love travelling on elephant backs, Jaldapara National Park is a perfect place where you will find innumerable elephants along with safari rides on hire. 

Govind Pashu Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarakhand

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Govind Pashu Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarakhand

Established in the year 1955, Govind Pashu Vihar wildlife sanctuary homes several kinds of flora and fauna and is an important part in Uttarakhand state. The sanctuary is located at the Uttarkashi district and was initially established as wildlife sanctuary but was later transferred into a national park. The area around this national park is rich in mythological legends and is associated with a famous epic Ramayana. It is said that while Lord Rama’s brother Laxman was injured severely in a war, Hanuman visited this place to search Sanjeevani, a medicinal plant with strong powers. 

Hemis High Altitude Wildlife Sanctuary in Leh Ladakh 

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Hemis High Altitude Wildlife Sanctuary in Leh Ladakh

This wildlife sanctuary is located at a high altitude ranging in between 3,300 to 6,000 meters above sea level. Hemis High Altitude wildlife sanctuary is the highest as well as the biggest park in South Asia. Many snow leopards can be found in the forest area besides Ibex, Bharal, Shapu among many others. Many steppe and alpine trees can be seen growing around the region along with small shrubs in the bottom of the valley. Some 73 varieties of birds are registered in the forest which resides in this place and thus seems to be a tempting landscape for nature lovers. 

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary in Jamshedpur

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary in Jamshedpur

This wildlife sanctuary in India is popular for its forest tourism and wild elephants residing in the place. The elephants of Dalma or Dalma Hathi is quite popular and feared by people living nearby Jamshedpur’s Puruliya. This wildlife sanctuary was inaugurated by Sanjay Gandhi in the year 1975 and is home of thousands of animals, trees and bird species. The dense forest of Dalma hills has a shimmering Subarnarekha river besides several places where you can find rare flora and fauna. When a steel plant of JN Tata was established near Subarnarekha river, the wild parts of the forest got a little shunted. But whatever lies there still proves to be a paradise for nature lovers. Many elephants migrate in the lands of Dalma forest every year which adds to the gathering of people from nearby villages and towns. 

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary in Nizamabad

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary in Nizamabad

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area not less than 130 sq. kilometres and was established in the year 1952 to serve as a hunting ground for the Nizams’. The sanctuary is named after a lake, Pocharam that was formed here after constructing a dam on Allair river in between 1916 to 1922. The beautiful place does take many travellers and tourists for a surprise because of scenic beauty throughout the hills. If you love trekking, a 4.5 kilometres stretch is provided which pass through the densely populated forest. This gives chilling experience to the tourists who loves enjoying the wild ambience of the forest. Tourist can wash their feet’s in the flowing water nearby or enjoy watching the intertwined branches of the jungle trees.  

Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary in Porbandar

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary in Porbandar

Barda Hills wildlife sanctuary is around 15 kilometres ways from Porbandar and is divided among two districts, Jamnagar and Porbandar. The forest area is lush green and is surrounded by wastelands, agricultural fields and the hilly terrain of Barda. Peculiar fauna exhibits in this place which includes butterflies, chameleon, lion, ratel, spotted eagle, wolf and crested-hawk eagle. Out of 4 most venomous snakes, three of them can be found in this wildlife sanctuary of India. This place was once a private property of Ranavav and Jamnagar princely states and thus many locals call this sanctuary as Jam Barda and Rana Barda. Trekking at Barda is also famous which makes many visitors travel this place during the months between November and March. 

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary in Mount Abu

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary in Mount Abu

The Mount Abu wildlife sanctuary is full of rich biodiversity and beautiful views that make it a popular tourist destination in Rajasthan. The sanctuary is among the oldest regions in Mount Anu ranges and comprises various breath-taking and exquisite views. Due to the presence of rich flora and fauna, this place was given a title of a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1960 thereafter which this entire range became a famous tourist spot and important preservation land. The wildlife sanctuary is spread across an area around 288 sq. kilometres where mountains highs from 300 to 1722 meters. Gurashikhar is the highest peak located in Aravalli hills. Besides various plants and animal species, this place has igneous rocks that have big cavities occurring due to extreme weather effects and water.  

Periyar National Park in Thekkady

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Periyar National Park in Thekkady

The Periyar National Park is one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world and comprises one of the best-protected land areas in India. This wildlife sanctuary is famous for its picturesque views, stillness and greenery which abodes several species of plants and animals like majestic elephants, tigers, fishes, birds and dangerous reptiles. This place provides its visitors with beauty mixed with adventure and an opportunity to be with nature with exclusive sound and views. The Periyar National Park covers an area not less than 257 sq. miles and includes Periyar and Pamba rivers flowing in between. These two rivers are the source of water for animals and plants in the sanctuary. Many tourists are attracted to this park and visit every year to enjoy boat cruises, elephant safari and jeep safari besides participating in eco-tourism activities which are designed especially for this park. It can be said that the eco-tourism activities conducted by the park operators motivate tourists to safeguard the environment and includes options such as Border hiking, patrolling, bamboo rafting, bamboo grove, jungle camp and inn along with bollock cart exploration.  

Bharatpur National Park in Bharatpur

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Bharatpur National Park in Bharatpur

Bharatpur National Park is also known as Keoladeo National Park and is one of the famous birds watching and avifauna sanctuaries in India. This park has been considered as a world heritage site by UNESCO and is spread in an area of about 29 kilometres. Local people residing near this park call this place as Ghana as it is covered with woodlands, dry grassland, swamps and wetlands. Bio-diversity of the park include 379 floral species, 366 bird’s species, 50 kinds of fishes, 5 types of lizards, 13 snake species and various other invertebrates. Many waterfowl migrate at this place annually for winter breeding. This sanctuary is considered as one of the richest bird areas worldwide and in the year 1971, it has been converted into bird and wildlife asylum. You can go for a Rickshaw safari or a jeep safari to explore exotic bords and wildlife which inhibits in the jungle of this wildlife sanctuary in India. 

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