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How to Choose the Best Online Casino in India?

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Players familiar with online casinos are surely familiar with how they are operated internationally and have taken time to tailor their online casino products according to Indian needs. Many of the sites today offer Indian currency usage when gaming that makes it easier for Indians to play online. Though, there are many new Indian casinos’ opening each day which means there are chances of increased misinformation of difficulties in finding the best online casino in India. This post will have information that will help provide a solution for Indian casino players. Let’s get started.

Best online Casino game catalogue

Whatever game interest you the most, you can always find them in Indian online casinos. A genuine site will not just offer various online games such as roulette, blackjack and slots but also have a decent choice to help Indian players choose from them. Additionally, the sites will have certain betting limits which are suitable for every player types. For example, high rollers for huge spenders and small ones for casual bets.

Best game slots available in online casino

Slots are the best online casino games worldwide including in India. The simplistic rules mixed with the potential to win perhaps make this online gambling the most attractive among the players. Moreover, there is an infinite number of themes that makes every player find a game according to their preferences.

Jackpots constitute the most common slot games although it is very difficult to win. But, many players in the past have won huge money in this game that makes Jackpot lead casino game variety. Check out the online sites to see if they have the best online slots available before making initial deposits.

Best online blackjack offers

Just like slots, blackjack is an equally popular game in India that can be found in both digital and live formats. Many Indian players are drawn towards this game since it involves certain skills and decent odds. You can say that casinos offering blackjack games are one of the best online casinos in India since this game comes with the lowest house edge. You must certainly find out table variations in the game that includes fun twists as well as basic blackjack rules.

Best Online Roulette game in India

Many roulette games can be found in Indian casino sites, however, most of the players like to play the standard game version like European Roulette. While searching for online roulette game in India, you may find many sites that offer free roulette demos to new players. With such opportunities, you can try your hand and test various roulette strategies without risking your money. To learn more about it, we would suggest you go through the best online roulette games available in India and look for free demo offers.

Live Casino Platforms in India

Like mobile gaming, the latest trend seen among players is the demand for live casino. The games are streamed with the help of high-definition software’s so that the players can communicate with the dealers live and also with other players at the table.

Real-time and evolutionary games create the best online gaming experience so check out for sites that provide players with live casino platforms. Among various collections available for online gamers, you may find live roulette, live blackjack and live baccarat games.

First Class Casino Software

After making an initial check about casino website reliability and reputation, the next thing which you must take care of is the quality of the casino games offered. The main casino industry is based in Europe which makes many software developers based in that continent. Some biggest names of software developers include NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech.

All the casino sites using the software made by the top software developing companies usually provide creative and high-quality casino games. The software developers also have to get their games tested according to the licencing requirements in India and as specified by EU regulators. You will identify that top game developer develop the best online casino games in India that range from table to slot games.

Casino Licensing and safety protocols in India

The gambling industry in India is regulated under the Public Gambling Act 1867. The country has ratified the Indian Constitutions various times since the implementation of the Act that essentially left the decision in the hands of states to govern their territory. This means, at present, there is no universal law applicable for Indian online casino’s since every state establishes their law to regulate the gambling industry.

We would always recommend ensuring if you are playing in a location that legalises gambling and play on those Indian online casinos’ only that holds an Indian licence. These companies follow the strictest rules applicable and ensure that payments made across online casinos are secure and without any fraudsters.

For safety protocols, one thing we care about is your money. Many players seek to know if they get paid after winning and whether the payments are safe or not. The easiest way to check payment safety is looking for licencing logos of either Maltese regulatory bodies or UK Gambling Commission. Other standards maintained by the best online casino in India includes fairness, cybersecurity and auditing measures.

Needless to say, the above-mentioned regulatory bodies protect players belonging to the EU and UK but not Indians. This means, if Indian players find any grievances with any of the gaming sites, they may find difficulties in filing a complaint. If you feel scammed, it is better to turn to any Indian authority or choose to play under foreign licensed companies at your own risk.

Online casino with Indian language customer service

Every trustworthy casino site interacts with its customers through its support channels so that the online gaming players can get in touch with the operators. One of the reasons behind communication is to sort malfunctions in a game. Other times, the player may simply want to clarify game rules or about bonuses.

Either way, you will feel happy if you can find a site that offers customer support in Indian languages with the help of their responsible and knowledgeable staff. Furthermore, having customer support 24*7 is like icing on the cake. Unfortunately, most of the Indian casino sites operates and interacts in English but we may expect additional languages to be added soon with the number of players joining each day.

The best online casino bonuses in India

One of the biggest drawbacks of land-based casinos is that they hardly offer any welcome bonuses. But for online gamers, it is almost a necessity to find a good deal in the form of online casino bonuses. Some sites offer welcome bonuses while others offer free spin and cashbacks with initial deposits. A typical welcome bonus offered by online casinos includes free spins, a cash deposit match bonus coupled with other introductory offers. However, you may rarely find a site that offers a bonus without paying an initial deposit.

Some of the best online casinos in India offers bonuses in either GBP, USD or INR but non-monetary bonuses like free spins can be availed while playing the games on regular basis. Do take a good look and compare bonuses offered by various available online sites besides any reviews made by existing customers.

The best payment mode for Indian players

If you are playing with real money, you have to find out how the gaming site makes payments during the cash withdrawals. The best online casino in India will offer various payment modes that are both quick and secure. Many sites will accept credit or debit card payments as well following standard banking rules. You may also find e-wallet options to add an extra security layer.

One thing that can be noted here is that many online casinos do not provide certain casino bonuses when the payments are made through e-wallets. Though if you want to play a secure game, avoid bonuses and use e-wallets to play like a pro.

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