Winter is Here! Sip on These Three Organic Teas for Warmth


Teas areanaddiction for many. A cup of hot tea after a long tiring day is perfect to ease out the mind, until now, organic teas have found a fan following in recent times. Not only do they feel therapeutic, but they also boost the energy, keepsthe body warm, and gives a sense of peace and calm.

The consumption of tea is a ritual for almost every household. On average, an individual consumes two cups of tea daily – one in the morning to start the day (for boosting up) and the other is to unwind later in the evening.

What is so special about organic teas?

Organic teas have been popular for decades and there are multiple benefits in drinking organic teas, as this variety is prepared from leaves that are free from herbicide residue or synthetic pesticide. Organic tea also acts as a great source of antioxidant, and helps maintain the good bacteria in your gut and digestive system.

Researcherssaythat organic tea helps to stay in good mental form and protects from diseases like Alzheimer’s. It also helps to stimulate blood flow and keeps the cholesterol levels under check.

In this chilly season, it is important that we stay warm and consume warm liquids in abundance that you can prepare at the comfort of your home with just few kitchensupplies:

1. Turmeric tea


Turmeric is an essential part of utmost Indian foods. It contains multiple antioxidants and has healing properties too like anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory is some of thebenefits of this tea. Moreover, the curcumin in turmeric tea helps in combating common cold and cough.

Method: Add a tablespoon of grated turmeric to a boiling cup of water, allow the mixture to simmer as it reduces half of its quantity. Once done, strain the tea and then consume warm.

2. Ginger tea


Ginger tea too contains anti-microbial properties. Regular consumption of this tea will boost your immunityand soothe an upset stomach. It is great for the heart health and blood pressure, helps control sugar levels, and aids menstrual cramps. It releases stress and improves brain functioning.

Method: Add a cup of water and an inch chopped ginger to a pan and bring it to a boil; let it simmer for a few minutes. Once done, let it rest for 5 mins, then strain the tea and enjoy warm.

3. Lemongrass tea


Lemongrass Tea is glorious choice for winters. It is known to keep the body warm and protect during chilly and flu season. It can also help reduce the risk ofinflammation and cancer. It helps in improving digestion, regulates cholesterol, promotes hair growth as well as aids weight loss. It is good for overall body detox.

Method: Add washed lemongrass and a cup of water into a pan and let it boil. You may also add mint to enhance its flavour. Once it has boiled, let it rest for 5 mins, the strain and enjoy your cup of tea.


Organic teas are natural and are proven to be better than those that are sourced chemically. Introducing natural flavours to your body is utmost essential. All of these come with healing properties and tons of antioxidants that will improve your health. Consuming them will help you boost immunity especially during the winter season.

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Winter is Here! Sip on These Three Organic Teas for Warmth

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