Betting on the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series

Betting on the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series

This year’s Nascar series has already started, and we have had the pleasure to watch several races already. It all started on February 6 in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and since then there have been 19 races. All in all, there are 36 races in total, and we are all looking forward to the finale that is set on November 6 in Avondale, Arizona at the Phoenix Raceway.  

The 2022 NASCAR Cup Series is the 74th season of Nascar professional stock car racing in the United States. It is also the 51st season of the Modern-era Cup Series, and it is both watched and loved by many. The exciting races are making people watch and bet on the cup series, and fans are looking up nascar odds to figure out who to bet on. 

Current standings

The cup series has already been going on for about four months, and there have definitely been some favorites. The driver on top is number 9, Chase Elliott driving for Chevrolet, with 489 points. He has created quite a lead in front of the second place, number 1 Ross Chastain, also driving for Chevrolet, currently at 455 points. 

Betting on sports

Many choose to bet on different sports events in order to make them more fun to watch. The sports betting industry has increased greatly in the last couple of years, and it is clear that many more people are getting interested in betting. Sports betting today mostly happens online through apps and websites.

There are several betting sites to choose from, and the competition between them is great. This is why you might experience bonuses and welcome offers when you sign up for different sports betting sites. In addition to the betting sites, people are also looking up nascar odds, and betting tips at other sites online. This helps them to evaluate the different bets and to make sure you are wagering on the smartest option. 

This year’s Nascar is in full swing, and we are all excited to see what the upcoming races will be like. You might have a favorite driver among the racers, and maybe you even want to bet on them? Then, you need to make sure you are on a  good and safe betting site, and that you look up the different odds before you begin. 

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