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Top 10 Kid-Friendly Pets in India: Discover the Perfect Companion for Your Child and the Benefits They Bring!

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Animals entertain and amaze children, and many of them sometimes throw temper tantrums about wanting to bring them home! Pets, whether an energised old puppy or a cute lazy cat, bring happiness to our lives. The advantages of having a pet extend beyond sheer happiness. In the presence of a pet, children can learn and develop significantly during their growing years. Pets have been shown to help children grow in a positive way. Pet animals for children can range from the common to the unusual, depending on how much affection your child has for it. Here’s some information to help you find the most suitable one.

Benefits of Pets for Child Development 

Pawww says, Growing up with pets can have a big impact on a child‘s growth. Children who grew up with pets in their homes were shown to be healthier and more emotionally stable than children who did not have pets. Here are five reasons in favour of it:

1. Long-term health benefits 

Pets play a critical part in guaranteeing children’s long-term health benefits. According to a 2012 study, kids who grow up with pets had a lower risk of developing respiratory difficulties or ear infections, which are common in their early years. They are also less likely to develop specific allergies as a result of their early exposure to bacteria.

2. Kids learn empathy in the presence of pets 

Your children will learn to comprehend the needs of others and how to watch out for them, make an effort to empathise with people and keep an eye out for them. After they grow up, this has an impact on their friendships and connections of all types.

3. Kids grow up to be confident and responsible adults 

Taking care of someone else is a highly empowering concept, especially for young children. As a result, children develop into self-assured adults. Anyone who owns a pet understands that caring for one is a major responsibility, and if children can even have a small role in this, it will go a long way towards preparing them to be responsible people.

4. Cognitive Development 

Growing up with a pet can help youngsters acquire language faster and improve their verbal skills. To be honest, they don’t just play with their dogs; they communicate with them using both verbal and nonverbal communication. Additionally, speaking with animals aids children with stammers.

5. Pets can be very therapeutic 

Pets provide a variety of physical and mental health benefits. They can help those who are anxious relax and drop their blood pressure. Dogs make excellent therapy animals and can also assist people who are having difficulty with daily duties. 

Best Pets for Kids in India

1. Cats 

Cats are a delightful addition to any household. There are a few basic conditions that you must meet in order for your cat to live a happy and healthy life. We recommend adopting from a registered cat shelter; not only will you be happier, but you’ll be able to question the shelter workers about a specific cat’s temperament while you’re there. Cats aren’t as playful as dogs, but if your kid wants a cat, they’ll make a good pet. Cats are low-maintenance pets that usually look after themselves. Read all about cats on Pawww.

2. Dogs 

Dogs are the most famous pet choice in almost every family throughout the world. The attachment between a child and a dog is extremely strong, as evidenced by pet owners all around the world. Dogs are kind and caring, and they make excellent indoor and outdoor companions. Dogs demand a lot of exercises, so having one can encourage your kid to get out and play more. Read all about dogs on Pawww.

3. Fish 

Fish as pets may range from basic to complex, making them an excellent first pet for children: you can start small and grow your aquarium or pond into a thriving community of animals, inspiring a lifetime love of fish. Once your children have begun, they will enjoy caring for their new fishy pals.

4. Rabbit 

Rabbits are a very popular first pet for a lot of households. They’re an excellent method to expose children to the joys of keeping and caring for a pet. Rabbits are active and inquisitive animals who require a lot of stimuli to avoid becoming bored and nasty. Because rabbits prefer to chew, you’ll need to undertake some major bunny-proofing if you intend to let your rabbit wander around your home.

5. Turtle 

This pet may grow up to be the oldest and wisest member of your household. Turtles are gentle, quiet, and tranquil animals. Because turtles can stay in one posture for long periods of time, kids are more likely to be enthralled by them and have extensive talks with them.

6. Guinea Pigs 

These adorable tiny animals are descended from South American wild guinea pigs and make an excellent low-maintenance pet for children. Because guinea pigs are social animals, it’s best to maintain them in groups of at least two. If your pair is of the opposite sex, neutering the male is a sensible move; otherwise, you’ll have quite a crowd on your hands.

7. Birds 

Birds are friendly and smart pets. Even though they spend the majority of their time in cages, it’s nice if you can give them a secure place in your home where they may easily fly once in a while. Some birds, such as parrots, can be noisy or mischievous, and they can live up to 25 years, so they’ll be in the nest for a longer time than your kids.

8. Hamsters 

The most popular first pet for kids is a hamster. They’re another little mammal that may survive for up to two years and are a terrific way of introducing animal care to your children. It’s advisable to go to a licenced source with a few different breeds to ensure you know precisely what you are getting. They must be handled with care because they are quite delicate, and they are also nocturnal, so consider that before getting one.

9. Rats 

Rats are generally thought to be unclean and even scary, however, they make excellent children’s pets. Rats are friendly, clever, and well-kept animals that are perfect for anyone searching for a low-maintenance, gratifying pet. We recommend raising rats in pairs and offering plenty of enrichment options to keep their curious minds occupied.

10. Lizard 

If your family has a very hectic schedule and wants a low-maintenance pet, a lizard can be a good choice. While lizards’ habitat and dietary requirements vary by species and can be rather precise, most don’t need much grooming. Because certain lizards are more fragile than others, an older kid may be more adept at handling them. 

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